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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gifties - Barb Honey

Monday, I woke up with the most HORRENDOUS back pain! Bad enough, it was a Monday morning, but I had never, EVER had this kind of pain, before in my back.

Tuesday, as I couldn't take it any longer, went to visit my family doctor. Sprained back, he tells me, and that I need plenty of rest and he prescribes medication. Does he REALIZE that Barb Honey (a Janiac friend) and her DH (dear husband) are coming over, for a visit on Wednesday??!? And that I have to travel for a business meeting, on Friday?!?

At the end of my visit with the doctor, he casually tells me that sometimes it takes up to 3 months to fix a pulled muscle. WHAT?!??!?! THREE MONTHS?!?! Dear God!....

Anyhow, I took the day off Wednesday and with pain killers in my bod, I met Barb and her DH! What a WONDERFUL visit!!!! And they came bearing gifts, too! *VBG*

The cutest little bag... hand made by Barb Honey - WHAT A TREAT!!!! And Barb had remembered that I LOVE hearts!!! *VBG*

Here's a shot of the "inside" of the bag - it's got names from Canadian cities. Barb even fussy cut the inside fabric, to make sure that St. John was there! *grin*

Here's a closeup of the cute little charm, she added on, as a zipper pull! I only noticed this cute detail AFTER she and her DH had left! *s*

She even thought to add a few other "gifties" WITHIN the bag!!! *grin*

And my friend Barb ALSO brought along her EQ 5 program, with 3 books!!! She had upgraded and was kind enough to pass THIS onto me! Spoiled, or what, eh?!?? *VBG*

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL time together!!! Really enjoyed their company - it felt like I had known them for years! *grin*

Thanks Barb (& DH)!!! As they plan to move near me soon, I hope this will be one of many "get togethers"!


P.S. Did you notice that I didn't have a picture of Barb and I?!??! I could have kicked my own butt!!!! AFTER they left, I glanced at my camera.... sitting there.


I had meant to ask Barb's DH to take our picture, but COMPLETELY forgot!!!

Next time, eh Barb? *grin*


Suze said...

I can't think of anyone more deserving of all this good fortune than you...........

Now if Barb moves near you does that mean your Dear Jane group will double in size?

Rosa Robichaud said...


You know, I never thought of it, THAT way!!!

But you're right! Automatically, my group WOULD double! LOL


Barb moves nearby and my group "doubles"!!!! *still chuckling over here*