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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Need Tomato Recipes!!!

Hi There!

Well, as most of my family and friends know,
I'm a serial plant killer!
Heck! I think I can even
manage to kill a PLASTIC plant!


Well, my Mom LOVES gardening
and plants
and birds
and people
Okay, I'm digressing, again.

Anyhow, Gilbert and I figured that
HE'D try his hand at a tomato plant,
this spring.

Sooooo.... called up my Mom, to ask her
if she could make us a tomato hanging
bag thingy.
Not a problem, she replies.

*hmmmm... thinking to myself -
Gilbert can do this plant thingy

Anyhow, to Gilbert's credit,
he did an EXCELLENT job,
looking after our tomato plant!!!!

Last weekend, I told him,
"You know... maybe it's best
if we bring in our harvest.
It's getting COLD at night
and we'll loose our precious
harvest, for the winter."

(Picture of our hanging tomato bag.
You can click on the picture to see
our harvest, up CLOSE.)

And here's yet ANOTHER picture of
our tomato bag.

Can you count how many tomatoes
there are?!??!?


FOUR !!!!!!

Count 'em with me, folks....



Now, you're probably reading this and
thinking to yourself,
"Well, once they ripen, they can
make themselves tomato sandwiches!"


You're thinking that, right?


(see picture below)

*long sigh*

Those FOUR precious little tomatoes
are now on our window sill
trying to ripen up....

Gilbert and I will probably have some
fancy smancy ceremony,
to eat these little fellas....

I might even get the camera out
and blog about it.....

But then again, I might not!


Have a great week, everybody!!!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

PHEW - What a Day!!!

Hi There!

Well, WHAT A DAY!!!

As we were waiting for our waitress
to bring our supper, this evening,
Gilbert and I went over ALL
the things that we did, today....
(Plus I had my friend, Miss Piggy's illness and
KJ-MacLean's illnesses on the brain....)

Anyhow, we did LOTS of different "stuff"!

For example, we got up early this morning.
Surfed the net, while sipping our Timmies coffee.
Headed out the door at 9 a.m.,
for some "Yard Sailing" and to do some errands.

Picked up a 1 dollar (high-end) kite,
at one of the yard sales!
Company's called "Go Fly a Kite".

Got my FINAL BOM (Block Of the Month),
at our Quilt Store!!!!

By 11h30, we were hungry,
so we decided to try out
one of our bigger grocery stores,
in Quispamsis.

They have a cute little
area, up on their 2nd floor,
where you can sit and eat.

Gilbert had fried potato chunks...

I had some chicken fingers and fried potato chunks.

Well, after a few more yard sales
and a few more errands,
we decided to call it "quits"
and head back home.

Gilbert played around with his
yard sale finds and I went downstairs
to work on October's (basket) BOM.

By 4 p.m., I told Gilbert that it
seemed to be one of our last
GORGEOUS days of summer,
or autumn and that the sun was out
and that there was a nice breeze
AND the fact that I had
just picked up a 1 dollar kite....

Well, wouldn't YOU call it "karma"?!??

We have a public "beach" about 1 mile away from our home.

Yep - that's the 1 dollar kite -
it's got a "Jaws" face on it!

I truly don't understand it...
It's a high-end quality kite -
I recognized the name.
The kite was BRAND NEW -
Still in it's plastic bag...

Yet, it kept nose-diving....

You know? going round and round and round,
while getting closer to the ground,
till finally it would go "kerplunk",
face first, right in the sand!

Anyone know why?

Anyhow, while we were there,
somebody was "Kite Surfing".

We watched this person,
go back and forth,
from left to right,
along the water....

And, I was truly astounded -
I had never seen that, before...
and certainly NOT at this beach!!!

And do you know ANOTHER REASON
why I was so astounded?!???

This is the Atlantic Ocean -
the Bay of Fundy, to be exact.

That water is FREEZING but
amazingly enough, apparently
NEVER freezes!
Probably too salty!

Anyhow, grab one of your big bowls,
fill it with COLD water and
add about 10 to 20 ice cubes in it.

Okay, ready?

Now, stick your hand into the bowl
for 30 minutes.


And this person's on a surf board,
being splashed by this "cold".....
No wait.. make that FRIGID water!??!?

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

Anyhow, at 6h30 p.m., we're sitting
at our favorite restaurant - Vito's (uptown)
and going over all the incredible things
that we did today and the evening
was still young....

We got home and watched,
X-Files Movie....
I worked on October's Basket block,
while the movie played -
there was just too much "excitement",
for me, in that movie!


Hoping to go Geocaching tomorrow morning!


