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Friday, March 11, 2011

Siggies, Guard Cats and Gifties!

Hi There!

I've been busy working on "My Birthday Siggie" quilt.

Here's a few more close-up pics,
on these swapped blocks:

Paula M.'s block

Elly, in Scotland, had sent me a birthday siggie, even though she wasn't part of the birthday swap.


And Frummie, too, had sent me a birthday siggie!

Here's a picture of my progress, as of Monday. I've since sewn all my purple strips in between each siggie, but it gives you an idea on what it will look like.

Our 2 cats have decided to stand guard, at my window. Actually, they're just plain curious and like most cats, LOVE high places! Apparently, it's their jungle cat genes that come out, every now and then.

And, as promised, I would show you some gifties that I received for my birthday.

The first evening that we spent in Florida, Elaine gave me these 2 gifties. I've finally sat down and figured out which pictures I will get printed, to put in these lovely frames.

Tomorrow, we've got our Saturday morning errands, including getting some pictures printed.

I'll show you what it looks like, afterwards.

Stay tuned, folks!


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