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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Comes in Many Different Shapes...

Hi There!

You're probably wondering what I've been up to and why I've been so quiet.

Well, as my Blog title reads, I'm here to prove to you that love surely DOES come in many different shapes!

Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to order an HP TouchPad for $149 dollars. HP is getting rid of these tablets and instead of $599, they were on sale for peanuts!

Last week, I received my Touch!

That same evening, I HAD to run out and accessorize my new Touch!

I picked up what the friendly young geek tech at Staples called a "Fleatherette" case.

It protects my Touch...

But you can open it up, like a book and, stand it up on a table, as well.

And, it's got these neat squarish and soft bubbles....

You can rest the edge of the Touch amongst the bubbles and play with your Touch that way, as well!

Yes, it resembles the iPad, but was much, MUCH cheaper!!!

OH!!! And I've signed up with Kindle and have read TWO books, so far!

Can't remember the last time that I went to bed and read!

Have I been sewing much? Well, certainly not as much as pre-HP TouchPad, but I've been relaxing and enjoying myself. How's that for an answer?!??


And then, since I may take my Touch with me, I needed this cool little black bag with LOADS of pockets and a shoulder strap... for only 14 bucks!!!

I know it's silly but gosh DARN I feel so important with these nifty accessories!!!

Besides, the friendly young geek at Staples TOLD me it was a great buy!


As for my 2nd "love", my friend Barb Honey brought in her quilt for Gilbert and Bertha to work their magic.

OH MY GOD, but it's gorgeous!!!!

She gave me permission to blog about it, even!

When I asked her if she designed this quilt.... she simply replied with a "ROFL"...

Here's what she wrote:

"This was a homework assignment from the second year of the scrappy club I joined in Kelowna, B.C. We were given a type of Log Cabin setting and told to make a quilt. Mine was the courthouse steps setting. I just kept adding blocks as I went - no plan! The checkerboard border is from one of Bonnie Hunter's quilt in her book."

As spectacular as it looks on my blog, it looks a 100 times better in person!

I LOVE scrappy quilts!!!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fours Cats, One Quilt and Some Teddy Bears

Hi There!

As I've mentioned before, we now have 2 cats and a couple strays, that we feed.

Callie and Minou, the 2 calicoes in the bottom of this picture are ours.

The beigeish/whitish cat eating is "Frankie"... or "Frankie Blue Eyes".

He (or she?) looks like a Burmese or Himalayan cat.

And he or she has been spayed or neutered, as per one of our backyard neighbours. She told me that the previous owners just moved and left him/her behind.

How cruel!!!

She told me that the cat in the top right hand corner was the same thing. Cat was spayed or neutered... owners picked up and left without their cat!

*long sigh*

Unfortunately, this one doesn't play nicely with Minou or Callie, but Frankie's truly a wonderful and cuddly cat.

Frankie's been invited in our home, several times, with no problems... other than he/she has to be reminded that cats don't jump up on our kitchen table or kitchen counters. But, in all honesty, he or she is getting MUCH better at minding their P's and Q's...


Soooo, Friday after work, I decided to give them a rare treat.

A can of "wet" food, mixed in with their "dry" food.

I'm always astonished at how there is a hierarchy or pecking order, with these cats!

The white and gray one is patiently sitting back and with his/her turn, at the dish.

Thursday, Gilbert finished quilting my Baby Lasagna Quilt and Friday evening, I finished the binding on this quilt.

This one is for sale - $75.00.

Please contact me if you'd like to purchase it.

It measures 35" X 43"

And here's a picture of the back...

And a close up of the quilting.

Pattern is called "Teddy Bears".

Saturday morning, since Gilbert is doing a suspended ceiling in our bedroom, I decided to hang my Teddy Bear collection, on our clothes line.

After that, we headed out to one of our local quilt shows and errands.

Will post pictures of the quilt show this evening.

Hope you all have a Super Sunday!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little Molehill of "Things".

Hi There!

Well, I've only got a few hours left till I'm officially finished my Vacation.