Oh NOOOO - Not ANOTHER one!!!!

Hi There!

Now, my Geocaching friend,
K-J MacLean,
recently got THIS!

Cute, eh?

Once again, you almost wanna
dig through your stash
and recreate this picture
in a prize winning quilt, eh?

(that's the sound of the buzzer - you know?
the one they always make,
when contestants loose, at game shows?!??)

My friend and Geocaching buddette,
K-J MacLean has got a cold and/or flu.

She hasn't been tested for the
"oink oink" disease but who knows, eh?

Hopefully, she TOO will get better, soon.

Once again, go leave her a comment -
s'bound to cheer her up...

At least, I "hope" so... *s*


OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!

My friend Elaine, recently got this....

Pretty, isn't it?

Almost makes you want to
pull out your lime and green fabrics
and appliqué it, right?


It's the H1N1 Virus -
AKA the dreaded....
SWINE FLU !!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh ELAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to make matters even "worser",
she also has some other kind of problem...
a "diverted" something or other.

Go read her blog
and leave her a comment -
it's BOUND to make her feel better....
I hope so, anyhow. *grin*

She's coming down, here, on a cruise ship.....

on the 28th of October -
'bout ONE month from now!!!!

She's just GOTTA be better, by then
and not give her hubby this virus!
*keeping her fingers crossed*

People.... Take care...

this one's a nasty one!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pre-Garage Sale!!!

Hi there!

My friend and her hubby just recently
purchased a home, for their son.

The elderly lady that lived there before,
became ill and had to go, unexpectedly,
in a Nursing Home.

Therefore, the home was sold with
all her "stuff" in it - 20 years of "stuff", actually.

My friend asked if I'd help her set up
a "Yard Sale" and we'd go halfers,
with the profits.

Here's a picture of the garage -
TRUST ME... there was a LOT of "stuff"
to sort through and dust off!!!
(my aching bones are protesting, tonight!!!)

PLUS, the basement is JAM-PACKED with "stuff", too!

Nope.... there's no featherweight, in this case....

The sewing machine, itself, was given to "Good Will",
but I will DEFINITELY give them a call, tomorrow.

Who knows, eh? Perhaps they still have the machine.
(I doubt it, but I can still try, eh?)

THIS baby was in a nice wooden cabinet.

And I'm hoping to get your help....

D'you guys or gals know if this is a "featherweight"?

If not, is it a very valuable or sought out machine?

Here's a close-up....

And here are 2 pictures of the serial numbers,
UNDERNEATH the machine.

Soooooo, in case some of you were wondering
and most especially, to my friend Elly....

NO, I was NOT gardening but sorting out
and dusting and cleaning and getting
items ready for our garage sale,
this coming weekend.

And GOSH... am "I" out of shape!!!!!

Plus the fact that I'm not used to
being outdoors -
I work in an office, with a nice comfortable
chair, for my butt....

Or wait! maybe I should be typing a
"Happy Face" instead of a sad face!



Hope you have a nice week!!!


PIF - Looking for Paula!!

Hi there!

During my PIF (Pay It Forward) post, Paula offered to participe.

Paula, I don't know if you have a blog .... And I don't have your email addy.

Could you please write to me, at so that we can communicate, somehow. *s*

Thanks !

Otherwise, if I don't know what your email or snail mail addy is, I can't send you my gifty, right?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jelly Roll Week!!!!

Hi There!

These folks are GIVING AWAY...... FREEEEEEE

An Honest-to-Goodness....

JELLY ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Click on the "red" letters... it'll bring you to THEIR site! *s*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More odd bits of news!

Hi There!

Okay, here's another GREAT buy
that I picked up at Mardens:
Perle Cotton Thread....
2 for $1.00 !!!!

Now, since I posted my BRIGHT colors,
my friend Frummie sent me a picture
of fabs that she picked up
YESTERDAY afternoon.

Guess what?!??
They're "Brights", too!!!!

Sorry Frummie.
I KNOW I should have asked you first,
but I didn't think you'd mind
if I posted your pic on here.

Then, today, my cousin "G" sent me an email.

She managed to find out information
about "Cali Elena"!!!!

Here's what "G" wrote:

"Hi - I was reading your blog - congratulations to you for your new (to you) sewing machine! Sounds like it was a big surprise! You probably have found this by now, but this page says your machine was made in 1951 at Anderson, South Carolina USA. ~ G ~"
Hope you don't mind that I
copied your email, "G"!!!

Now, at least I know that
"Cali Elena" was born in 1951 !!!

Thanks "G"!!!!!

