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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Siggies - A to I

Yesterday, I FINALLY got my Christmas Siggies!!!

I looked them over - that took a good hour.
I then put them in alphabetical order - that took another good hour... had to oooh and aaah some more. *grin*
Then, I "had" to go downstairs and have supper.... unfortunately, and leave my beauties all alone, upstairs. :-(
Then, I went on my web page to see if I got an (extra) Special Siggie - that took about a 1/2 hour, as I had to F & F them, again. F & F, you ask? Well, that's Fondle and Feel, of course! LOL

Then, I took pictures of a whole bunch of my favorites and UNFORTUNATELY, there were too many. I then had to (painfully) delete some and then, select the ones that I would upload here.

I'm sorry if your Siggie's picture isn't on my blog, but I had to make several tough decisions... They're ALL GORGEOUS, actually!!!! *grin*

And THEN, I blogged about them, yesterday evening... could only do about 1/2 of them, as it was around 11 p.m., by the time I had finished! Sooooo, you could say that I played with my Christmas Siggies, ALL evening! *grin*

Anyhow, here's the list, from A to I:

Alicia Bell - I LOVE the blue fabric, with the snowflakes!

Ally Wilson - Cute ornament fabric, with GOLD threads!!!

Amy Otsu - Something about your Santa, with it's open arms makes me giggle... *grin*

Andrea Koziol - Such lovely green fabric, with shimmery snowflakes!

Anita Blanton - I LOVE hand drawn Siggies! Great job on the holly!

Ann Jennings - Your snowman is cute as a button! I'm starting to fall in love with snowmen! *grin*

Ann Towns - Such lovely, soft fabric! Love the holly, too!

Annette Johnson - You selected a LOVELY fabric and stamp! And HEY! You're a Canadian, too! *VBG*

Barbara Carter - Love the cute light bulb fabric! It's VERY Christmassy!

Barbara Daniel Cissne - How did you EVER manage to stamp or paint such a GORGEOUS dark green tree?!??! LOVE IT!!!

Barb Honey - Such PERFECT embroidery! And I know, the journey that these blocks took! *grin*

Barbara Perry - What a lovely wreath!! And with French knots, too!!! I would never have thought of doing French knots on a wreath.... LOVE IT!!!

Betty McPeck - OH MY GOODNESS!!! A small wreath, with all that painting or stamping! It's GORGEOUS!!!

Beverly Sherman - I love the double bell stamp! And your fabric has lovely gold thread in it, too!

Billy Carmichael - Such a simple, yet lovely and symbolic stamp! Thanks!

Bonny Stonemark - What a GORGEOUS Christmas tree and with BLING, too!!! *grin*

Brigitte Baierl - All the way from Poland?!?!? A lovely Christmas tree!!!

Carly Davis - Lovely, gorgeous red fabric.... once again, with lovely gold threads, in it!!!

Carol Klein - OH MY GOODNESS!!! I took a picture of this block, but unfortunately your SOOO CUTE "Mistle Toad" didn't come out, very well.... It's sooooo cute and comical! LOVE IT!!!

Caron Mosey - Lovely, leafy fabric and a cute Christmas ornament stamp, too!

Cathy Sanders - Cathy, your cardinal(?), sitting amongst holly(?) and your deep, burgundy fabric is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! And the BLING!!! I LOVE BLING!! *grin*

Cheri Williams - With 4 cats here, your Angel kitty cats, dressed in cute victorian dresses, are just SOOOO adorable!

Cheryl Camp - Your Christmas tree is soooo cute! Looks like it took a lot of work to make the garland... 165 times?!? Yikes! Thanks for swapping!!!! *VBG*

Cheryl Langshaw - I just LOVE the fabric that you selected! Gorgeous, Christmassy red, with gold thread!!!

Chris Benjamin - Chris, your snowman is SOOOO cute and I DO love that cute little button that you added, too! And the blue (snowflake) fabric is like "baby snowmen"!!! LOL

Cindy Temple - Another cute tree, with a cute (bling?) star at the top!!!

Coral Pariso - LOVE the Santas, in your fabric. Reminds me of Jim Shore's work. Hmmm.. probably IS Jim Shore's fabric - he DOES have a fabric line, eh? *scratches her head* Anyhow, it's such a deep, gorgeous blue!!! LOVE IT!!

Cyn Forrest - Cyn, I do so much adore the fabric that you selected! Burgundy background with nice green leaves and GOLD ferns, here and there!!!!

Cyndie Alvarez - ANOTHER cute fabric, with Christmas lights in it!!! Simply adorable!!! *s*

Cynthia Hague - Cynthia.... your blue ornaments with lovely silver thread, is absolutely GORGEOUS! BTW, you've got a LOVELY handwriting - did I ever tell you that?!? *grin*

Darlene Martin - OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a gorgeous stamp! And then, she went and added spots of sparkly paints, here and there! INCREDIBLE!!!

Deanna Ahern - Another gorgeous Siggie with holly/mistletoe and berries and the stamps so nice and dark! Love your fabric selection, too, Deanna!!!

