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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Show and Tell Time!!!

Hi There!

Gilbert and I have the WEIRDEST kind of flu, at the moment.

It seems to have "ups" and "downs". One minute we're fine and the next, feverish and cold and achy all over.

Well, Princess Sophia had a birthday party, yesterday and I wasn't able to attend. Gilbert and I had just finished our errands and we BOTH started feeling the "down" part of our flu.

We came home, gobbled down some coffee with a couple tylenols.

Well, this morning, my sister - Princess Sophia's Aunt - sent me a picture of the cake that she had made for the Princess' party.

My jaw dropped.

Isn't it INCREDIBLE!??!?!?

I don't think I shared a final picture of the American Jane baby quilt, that Gilbert quilted for me.

This quilt will go to my cousin's daughter. Her and her boyfriend are expecting their first child.

Due to space problems, we had to fold this one in half, on our "Exposition Wall".

Finally, figured out which pics to select for my "Friends" picture frame, that Elaine gave me.

And it's hanging in my sewing room....

Right beside my telephone and laptop!


Remember that 4 and 9 patch class that I took?

Well, I finally found the time to make a label for each one.

Here's the 4 patch table runner.

And this is the 9 patch table runner.

There you have it. Your Show and Tell, for Sunday evening!

I've got laundry to finish off, for the evening, answer a few emails, wash my hair and then, off to bed... and not necessarily in that order, either.

Have a Smashing Sunday!



Susan In Texas said...

Hi Rosa, terrific cake! I'm guessing the turrets and roof parts are a decorator kit, but still, the underlying cake is pretty spectacular all by itself. We just got back from the Dallas Quilt Celebration where I stocked up on stuff to give away for my 3rd Blogoversary tomorrow. Be sure to look out for my next post which will be the big give away.

Take care, and I hope you both feel better soon,
Susan in Texas

Barb said...

That cake is amazing...

love the quilt and do hope the both of you get better soon.