On the sewing front, I've completed
a over-the-shoulder tote,
for my niece, whom I affectionately call
"Princess Sophia". *grin*

And then, since I had a LOT
of Eye Spy fabrics,
I decided to make an
Eye Spy quilt, for
the Princess.

No, it's not quilted yet,
but it IS on my "to-do" list,
once I start helping my
friend with her Long Arm machine.

Here's a couple close-ups...

And the bottom part...

Okay, I'm pretty tired....

Hope you have a great evening!


I've Fallen in Love... yet AGAIN!!!!

Hi There!

Okay, sometimes blog contests
can be fatal for your wallet!


This gal "had" an incredible quilt,
to give away and NO,
unfortunately I didn't win it,
but I DID fall in love with her
color choices!!!

Soooooo, 2 days ago, while I was on
a shopping frenzy, in Calais, Maine, USA,
I picked up several 1/4 yards of
BRIGHT colors!!!

Now, these colors might not look
so great here, but TRUST ME....
the pinks - SIZZLE!
the blues - FREEZE!
the greens - PERK YOU UP
the oranges - makes your MOUTH WATER
and the yellows - makes your HEART JUMPS FOR JOY!

Yep... these sure are
"Action Colors" !!!!


Now, while browsing their bolts of lovely fabrics,
I came across THIS fabric!

Now, don't these colors just make
your EYE'S POP OUT?!??!?


My friend Karen came to visit me, yesterday.
When I showed her this fabric, she took a picture of it,
stating, "Oh this fabric just MAKES me happy!!!"


And Karen doesn't even quilt......

*evil salesgirl grin*

Anyhow, I have NO IDEA yet what I'll do with it,
but I'm POSITIVE I'll find a good use for it....




Yard Sailing = Braggin' Buys!!!

Hi There!

Okay, from the beginning of spring (almost)
and up until now, Gilbert and I have been
going "Yard Sailing", every Saturday morning...

And, we've found some pretty good deals.

Gilbert mostly looks for hi-tech gadgets
(AKA computer junk, in MY opinion)
and I, mostly look for quilting
and the odd crafty stuff
(AKA stuff Rosa will NEVER do,
in GILBERT's opinion).

Anyhow, we both have our little hobbies, right?

Last Saturday,
I picked up this adorable rectangular basket,
with cute porcelain or china (?) handles!

Brought it home and decided, for now,
to put my loose patterns
and a couple books, too, in it.

And, we DO love silly and new-to-us
thingies and gadgets, too.

Especially night lights!

Gilbert had a night light that looks
like a Coleman lantern.

Well, when I spotted this one,
I gave him a nudge
and he quickly purchased it.

Total cost (each)? 1 buck!

Can't beat the prices, eh?!??



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christmas in September - PART 2!!!

Hi there!

Yesterday, I picked up ANOTHER package!!!

My friend, Frummie, had received several bags of fabric.

Well, to make a long story short,
she generously offered them to me!

I picked up her HUGE box,
at Derringer's, in Calais, Maine (USA),

Yesterday evening and again,
this morning...
I sorted out her fabrics and had a "Finger Fest"...

You know?
Touching, dreaming, oohing and aaahing, too -
stroking the fabrics some more!

A pile of patiks, some blues, blacks and
flowered fabrics here.

And, in this picture, there's some possible
"Eye Spy" fabrics, yellows, purples/mauves
and bright pinks, greens, oranges and blues
(in the basket).

And..... In the MEANTIME,
Frummie had a blog contest going on!

YEP!!! Guess what?!??!

I won these 2 gorgeous fabrics!!!!
Chicken coop wire fabric and
chickens and/or roosters....


Now, here's ANOTHER thoughtful gifty
that Frummie surprised me!!!

Throughout our emails,
I would often mention that
I had occasional "Hot Flashes".
Frummie suggested that I get
a personal fan.


Well, she sent me one that even
GILBERT had fun with!!!

It was tucked in amongst the fabric!

A "Hi-Tech" fan!!!
You can program up to FOUR sentences!!!!
It spins and blinks and rotates -

Tks a bunch, Frummie!!!!


Christmas in September!!!!

Hi There!

Yesterday, I went to Calais, Maine, USA,
to pick up 2 parcels, that my friends sent to me.

Here's ONE of the parcels that came from California.

Elaine had received this "item" and
since she already had one -
she (generously) offered this one, to me!

Now, I'm going to tease you a bit
and show you a couple other items
that she included in her BIG box, first...

FIRST !!!!

My friend, Elaine had tucked into her BIG BOX....
TWENTY "Civil War" fabric Fat Quarters!!!!
I really didn't expect this,
and it certainly WASN'T neccessary Elaine,
but you're NOT getting them back!!!