Debbie Albers - Lovely stamp and fabric! And then, she went and added some cute green beads, on it, too!!! That MUST have taken FOREVER to make 165 Siggies!!! *grin*

Debbie K. Frey - I love your cute little Christmas tree... and the fabric is gorgeous, too - matches the stamp color!!!

Deborah Schultz - (AKA DebGiggles) - You had mentioned your dragon stamp but I just couldn't "visualize" it. OH MY GOODNESS, but it's ADORABLE!!! Tks for swapping, my friend!!!
(NOTE: DebGiggles selected a dark, gorgeous green - my camera couldn't pick up the wonderful colors in her Siggie, unfortunately.)

Debra Effinger - Gingerbread people, rolling pin, cookies - you name it... it's on her cute Siggie! LOVE IT!!!

Dee Locke - Your lovely Christmas bell'd fabric, with the cute mistle toe and berries will look LOVELY in my quilt! *VBG*

Deloris Burckhard - I think this was the only candy cane'd fabric - TOO CUTE!!!

Denise Edwards - Ooops... here's ANOTHER candy cane'd fabric, with with gold thread! LOVE the koala bear stamp, with the Santa hat!!!

Diane Heller - Such gorgeous, shimmery, green fabric!!!

Diane Patry - ALL hand-sewn!!! All 165 of them!!! PLUS, she made ANOTHER 165 siggies, for her daughter - ALL hand-sewn!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Love the old fashioned Santa fabric, too! *grin*

Diane Russell - How precious - LOVELY green stars!!!

Donna Fisher - I just wanna know HOW you got to stamp or paint the lovely, soft green background, around your tree?!?!? And I love the little (gold threaded) gifties, too!

Dorothy Englert - REINDEERS!!!! Didn't get too many of these, so this one too, is precious! *grin*

Elaine Petrik (AKA Elena) - You have a GORGEOUS stamp, my friend and I LOVE the star with BLING on it!!!

Elly Dunbar - All the way from Scotland, with the most ADORABLE snowman! Love the Scottish "Merry Christmas"(?), too! *grin*

Freda Price - Cute little Christmas elf!!! I don't think I have too many of those, either!! *grin*

Froma Sommers (AKA Frummie) - Frummie, Frummie, Frummie.... what can I say?!? You did an EXCELLENT job on your Christmas Siggie!!! Charlie will be SOME happy camper, with his Christmas Siggie quilt! *grin*

Gail Enos - Such beautiful green fabric, with nice GOLD Christmas bells!!!

Gean Armour - Gean, I LOVE your Christmas message: "May your Holidays be filled with laughter & merriment" and, of course, your snowman fabric is ABSOLUTELY adorable, too!

Helen Clark - What a CUTE little fellow or gal that you have, for a stamp!!! And I DO love the fabric that you selected, too! *grin*

Helen Gnuechtel - This stamp is sooo precious! Peace, written in MANY languages!!! And, once again, I'm a sucker for fabric with gold thread in it! *grin*

Helen Marie Kirby - Helen Marie, your work is incredible and you have a LOVELY handwriting, my friend! Love the fabric and stamp, too! A piece of art, IMHO. *s*

Helen Stanaitis - Now, THIS Siggie, made me giggle ALL evening long! Isn't Santa just ADORABLE, in his summer shorts. Coming from Florida, I will be touching this Siggie a lot, during our cold, winter months! LOL

Hope Kirk - ANOTHER lovely siggie, from Texas! I've noticed that the gals, from Texas seem to almost ALWAYS incorporate something about their lovely state, in their Siggies. A cheerful Texan Santa!!! *VBG*


Well, that's it, for this bunch. Thank you SOOOO much to our Swap Mommy and her assistants and to ALL the swappers! This quilt, once finished, will be cherished!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Siggies - J to W

Hi there!

Here's the 2nd batch of Christmas Siggies!

Jacquie Campbell - What a cute tree!

Jan Eby - I LOVED the simple reindeer (hand-drawn, I assume) and the matching fabric!

Janet Monnett - I LOVED the gingerbread man and the matching fabric!

Janice Erickson - Good threaded ornaments - need I say more?!? *grin*

Janice Fabrizo - More gold threaded fabric!!!

Jean Mello - Such bright, beautiful fabric!

Jo Spindle - Jo.... you have a one-of-a-kind stamp, my friend! Your Santa is ADORABLE!!!

Align Center

Josianne Robb - All the way from Scotland!!! Love the green, leafy mistletoe!

Joyce Little - ANOTHER cute little tree!

Judi Kipling - WOW!!! Bling!!! Another of my "favorites"!!!

Judy Gibson - Such work and detail - a GORGEOUS, red cardinal...

Julie Clarke - We have 4 cats here, so a cute kittie in a Christmas stocking, is absolutely what we need here! LOL

Julie Cusack - I thought this one was soooo ingenious! A kangaroo with a Santa Hat! LOL
(note: the fabric is actually a gorgeous, dark burgundy - blame the camera girl!)

Julie Goodson - I think this is the only gingerbread house, in all the blocks! LOVE IT!!!

