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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready For the Hook-In

Hi There!

Once again, I can close the book on this UFO!

No, it's not quilting - it's a rug hooking project.

The only problem is....

I HATED doing it's binding!!!

I don't usually mind binding quilts....

What's up with this, eh?!??!?

Well, after a week of working on the binding, it's FINISHED!!!

I just need to add a label, on the back.

I'm going to a "Hook-In", on Saturday and I want to bring it along, for "Show and Tell".



Monday, March 28, 2011

Another UFO Bites the Dust!

Hi There!

Yesterday evening - LATE Yesterday evening, I FINALLY finished the binding on our Chenille Rug.

Here it is, on the floor, before it got washed and thrown in our dryer.

This afternoon, it got washed and almost all dried, in our dryer and then, I decided to put it out on our clothes line.... to freshen it up more AND to take pictures!

(click on the photos, if you want to see them BIGGER)

Here's a close up of the "chenille" part.

Barb told me that you can never tell, till it's all finished, washed and dried, which colors will "pop" out.


I'd say blues, reds and "A Yellow Runs Through It", too!


Gee, this was almost like giving birth to a child!

At the time, you say.... "Never, EVER again! This is boring work!"

And once it's all over and you stand back and look at your work, you say to yourself, "Hmmm.... You know - that wasn't all THAT bad. If I made another one, with different colors, I wonder which colors would pop out, eh?"

And then, reality steps in, you shake your head and say, "Don't even GO there, girl! Finish off your OTHER UFOs, first!!!"


Hope you're all having an incredible Monday!

We just added a neat widget to The 3A Quilting page....

You might want to look at our new "planet"....


Sunday, March 27, 2011

What-S'Nu, Pussycat?

Hi There!

Well, it honestly doesn't take much to entertain Gilbert and I!

We have 2 cats, Minou and Callie.
These 2 females are "fixed".

Our third cat - P'Tit Noir - is mostly an outdoor cat and swings by our home 'bout once a week. He timidly comes in, eats and wants back out.

What can I say?

Anyhow, for some silly reason, cats hang out in our yard.

Don't ask me why... s'not like we feed them or anything.

Today, while we were finishing off our dinner - that's our noon meal - Gilbert pointed out the 3 male cats, having a "staring" contest in our yard.

Of course, you could hear their meowings, as well!

Then, when I opened the door to take a better picture, the 3rd cat ran away... temporarily...

And then, about 1/2 an hour later, they were at our door!

There was actually FOUR males outside,
making a ruckus...
with Minou, our cat, inside...
caterwauling herself!

I mean, I could understand if our female cats were in heat or something, but they've BOTH been operated on! And come on! These were four MALES outside our door....


Fighting for WHO'S attention?!?!?

Baaaah... I'll never figure out cats,
but it sure was entertaining!!!


As for our chenille rug,
I've got about 1/4 left to bind on it.

It's not an easy task,
but I plan on finishing it off this evening.

Got tomorrow off....

Will be getting some blood work done and a couple other "business" stuff, as well.

Have yourselves a GREAT week!


More Braggin' Buys!

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to "Restore"
and I was lucky enough to
spot these mini candle holders....
at 25 cents apiece!!!!

I started by grabbing the first 3 in the front....
And then, said to myself,
"This is ridiculous! At 25 cents,
they're ALL coming home with me!"


Any idea what I plan on doing with these?!?!?

And Elaine and Frummie...
you can't play my guessing game
'cause you probably BOTH know
what these will become!


Now, I just need a couple more hours
in any given day, this week...
to start work on them.

Will keep you all
up to date on my progress...


Friday, March 25, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Hi There!

I had today off and without boring you with the details, I was lucky enough to be able to spend the best part of my day, in my sewing room!

Soooo, I've been chomping at the bit, wanting to start this "part-time" quilt. I say "part-time" 'cause I wasn't supposed to concentrate too much on it, but DARN IT ALL - I DO love scrappy string-like quilts and PAPER PIECING?!?!?

Paper piecing's my all time favorite!


My friend Cyn, sent me the link to this one...

(Easy) Spider Web

It doesn't look like much... when you complete 1/2 the block.

But put FOUR of them together and you get something REALLY neat!

