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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Is In the Air.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Follow Me...

Hi There!

September's here but where did the summer go?!??

Saturday morning, Gilbert and I decided to go to yard sales.  Just outside of Saint John, 2 hamlets called Red Head and Mispec, were having a Community Yard Sale.

We hadn't been there in over 13 years,
so we decided to jump in the car and head on out!

At the very end of this "peninsula", is a lighthouse with a very pictoresque view of the Bay of Fundy.

Gilbert, overlooking the Bay...

A "dark" picture of the shoreline.

And a "lighter" picture of the shoreline.  
Don't ask me why my iTouch did this.  
*scratching her head*

And, a picture of the lighthouse!
I've started "hooking" again.  
Gosh, but I love hooking.  
Almost equally as much as quilting.

But I can create quilt tops faster than I can make a hooked rug.

Anyhow, my recent rug is of a SnowMan.  

I had seen this in one of my pattern books and
 had promised myself that I would make it... someday.

"Someday" is now here.

Saturday afternoon, I was able to sit outside on our deck. 
It wasn't sweltering hot but nice enough for me. 
Worked on my "hooking" as  Gilbert puttered around the yard.

And here's a close-up of my progress.

Then, yesterday,
I decided to make a batch of my Mom's "Uncle Ben Oven Rice".

Its the kind of recipe that makes a big roaster filled of yummy rice. Great to bring to a family get together, a potluck or to make at home. AND, the rice freezes very well.  Great to separate into lunch portions and freeze, for later!

You absolutely NEED this rice. 
I've tried it with other brands of rice and it didn't work.

A close-up of the package.

This morning, my friend Elly, at Mad4patchwork, wrote to me 
and asked that I put on my blog, a "Follow by Email" option.

When I asked her how to do it, 
she wrote back with these instructions:

Go to your blog
Click design (top right corner)
Then click 'layout'
In layout click 'add a gadget'
From the list that comes up click  'follow by email'
Click save
et voila! :)

Turns out, I already HAD this option on my blog 
but you have to scroll waaaaaay at the bottom of my page to see it.
  I'll be moving to the top right hand side.... 
as soon as I finish publishing this post.

Anyhow, Elly gave me permission to copy her instructions - 
in case some of you might like to add this option on your blog.

Elly, I just went to your blog site 
and did you realize it's been 5 months 
since you last posted, girlfriend?!?!?

And, this "following" topic reminded me of 
one of my favorite songs by Uncle Kracker....  

Here's hoping you have a Super September!!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue Hawaii

Hi there!

This Wednesday, I took the time to finish off the binding on my "Blue Hawaii".  Its an oversized Lap Quilt that I've started calling "Couch Quilts".   A lap quilt is nice to decorate a couch, in my opinion, but usually isn't big enough to cuddle underneath. 

Maybe I should be calling these "Cuddle Quilts", eh?

Here it is.  I used jelly roll strips - most of them were won at my Guild.  
I also tried to use up my leftover "blue and yellow striped" fabrics.

Would you believe that I still have quite a bit of this blue and yellow fabric left over?!??!

That's it, for now.

Its a beautiful, sunny Friday morning and
I'm headed uptown, to join a group of "Hookers".

"Rug Hookers", that is.


Have a Fantastic Friday!