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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Need Tomato Recipes!!!

Hi There!

Well, as most of my family and friends know,
I'm a serial plant killer!
Heck! I think I can even
manage to kill a PLASTIC plant!


Well, my Mom LOVES gardening
and plants
and birds
and people
Okay, I'm digressing, again.

Anyhow, Gilbert and I figured that
HE'D try his hand at a tomato plant,
this spring.

Sooooo.... called up my Mom, to ask her
if she could make us a tomato hanging
bag thingy.
Not a problem, she replies.

*hmmmm... thinking to myself -
Gilbert can do this plant thingy

Anyhow, to Gilbert's credit,
he did an EXCELLENT job,
looking after our tomato plant!!!!

Last weekend, I told him,
"You know... maybe it's best
if we bring in our harvest.
It's getting COLD at night
and we'll loose our precious
harvest, for the winter."

(Picture of our hanging tomato bag.
You can click on the picture to see
our harvest, up CLOSE.)

And here's yet ANOTHER picture of
our tomato bag.

Can you count how many tomatoes
there are?!??!?


FOUR !!!!!!

Count 'em with me, folks....



Now, you're probably reading this and
thinking to yourself,
"Well, once they ripen, they can
make themselves tomato sandwiches!"


You're thinking that, right?


(see picture below)

*long sigh*

Those FOUR precious little tomatoes
are now on our window sill
trying to ripen up....

Gilbert and I will probably have some
fancy smancy ceremony,
to eat these little fellas....

I might even get the camera out
and blog about it.....

But then again, I might not!


Have a great week, everybody!!!



quiltmom said...

You are too funny- perhaps next year you will have a regular bounty of tomatoes- VBG My folks have a fair sized garden and have tomatoes. My mom makes green tomato pickles- I have never seen a tomato bag like yours...
Hope you had a great garage sale and enjoyed a good weekend.
I have got some work done, did some beading and should be doing a bit of quilting. Right now I am trying to get caught up on the blogs-
Got to visit my blog friends you know.
Be well, my friend.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

UMMMMM......Fried Green Tomatoes!!

Tawanda LOVES those!

At least you have 4 ''HEALTHY" Tomatoes!



ranette said...

This was a horrible year for tomatoes...too much rain I think. We had a bounty of grape and cherry tomatoes, but our regular plants were awful and the few tomatoes that we did get are ugly and they taste funny!

Home grown Tomatoes are my FAVORITE food!!!

Frummie said...

You are such a silly. That's why I love you.
I really think you could have shared the tomatoes though.