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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

8 Batik Blocks!!!

Hi There!

Well, due to my "Fatty Fingers", I messed up on a recent blog and the original post to this blog got deleted.

Here's my batik progress...

Not All Design Walls Are Plug 'n Play


They're not all smart.

The "designer" needs to put her input and creativity in the quilt block, as well...

AND as open up her peepers and pay attention!!!


Can you say "rippit"???


A Design Wall

I'm so happy that Gilbert put in a design wall, in my Sewing Studio!

And, as promised, I've been working on my batik blocks and trying to find which colors play nicely together, within my stash.

Design walls sure help!

Do you have a design wall?


Scrappy Patchy Quilt

Hi There!

Do any of you remember the TV sitcom "Home Improvement", with Tim the Tool Man Taylor?

Remember how he'd start a weekend home renovation project that would keep growing until it became this MAJOR 3 month project?!??

Well, I've been seriously trying to keep my Sewing Studio tidy. Whenever I finish a project, I pick up and put away remaining big chunks of fabric and those that are considered "scrap", I cut 'em up right away into "strips".

I WAS cutting them into 2-1/2" strips till I realized that the patterns in the 2 books that I have of my (new) idol, Bonnie K. Hunter..... well, she mostly uses 2" blocks.

What was I to do?

Buy more bins?
How was I going to keep the
2-1/2" inch scraps separated
from the 2" scraps?!??

Keep them separated in a zip lock?

Did I really NEED the 2-1/2" strips?

The bindings on my last 6 or 7 quilts all were 2" and I like the results better.

Why was I holding onto the 2-1/2" strips?!??

In case I made a quilt with jelly roll strips?
I hardly think that will ever happen...
(fatal last words - I know.)

Decisions... decisions.

Finally, I said to myself,
"Rosa... Sh!t or get off the pot! Make a decision, now!"

(Sewing Studio all tidied up)

Sooooo, I will be slowing getting rid of the 2-1/2" strips and converting them all to 2".

That being said, I, of course.... had to go over Bonnie's patterns and found one that said to me.... "Hmmmmmm....... I should prep these strips and do some scrappy 9 patch blocks and put 'em aside and only do a bit at a time, whenever I get a chance."

Here's where the Tim the Tool Man Taylor mentality kicked in....

I cut up all my scraps from my last 2 projects and threw away the itsy bitsy pieces. And, I started sewing these strips together to start my 9 patch blocks.

Then, since I didn't have enough variety, I picked into some of my 2-1/2" bins to cut 'em down to 2" size and sew 'em up.

Was that good enough?

Well, of COURSE NOT!!!


I remembered some old (cotton) shirts that I had saved in my big blue totes, yanked 'em out and started cutting THOSE as well, into 2" strips!!!

The Studio looked like someone had vomited fabric, all over instead of being nice and tidy, like I had FIRST planned on doing!!!


And remember?

It all started out that I wanted to trim and put away my previous 2 quilts' leftover fabrics before I got back into my Batik Blocks...

I've been working on these 9 Patch Scrappy blocks for the past 2 days, now!

This plastic container was put away at 7 p.m. and I will NOT pull it out until I have 2 more flimsy finished!

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!


I'm on vacation
(AKA my Stay-Cah-Shun)
and LOVING IT!!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Twists - Voila

And here's my flimsy!!!

Started at 3 pm, stash hunting.

Finished at 5h20... And only because I had to scrap pieces for one of the borders... That was a bit time consuming.

Frankie Needs to Help

Why do some furbabies need to be right on top of you, when you're busy?!?!?!


Before I Twist

After putting the label on my Easy Peasy quilt, sewing the 2 halves of fabric for the back of my Snow People quilt, i decided to FINALLY take some time to play!

I had bought the (big)Twister ruler, 2 weeks ago.

Here's the picture before I cut it up...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

B-Day Mug

I usually prefer a thin lipped cup for tea or coffee but my baby sister took a pottery class and gave this to me, a while back, for my birthday. And I LOVE it!!!

What kind of cup or mug do you prefer?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Pizza in the oven

Drinking a brewski and waiting for our home made pizza to be ready!


Easy Peasy on the Frame

It's finally my turn!

Gilbert is using a new panto for this one.

Will share pics later.


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi There!

Yup! Two blogs, back-to-back.... What can I say? It happens, sometimes. LOL

My friend Elaine has an incredible Blog contest. You can win Jennifer Chiaverini's new novel, "Sonoma Rose".

Another blog that I follow.... C & T Publishing Blog have 2 bundles of fabric to Give-a-Way. The hardest part about this contest is you have to tell them which you'd prefer: the light bundle of fabrics or the dark ones. Me? I couldn't decide. I told them to pick for me! LOL

Viridian has been blogging for 4 years. She's giving fabric and thread away! IMAGINE!??!?

LiteMotif is looking for advice and promises to reward 2 people that comment and give her suggestions or advice. What's the Give-a-Way? Who knows and do we really care!?!?!? A surprise gifty in the mail is ALWAYS great in MY mailbox!!!! *grin*

Good luck, everyone!!!


e-Newsletter - October 2011

Hi There!

My vacation officially started this evening and as is my tradition, I've started my Vacation Journal, once again.

No pictures in my blog, this time.... just info.

I've been sending a e-Newsletter to our quilty friends and recently, I shared my latest e-Newsletter with some close friends. They encouraged me to share these e-Newsletter with others.

Soooo, here's the first one that I sent out, last October.

Hope you enjoy it!



Hi There!

Hope you enjoy our first E-Newsletter!

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