Here's one that's pieced together.

Amazingly enough, once these blocks are pieced together, we'll be able to see TWO shapes -

A spider web and a star.

Since my spider web will be done in reds, oranges and yellows, I'm calling it them my "suns", instead and the blue star represents the sky, of course.

I'll be sharing pics of this quilt, as I progress.

Hope you're having a fun-filled Friday!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost There....

Hi There!

Well, this afternoon, when I came home from work, I was on FIRE!

Got a LOT of "stuff" done in my sewing room!

Sewed the 4th mauve border on my siggie quilt and tried it on our bed.

As you can see, there's a black blanket underneath my birthday quilt and it's not quite covering the edge of our matress.

Sooooooo, I need to add 12 more inches, on all the sides, to make this a fairly decent sized quilt.

I'm thinking something in green.

Elaine had given me some GORGEOUS fabrics that all blend together.... mauves and greens. I'm thinking that I'll be using these fabrics, for a bigger border.

Will keep you all posted on this.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frying Fish?

Hi There!

The varnish finally fully dried on Gilbert's thread cone holder and he was able to hang up the board, this morning and audition which cones would go on there.

I think it's a nice display and will help our clients pick which thread they want, on their quilt.

Oh, we still have more thread, on our 2 shelves.... not to worry. *grin*

As for me, I have more fish to fry and not enough frying pans. This is my way of saying that I have too many "time-sensitive" projects on the go and and not enough time. I truly DO need to concentrate and get these done!

Will be posting my progress on these, of course.

Have yourselves a
Wonderful Wednesday!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

My lastest "Mini"...

Hi There!

Here's my latest "Mini" quilt....

The blocks are 1.5" square.

When I add the back and it's binding,
I will be able to say that there will be
EXACTLY 101 different Civil War fabrics
in this mini quilt.

Actually, I'm not sure that this qualifies as a "mini".

Does anyone know if there's official rules on what size constitutes a "mini" quilt?

This one will probably mesure 12" X 12", or thereabouts.

Have a great week!


Gilbert's Been Busy...

Hi There!

This past summer, Gilbert quickly grew tired of my store bought ironing board and since he has to iron our clients' quilts, he came up with a design to help with his business.

He bought an old (hallow) door, at our local "ReStore". Cut it to size, added hot glue, batting, some cotton fabric and then varnished 1" X 2" pieces of wood and fixed them to the "door".

He added 2 hooks at the end of his ironing board and when he's finished ironing, he hangs it up.

It fits PERFECTLY on our Long Arm table and he's able to iron the quilt and then, feed it onto the rollers, to pin.

Neat, eh?

We got yet another order of thread and we were quickly running out of space, on our shelves.

He's decided to make his own thread holder.

Align Center

Took a picture of our threads being "auditioned".

He's already put one coat of varnish on the board and it still needs another coat or 2 of varnish.

He tells me that by Wednesday, the "Thread" board should be hanging in Bertha's room.


Soapy Give-a-Way!!!

Hi There!

SudsMuffin, in my city, is having a
blog "Give-A-Way"!

Open to USA and Canada only.

Please head over and sign up -
you have until 11h59 p.m., this evening,
to sign up and try your luck!

I've purchased their products before and they're INCREDIBLE!!!



Wireless Technology

Hi There!

Got this in an email, this past week.

I think this says it all...




Hi There!

Yesterday morning, Gilbert left the house and did our Saturday morning errands. We stopped by my work and Gilbert hung up my 2nd picture frame.

Remember the 2 picture frames that Elaine had given me?


The other one, called "Friends" is hung up in my sewing room.

I felt that the one called "Memories" would be more appropriate at my work.

And here I am, pretending to be on a phone conversation.

Now "Memories" will be with me.

Thanks Elaine!

Where it's VERY sunny
on this Sunday morning!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Evening Progress Report

Hi There!

The "Friday Evening Progress Report" is brought to you by Gilbert's iPhone camera....


I've finished the embroidery on this cutey. Tomorrow, I'll (quickly) baste this 8 X 10 inch mini quilt and will probably start hand quilting it, tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, I've started yet another mini quilt. This one's with 1/2 square triangles. I'm hoping to have 100 different Civil War fabrics in it... I'm hoping that it will be another "mini", with mini blocks and that it will be another "cutey".

