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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snow People in June!

Hi There!

Gilbert and Bertha worked their magic, 
once again and my "Snow People" quilt is finally quilted!!!

Now, I just need to do the binding.

That's on my "To Do" list, for tomorrow.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snow People on Bertha

Almost finished!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brain Worm du Jour!

Hi There!

Remember the 70's????

If so, here's one that I'm POSITIVE you'll remember!  Its such a happy, cheerful summertime song!

In the Summertime

Hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday!!!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a Day! (lots of pictures!!!)

 Hi There!

Gilbert and I headed out the door at 9 a.m., this morning - we did some banking and went to Home Depot to pick up a "Milwaukee" circular saw.  This winter, he came across a sale on a Milwaukee cordless drill and it was love at first sight!  Lately..... And, coincidentally, his 12 year + electrical, circular saw was on it's last legs... So, we picked up a new, cordless circular saw and Gilbert's now a Happy Camper!


Once home, we unpacked our purchases and Gilbert worked on yesterday's quilt while I decided to cook up a batch of meat.  Tomorrow, Gilbert and I are supposed to make a batch of meat pies and tourtières.

 Gilbert helped me take a few pictures of my 2nd batik quilt that is FINALLY ready to be shipped off to the lady that commissioned this!

If you click on the picture below, you can see a bigger picture of this quilt.

While I was in my Sewing Studio, "Minou", our oldest cat, had to come in and find herself a (grooming) spot and snoozing spot.  She plunked herself down into my wicker basket.  I could hear her puuurrrr.... REAL loud!  


Then, while emailing back and forth with my buddettes, I found out that I can take fresh berries and wash them - in this case I had blueberries on hand...

Add sugar, if I wished. In this case, I added a soup spoon of brown sugar.

And then, add some rum.  I added some dark rum.

Apparently, the blueberries will NOT go bad and I can add these as a topping to a cake or pudding or whatever.

I'll keep you all posted on how this turns out.


Preserving Berries and Myself, too!

I have been trying my bestest to finish off 2 UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) before even DREAMING about starting a new project....  I've been trying, but I don't always succeed.  *VBG*

Anyhow, these spool blocks were blocks that I swapped with other ladies, on the internet.

Today, I pulled them out of my ziplock back, trimmed them up and placed them on my design wall.

Unfortunately, 3 of the blocks did not even come CLOSE to the required 6-1/2" square.  These 3 blocks may go on the back of what has now become my "Table Runner", rather than a square Table Topper.

See the cute small one?  My friend, Brigitte Baierl, sent me that block, for no reason 'cept to show me how SHE does her spool blocks.  

Its a 3 dimensional block - 

I had to make 2 more green ones to come up with a symmetrical design. I'll be adding a skinny, probably black border and then, a bigger wider one... to finish it off.

And that's if for today.

It's now 8h38 p.m. and I'm upstairs in our little office and its STILL raining outside!

Tomorrow's another day, right?

Hope your Saturday's drier than mine!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Mother of God!!!

That's the batk quilt, thrown over the ironing board - its HUGE!!!

Gilbert finished quilting it and just before lunch, we trimmed it... Or squared it off, whatever way you want to call it.

I just sat down to bind this monstrosity and thought I'd share a pic with you.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bejewelled Batiks

Gilbert has this monster of a quilt loaded up on Bertha and as soon as they've finished their magic, I will be machine binding this jewel of a quilt!

Gorgeous sunshine today and I'm in the kitchen, scrubbing and cleaning while laundry is in the washer.

Where's Calcon when I need it???

(Remember that commercial??)


Pictus Interruptus

Tried to take a picture of the Baby Barn, with the trim painted "Afternoon Tea" and Frankie HAD to get in front!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Murphy's Law

What am I missing???

4 or 5 inches?!?!?!


Back to the cutting board...

Hi There!

Gorgeous sunny morning 
and I'm O-F-F till Tuesday Morning!!!

Got 2 bindings, 1 label and 1 sleeve to make, today!

One of these 2 quilts will be going in our local quilt show, this fall.

Then, I have a flimsy that needs to be pulled out and re-examined.  I need to remove some paper - a small section of it was paper-pieced.

I might need to add an extra border... and maybe not.  Either way, I'm hoping to put that one in our local quilt show, as well.

Gilbert is supposed to paint the trimmings on our Baby Barn, this morning, and who knows, eh?  I might change my mind and sit outside, while he's working.  We shall see.

Tomorrow morning- Saturday, I'm picking up 3 (cooked) lobsters and heading into the country.  I plan on spending a good part of the day with my parents. 

Sunday is Father's Day and I plan on going to our fairly big (and new) Farmer's Market, uptown.  That should be fun!

And Monday, I hope to spend time in my Sewing Studio.

How's THAT for a perfect extra-long weekend, eh?!??

Hope you get the chance to enjoy yourselves, this weekend!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Creative Juice Moment...

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to "Home Depot", Friday evening and we picked up 2 gallons of CIL "Antique Bisque" (read: ivory color) and 1 pint of CIL "Afternoon Tea" (read: light, milk chocolat color), for our Baby Barn.

While the nice young man mixed our paints, I started flipping through a few of their home decorating magazines.

LOOK at what I saw!!!

Wouldn't this make the COOLEST table runner?!?!?  

Appliqué the numbers, mark the (measurement) lines with pencil and play with black thread, in your sewing machine, to make bigger, fatter lines. Fill it in!

 Or, make a much smaller one, to hang over your sewing chair?

Anyhow, thought I'd share this pic with you and hopefully, get your creative juices flowing...

Have a Wonderful Week!

It's Monday -
I'm off to work, once again, in the morning.


I'm Still Here, Susan!

 Hi There!

One of my faithful readers, Susan, wrote to me, recently.

"You've been missing a week; where are you?"

Wasn't that sweet of her???

In fact, I've been here.

Here's my weekly routine:

Go to work - 8 to 4 job.
Come home and play in my Studio,
for a couple hours.
Drag butt upstairs and watch TV.
Sometimes do some handwork,
while watching TV, but not always.

 Yesterday morning, I completed 
the "Antique Car" quilt and its back.

This was last week's progress:
blocks are on the design wall.

Wednesday evening's progress.
The "filmsy" or "top" is completed!!!

I tried to make a black and white scrappy checkered border... kinda like those racing flags.

Then, since I had some left over blocks and strips, 
I decided to make a fancy smancy, oversized "label".

I'll be writing on the Chicken Coop wire fabric!

And, the back is now complete and I'm proud to say that I used up a LOT of big chunked, flannel pieces, for the back!  Trying to save money and stop spending money on fabric.  Got LOTS here, already, right?


Yesterday afternoon, 
I continued working on that 
ginormous Batik Quilt.  

Today is Sunday - which means...
cleaning my c-pak machine,
tidying up,
etc, etc.

Let's hope I manage to squeeze in 
some Studio Time, today!

Have a Super Sunday!!!

Oh....  And Susan - 
Thanks for inquiring about my whereabouts!!!!
I appreciated your concern.