I had a TON of things planned during my 2 weeks off and only did a little molehill of "things"....

But the little "things" that got done - I sure had fun doing them, though!

Take for example, today.

I had planned to finish this quilt top.

I had to do 3 loads of laundry, first.

Then, Gilbert tells me that our iron stopped heating.

He took it apart, to announce that the thermal fuse was burnt.

Off to Zellers to pick up another iron!

Well, we HAD to get groceries and since we were already out, why not pick them up, as well.

Soooooo, I only started working on the T-Shirt Quilt around 3 p.m....

Managed to sew 3 rows together!

Hope you manage to get a molehill of "things" done, this week!



Saturday, September 10, 2011

More on the T-Shirt Quilt...

Hi There!

My oldest son, Adam, called me on his cell phone this afternoon, all excited! He had found an old sewing machine and had talked the guy down to $15.00 - does he take after me or what?!?!?

(read PREVIOUS blog)


Well, with Adam dropping off the machine and us rushing out the door for our business meeting... I really didn't get a chance to look at her, very much.

Gilbert said she locks up in her case, for portability, and after fiddling around with it, for a few minutes, he managed to "lock" it up. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her BEFORE she got locked up solid and hopefully I will be able to look at her closer, tomorrow.

But OH MY GOSH, is she EVER heavy!!!

And her foot pedal is missing and she's lost a bit of gold and gleam, over the years.


As for the T-Shirt Quilt.... I know it seems as if I'm not movin' ahead on this one, but I AM!!! Trust me.... I AM!

See bottom right hand corner block?

It's an appliqué that I made, from an icon on the internet.

I drew it by hand....
all by me-self, even!


Well, that's about it, for today.

One last day of vacation and GOD KNOWS when I will get some more time off....

Hope you're all having a SUPER SATURDAY!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

T-Shirt Progress (cont'd)

Hi There!

This past week, I received a free wooly package, from "British Wool"!

All's I had to do was sign up - it was FREE!

How cool was that, eh?!??!

I received 2 braids of wool....
so soft!!!

Along with a lot of neat information about sheep and all, they included a plastified sheet with instructions on how to "felt" your wool.

I've never done this before.... should be a fun project!

The only thing missing was "time"... I turned that sheet around and around and around and they didn't tell me where I would find the extra "time" to play with this!


This afternoon, I decided to pick up where I had left off, with the "Tee-Shirt" quilt.

I've got ALL the blocks sew together into strips 'cept for the last one. There's a block missing. I plan on doing something special with this block.

I'll let you all see it, once it's done.

Tomorrow's another day.

Still 2 more days of


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bertha's Room Got Another Face Lift!

Hi There!

Gilbert decided that our cutting board needed a face lift.

He removed our old Necchi sewing machine and added some wooden legs.

He says you can now put a total of 10 plastic totes filled with my fabric stash, underneath it now. NOTE: He will be painting the wooden legs white, to match the rest of the room.

He's almost finished painting those 3 quilt blocks, underneath his home made ironing board.

A close up of the blocks.

And yet another close up.

He informed me that they weren't completely finished. He still has some black lines to add and then a coat of varnish, to protect the paint.

I'm not sure if I posted pictures of our new "door". He picked it up at a 2nd place, called "Restore".... profits go to Habitat for Humanity.

And, this door only cost $2.50 !

Mind you, Gilbert did a few touch ups and painted it white.... and he had to buy the "hardware" - you know... the pins and sliding thingies at the top and bottom of the door, for $25.00 (approx.)

Not bad, eh?

Today, we also removed a few quilts in the Longarm Room and replaced them with other ones.

To the left, is last year's Halloween panel.

To the right, is the lastest baby quilt that I finished.

And here's a picture of my Christmas Leftover Lasagna Quilt.

Oh... I managed to finish a pillow case dress, last this afternoon.

It's got horseys all over it.

Still on vacation and still maintaining my "Vacation Journal".

Have a great weekend!