I've also taken a shine to this quilt...

The Easy Spider Web.

Here's what it looks like, finished.

AND, I've taken a shine to another one,
on the Quilter's Cache.

Fabric Boxes.

Gilbert likes "striking" and "different", in quilts.

Well, I'm off to bed.

S'now almost midnight, and I'm EXHAUSTED!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Progress Report

Hi There!

Well, I managed to finish all my "Snow Balls" and piece 'em all together and add 2 outer borders.

Then, I selected the embroidery pattern I wanted, around my mini quilt and then "shopped" in my embroidery thread bag and came up with these 2 colors.

Tiny, golden daisies with dark, khaki green for the leaves and the "X's".

Now, I just need to finish off the 3 other sides.

Once finished, the mini quilt should measure 8" X 10" (approx.).

I'm debating whether I should hand quilt it, machine quilt it or just tie it down with pearl embroidery floss?

Why am I debating this?


Hand quilting - there's a LOT of seams and I'm guessing I'll have to hand quilt by "poking" from top to bottom. Could take a week or so to finish... dunno.

Machine quilting? I have a funny feeling that it won't be as nice as hand quilting. Besides, when you're machine quilting, you have to secure your first stitches, right? And this project's so small, every little thing is looked at VERY CLOSELY. I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to do a great job with machine stitching.

Tieing the quilt? Well, I need to make incredibly small bows. Remember, I'm trying to keep the size ratio in perspective. Will I be able to make teeny, tiny bows? Not sure.

So, I'm asking you....
What do you all suggest?

Thanks for your advice,
in advance!


Thread Tension

Hi There!

Every quilter's nightmare!!!

A good friend, Tich, sent me this.

If you click on the picture, you'll see it better and then, you can do like Gilbert did.

He printed it and it's now hanging in my sewing room!



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Snow Balls, Anyone?!?!

Hi There!

I've been trying REAL hard to stay focused and not flit around from one quilty project to the next, but Sunday morning... I got off the straight path and took a turn, for the worst.


Here's my design wall, to show you what it now looks like.

Actually, it all started Saturday afternoon. I had finished putting on the 3rd border on my birthday siggie quilt and, in my defense, I haven't been feeling 100 % well... I've been running a low grade fever and achy and chilly all over....

Okay, I digress, once again.

Then, I put the quilt aside and Sunday morning, started working on our Palm Tree Pillowcases.

I had picked up some GORGEOUS palm tree fabric, in Florida!

Well, late this afternoon, I was feeling a wee bit better and decided to continue working on our pillow cases. Well, I guess my brain's still mushy from the fever. I managed to mess up some of the measurements on the pillow case band, and had to rip it out.

Decided to put THAT project aside and HEY, GUESS WHAT!??!?

I started yet, ANOTHER quilty project!!!


See my design wall?

Birthday Siggie quilt, in the foreground.

Palm tree pillow cases, 1/2 done...

And my 3rd (new) quilty project is right beside the Birthday Siggie quilt.

See it?


How about a close up shot?

These little cuties are only 1-1/2 inch square.

They will finish at 1 inch!

I'm hoping to make a mini quilt
and I'm using Civil War fabrics,
for their centers...

Frummie had sent me the web page, from
The Quilt Community.

It's a pattern called "Mini Melon Quilt"
by Nancy Thomas

I just think they're the cutest
Snow Balls, ever!


Susan's Texas Quilting Adventures - Blog Contest!!!

Hi There!

Susan's Texas Quilting Adventures
is having her 3rd year of blogging Give-A-Way!!!

The deadline's the 21st of March, 2011.

It's real easy to try and win.

Post a comment - gives you one chance of winning.

She gives you other chances to win, as well,
but the MINIMUM is posting a comment
and OF COURSE your email addy has to be there.

If you're on "no reply"... well....


No one can reach you to tell you that you won, silly!


Whenever I enter a blog contest, I usually add my email addy under my name - in the blog comment. Just to be SURE they know how to contact me, IF I were lucky enough to win!


My advice of the day?

