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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gifties - Sharon Sample

Last week, or so, Sharon Sample sent me an email, out of the blue. Said she remembered that I was collecting 30's fabrics and as she was clearing out one of her drawers, did I want some 30's fabrics.

HELLO!!!! Of course I wanted fabric!!! It's almost impossible to find 30's fabrics in our local Canadian stores and "if" you manage to find some, it costs a FORTUNE! *grin*

So, I wrote back to Sharon and gave her my snail mail addy, thinking it would take a month or so, before she kindly sent me her "leftovers". I thought to myself, at the time, that if she sent me 3 or 4 pieces, I would be happy with that.

Sharon sent me 29 FAT QUARTERS and 3 BIG chunks of green fabric!!! I was stunned!!!

Received them on Thursday and was too sick with my sore back and had to pack for my business trip, the next morning - didn't get a chance to really look at her package.

Well, when we got back from the business trip, Saturday, my boss and I - she's a quilter, too - went through the fabric.

WOW!!!! What more can a quilter say? *VBG*

I think there's only 1 yellow fabric, that I already had - but that's good too! It's like money - you can never have too much! LOL

Sharon had also mentioned that she had a bundle of 2-1/2 inch blocks, all cut up. Did I want them? OF COURSE, I did!!! *grin*

Thank you SOOO, SOOO MUCH, Sharon!!! I truly appreciate your "gifty"!!!


Gifties - Barb Honey

Monday, I woke up with the most HORRENDOUS back pain! Bad enough, it was a Monday morning, but I had never, EVER had this kind of pain, before in my back.

Tuesday, as I couldn't take it any longer, went to visit my family doctor. Sprained back, he tells me, and that I need plenty of rest and he prescribes medication. Does he REALIZE that Barb Honey (a Janiac friend) and her DH (dear husband) are coming over, for a visit on Wednesday??!? And that I have to travel for a business meeting, on Friday?!?

At the end of my visit with the doctor, he casually tells me that sometimes it takes up to 3 months to fix a pulled muscle. WHAT?!??!?! THREE MONTHS?!?! Dear God!....

Anyhow, I took the day off Wednesday and with pain killers in my bod, I met Barb and her DH! What a WONDERFUL visit!!!! And they came bearing gifts, too! *VBG*

The cutest little bag... hand made by Barb Honey - WHAT A TREAT!!!! And Barb had remembered that I LOVE hearts!!! *VBG*

Here's a shot of the "inside" of the bag - it's got names from Canadian cities. Barb even fussy cut the inside fabric, to make sure that St. John was there! *grin*

Here's a closeup of the cute little charm, she added on, as a zipper pull! I only noticed this cute detail AFTER she and her DH had left! *s*

She even thought to add a few other "gifties" WITHIN the bag!!! *grin*

And my friend Barb ALSO brought along her EQ 5 program, with 3 books!!! She had upgraded and was kind enough to pass THIS onto me! Spoiled, or what, eh?!?? *VBG*

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL time together!!! Really enjoyed their company - it felt like I had known them for years! *grin*

Thanks Barb (& DH)!!! As they plan to move near me soon, I hope this will be one of many "get togethers"!


P.S. Did you notice that I didn't have a picture of Barb and I?!??! I could have kicked my own butt!!!! AFTER they left, I glanced at my camera.... sitting there.


I had meant to ask Barb's DH to take our picture, but COMPLETELY forgot!!!

Next time, eh Barb? *grin*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

DJ - Sheila Belyea

Hi there!

Well, I had to go on a business trip, for work and managed to squeeze in some "down time", in between meetings, and meet my FIRST Janiac - Sheila Belyea!

Much to my surprise, I got a 2-for-1 deal - Diana was there, too! *VBG*

We went to Sheila's (former) quilt shop, did some shopping and chatting and then, headed off to a sandwich spot, in Presque Ile, Maine.... Don't ask me the name - I'm not good with "names", usually! LOL

Diana, Rosa (me) and Sheila!

Many, MANY thanks to Sheila and Dianne for the SUPER "Janiac" reception! *VBG*

We're supposed to meet up, in Bangor at the end of June... along with 9 other "Janiacs" - Another fun time, I'm sure! *grin*


UPDATE - 20 April 2008: Just found my receipt for the café spot, where we had lunch. It is called "Café Sorpresso" and it's located on the main drag, in Presque Ile, Maine. EXCELLENT beef sandwich and coffee! *grin*

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Giftie - Car Sticker from Connie

Well, it's finally happened - we got a "fairly" nice day and Gilbert went and stuck my "Janiac on Board" car sticker, on my car - compliments of Connie Ross! *VBG*

I'm probably the only Janiac, in my province to have this sticker, and I'm mighty darn proud of it, too!

Thanks Connie! I'll be thinking of you, whenever I look for my yellow car in the parking lot and see that nice RED sticker, on the back! *VBG*