The cutest tin with a package of sewing needles
and 2 bobbins for my "BIG" item.
Have you guessed what it is, yet?!??

Well, you're probably getting a good idea
with this manual that she included.....

She said that the previous owner had
included this....
Instructions, nicely printed and
enclosed in those see-through
protective pages, even!

Here's her case - all intact and
it doesn't even "smell",
like some other owners have
mentioned (before) about THEIR big "item".


I'd like to present to you...
"Cali Elena"
(derived from California Elaine)!!!

She's a 301A and her model number is:

I tried, late last night,
to find information on her,
but couldn't.

If any of you know any
good web sites, I'd appreciate
if you could forward their web addy.

Gilbert needs to oil her up
and check out one of her plugs...

Folks - I NEVER in my wildest dreams,
ever, EVER imagined that I would
own one of these!!!!

In Canada, I've been told,
they sell for around $600.00.....

"IF" you can find one, that is.

*extra long sigh*

Thank you SO MUCH,

Can't wait to meet you two,
next month!!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

"My Great Neighbourhood" Contest

(Image from "Life is a Stitch" blog - Tks a bunch!!!)

Hi there!
You HAVE to be Canadian and you don't get to win anything but you'd be helping a friend's brother.... AND it only takes about 3 minutes. *grin*

Here's the email that my friend sent me:


My brother has entered a picture in a contest at Royal Lepage and he needs daily votes to win.
I don't know many people in Canada that have access to the internet that can vote and I was wondering if you would be able to vote for him.
Here is the link to the website (he says you won't get spammed from them):
You have to register and they will send you a confirmation email, and then you can vote. His name is Neil Davidson, and you can use the search at the bottom of the page to find/vote on the picture. You can vote each day for the rest of the month.
Thanks for your time, and if you decide not to register/vote that's ok.
Wendy in southern Alberta


Anyhow, would appreciate it if all you Canucks could come out of the woodwork and help this fellow Canuck out. *grin*

Oh... and while you're at it, please pass the word along, too... *grin*

Tks a bunch!


Friday, September 11, 2009

BOM (Block Of the Month) - Number 11(s)

Hi There!

Well, as some of you might remember,
I decided to sign up for a BOM
(Block Of the Month), at our
local quilt store.

Here's Block # 11 and, to be honest,
I truly can't wait for this one
to be finished!

And, as I've mentioned before,
it's not quite my "cup of tea",
but if I add this and that to it,
it just might please my senses.


Now, remember, this is a BOM....
a "sampler" quilt, right?

The colors are too boring - too blah-blah
for me, anyhow... *s*

While surfing the web, this summer,
I came across THIS QUILT!!!

Now, THIS QUILT has 14 pieced blocks and
some that are appliqué'd, too!

Soooooo, I purchased some of the
BOM fabrics and decided to
do the 2 extra pieced blocks, right?

Now, my friend Frummie
had sent me a bunch of block
kits and their patterns.

I grabbed one of the patterns that pleased me,
used the BOM fabric and made a spare block,
so that I could make

Align Center

I showed this to Gilbert, without saying a word,
and he asked,
"Is that the Block Of the Month?"

I replied, "No, it's one that I made."

So, he replies,
"Oh, it's a Block Of the Rosa."

"Nope," I replied,
"The pattern comes from Frummie."

"Oh then," he says,
"Its a Block Of the Frummie."


Okay, okay... but it DID sound funny!

Have a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sparkling Jane's Debut

Hi There!

Okay, I haven't had a chance to share my progress
on any of my "on-the-go" projects.

Here's my "Sparkling Jane",
with her flange and her
hollies and berries.

NO, I'm NOT adding "vines"....
changed my mind.

Close-up picture of her appliqué.

Another close-up picture of her
(corner) hollies and berries...

Now, here's the question that I had asked publicaly...

This will be going to a family member,
that I really don't know all that well.
I "assume" that she celebrates Christmas
and that she will appreciate it.


And, keep in mind that I still want to make
a SECOND one, like this, okay?

Here's the question, that I had asked....

Do I take TONS of hours to hand quilt this?
Do I sew "in the ditch", on my trusty
sewing machine and then,
possibly hand quilt, here and there?
Or, do I wait till I get a chance to "long arm quilt" this?

Well, since my friend has a long arm machine
and we're "supposed" to practice on it,
I figured that I'd put it away, in a bag,
with the batting and the back to it,
till we get together, to
"long arm quilt" it.


Will keep you all up to date,
once it's COMPLETELY ready!