Run, don't walk....
and post a comment on
Susan's blog give-a-way!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Smile... Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Hi There!


Spring is Just Around the Corner!!!!


Have a great week!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Show and Tell Time!!!

Hi There!

Gilbert and I have the WEIRDEST kind of flu, at the moment.

It seems to have "ups" and "downs". One minute we're fine and the next, feverish and cold and achy all over.

Well, Princess Sophia had a birthday party, yesterday and I wasn't able to attend. Gilbert and I had just finished our errands and we BOTH started feeling the "down" part of our flu.

We came home, gobbled down some coffee with a couple tylenols.

Well, this morning, my sister - Princess Sophia's Aunt - sent me a picture of the cake that she had made for the Princess' party.

My jaw dropped.

Isn't it INCREDIBLE!??!?!?

I don't think I shared a final picture of the American Jane baby quilt, that Gilbert quilted for me.

This quilt will go to my cousin's daughter. Her and her boyfriend are expecting their first child.

Due to space problems, we had to fold this one in half, on our "Exposition Wall".

Finally, figured out which pics to select for my "Friends" picture frame, that Elaine gave me.

And it's hanging in my sewing room....

Right beside my telephone and laptop!


Remember that 4 and 9 patch class that I took?

Well, I finally found the time to make a label for each one.

Here's the 4 patch table runner.

And this is the 9 patch table runner.

There you have it. Your Show and Tell, for Sunday evening!

I've got laundry to finish off, for the evening, answer a few emails, wash my hair and then, off to bed... and not necessarily in that order, either.

Have a Smashing Sunday!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Siggies, Guard Cats and Gifties!

Hi There!

I've been busy working on "My Birthday Siggie" quilt.

Here's a few more close-up pics,
on these swapped blocks:

Paula M.'s block

Elly, in Scotland, had sent me a birthday siggie, even though she wasn't part of the birthday swap.


And Frummie, too, had sent me a birthday siggie!

Here's a picture of my progress, as of Monday. I've since sewn all my purple strips in between each siggie, but it gives you an idea on what it will look like.

Our 2 cats have decided to stand guard, at my window. Actually, they're just plain curious and like most cats, LOVE high places! Apparently, it's their jungle cat genes that come out, every now and then.

And, as promised, I would show you some gifties that I received for my birthday.

The first evening that we spent in Florida, Elaine gave me these 2 gifties. I've finally sat down and figured out which pictures I will get printed, to put in these lovely frames.

Tomorrow, we've got our Saturday morning errands, including getting some pictures printed.

I'll show you what it looks like, afterwards.

Stay tuned, folks!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

From Gilbert

Hi There!

Gilbert found this cute picture,
while surfing the web, today.

Thought I'd share this cute
and cuddly picture with you.

Have a Stupendous Sunday!


When To Stop Sewing...

Hi There!

Yesterday afternoon, I finished ironing and trimming all my "Siggie" blocks.

NOTE: "Siggies" are signature blocks -
swapped amongst other quilters, usually.

Then, I figured out that I had 4 left over siggies...

Debated, in my head....

Did I want to somehow create 6 more, to make another row at the top, or put 4 on the BACK of the quilt... or?!?!?

*** Lightbulb moment!!!! ***

I would use 4 black siggies as corner blocks!!!

Then, I took them ALL down from my design wall and started re-putting them back, but in a rainbow sequence.

I found some marbelized purple that would do just PERFECT for the blocks' sashing!


Did I mention that Gilbert has a cold or flu?

Well, I started getting his symptoms, yesterday afternoon.

I took 2 tylenols and started sewing the purple sashings...

At which point did I decide that I should stop?

When I finished this last strip of blocks and whilst ironing, lifted up my head and noticed the 2 blocks, on my design wall, that I had forgotten about!!!!
(see 3rd row, to the left?!??!)

Should I add that I had a EXTRA LONG strip of purple on that 3rd row and had cut it off, because I thought I didn't need it?!??!

*extra long sigh*

Without using any "special" words - I think my body was aching too much to think of any, a that point - I just quietly put away my purple strips, un-plugged my iron, shut off my laptop, turned off my sewing machine and turned off the light in my sewing room.

It was time to stop, for the day....