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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christmas in September!!!!

Hi There!

Yesterday, I went to Calais, Maine, USA,
to pick up 2 parcels, that my friends sent to me.

Here's ONE of the parcels that came from California.

Elaine had received this "item" and
since she already had one -
she (generously) offered this one, to me!

Now, I'm going to tease you a bit
and show you a couple other items
that she included in her BIG box, first...

FIRST !!!!

My friend, Elaine had tucked into her BIG BOX....
TWENTY "Civil War" fabric Fat Quarters!!!!
I really didn't expect this,
and it certainly WASN'T neccessary Elaine,
but you're NOT getting them back!!!

The cutest tin with a package of sewing needles
and 2 bobbins for my "BIG" item.
Have you guessed what it is, yet?!??

Well, you're probably getting a good idea
with this manual that she included.....

She said that the previous owner had
included this....
Instructions, nicely printed and
enclosed in those see-through
protective pages, even!

Here's her case - all intact and
it doesn't even "smell",
like some other owners have
mentioned (before) about THEIR big "item".


I'd like to present to you...
"Cali Elena"
(derived from California Elaine)!!!

She's a 301A and her model number is:

I tried, late last night,
to find information on her,
but couldn't.

If any of you know any
good web sites, I'd appreciate
if you could forward their web addy.

Gilbert needs to oil her up
and check out one of her plugs...

Folks - I NEVER in my wildest dreams,
ever, EVER imagined that I would
own one of these!!!!

In Canada, I've been told,
they sell for around $600.00.....

"IF" you can find one, that is.

*extra long sigh*

Thank you SO MUCH,

Can't wait to meet you two,
next month!!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...


You are so welcome... enjoy your "Little Lady"!!

It's fun to see you so excited!!



Greg said...

WOW! That was very nice of Elaine. It's been said that good thing come in small packages, but in my book GREAT thing come in even BIGGER packages. Congrats to you.

Elly D said...

Whooo Hooo!!!!! Congratulations Rosa!! WOW!!! What a gift! You lucky lady!!

popoc - Popsocks with out the sks

Dena said...

Congratulations on your new toy. How exciting!

searchfamilies said...

You certainly touched lucky, i love the Civil War fabric well love all your goodies be that has given you a high lol
Hugs Janice

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Wow Rosa! What a great gift. I have one of those machines too in black and I love to sew on it. Mine's in a Queen Anne style cabinet with matching bench. They're also great to take along to quilting retreats and classes as they are lightweight and do a fantastic job of free motion quilting. Enjoy that lovely gift. What a fun package to get in the mail!!!!