Karen Bonter - HOW did you EVER make such a gorgeous tree?!??! with the light and the dark greens?!?? I LOVE IT!!!

Karen Bryant - What an adorable Santa, holding a star. Makes you reflect on what Christmas REALLY is... *grin*

Karen Donaldson - Gorgeous, gold leaved mistletoe... hand-sewn, too!!!

Karen Graham - Ooooooh, I never thought to do Christmas lights!!! What a fantastic idea! *grin*

Karen Yelland - LOVE your fabric, Karen! Niiiiice..... *grin*

Kathleen Fields - Once again, lovely fabric - LOVE the birds!!!

Kathryn Bergeron - Gold threaded ornaments... I LOVE gold threaded fabric!!!

Kathy Gross - Bright, beautiful, reds and greens and stars and swirls!!!

Kathy Jones - Nice burgundy fabric, with gold thread... AGAIN!!! *grin*

Kathy Kirby - I just LOVE your "swirly" Christmas tree, with the stars!!!

Kathy MacPherson - What a fantastic idea! Your drawing or stamp matches the fabric! PERFECT!

Kathy Smith - Kathy, your Christmas message is wonderful and so is your fabric! *grin*

Kathy Thomason - Love the drawing or stamp - such soft colors.... *s*

Katie Sherman - The only rocking horse - it's really precious!

Kerry Fondren - Love the gold threaded ornaments and HEY!!! Snowflakes!!!! Baby snowmen pictures!!! LOL

Leona Clissold - MORE gold threaded fabric!!! What can I say? Love your Christmas message, too!

Linda Crews Carter - Amazing how most of the Texans swappers managed to create a GORGEOUS Christmas stamp or hand drawing, incorporating something about Texas in it! I just ADORE IT!!! Such bright, cheerful fabric, too!

Linda Hritz - Christmassy fabric with lovely musical notes! *grin*

Liz Morgan - Liz... now that dog is just plain ADORABLE... even though he's all tangled up in the lights! LOL

LuAnn Krug - LOVE your holiday message, LuAnn!!!

Lynda LaRoche - MORE gold threaded fabric!!! I'm in LOVE with these blocks! LOL

Mai Kristiansen - Your stamp or drawing was so, so gorgeous! You can just "imagine" the joy of Christmas, on the little girl's face! *grin*

Mardelle Pastl - Your Christmas tree was ever so cute!!! I LOVE hand-drawn siggies!!!

Maria Seiler - Maria, your Christmas message "Across the Miles at Christmas" was very touching, for me... *s*

Marianna Bergkamp - LOVE the white teddy bears and snowman! Such gorgeous, BRIGHT, cheerful fabric! Excellent choice, my friend! *grin*

Marilyn Dabbs - Once again, another gorgeous fabric and well done stamp - LOVE IT!!

Marsha Geisinger - I'm sorry, but I've suddenly become partial to snowmen! And this one is just SOOOO cute and hugable! *grin*

Martha Bilinski - What a lovely, soft angel... carrying a lantern... and the stamp color matches the fabric! Another lovely Siggie!!!

Martha Lindberg - I thought this little cowgirl was SOOO adorable! And the "Merry Christmas, Y'all!" was so cute! *grin*

Marti Stricklin - And yet, MORE gold threaded fabric!!!! Love the stamp, too, Marti!!!

Mary Beth Dodd - And once again, I DO love it when the stamp and the fabric match! Great job, Mary!

Meg Brinster - Love the 2 colored siggie!!! This one will fit in PERFECTLY with the others!

Michelle Fullerton - ANOTHER wonderful Christmas message!!! *grin*

Miriam Norindr - A cute little golden star charm, on cute berry fabric... and the fabric has golden stars hidden, here and there!

Molly Nelson - Molly.... such adorable fabric and a cute snowman! Another siggie that's won my heart! *grin*

Nan Bawn - A precious angel, carrying a candle - and lovely burgundy fabric! Thanks Nan! *grin*

Norma Schwieterman - Norma... you really put a lot of work into this Siggie... UN-BA-LEE-VABLE!!! Fantastic!!!

Pam Thomason - Love the gold threaded fabric'd stockings!!!

Pat Harrell - Love your fabric choice and your Christmas message - "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus"! *VBG*

Pat Nickless - This has GOT to be one of my favorite Siggies!!! That snowman looks SOOO happy! In fact, if you don't mind, I'm planning on making a snowman quilt with appliqués, for my cousin and will probably re-produce this one! *grin*

Pat Wheeler - "A Little Christmas Wish" - what a LOVELY message!!!

Patricia Steapp - HOLY MOLEY!! A lot of work went into THIS Siggie - absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Patti Kilcullen - You went and appliquéd 161 hearts!?!?!? Wow! I'm impressed and the appliqué is down right PERFECT!!! *grin*

Paula Norris - Another perfect Christmas message .... "Christmas Blessings!" Thanks! *s*

Penny Deckard - Penny, that candy cane fabric is soooo cute! Love the ribbon stamp, matching the ribbon around the candy cane!

Phyllis Miller - Now, Phyllis... you MUST know that I love ALL things SHINEY and BRIGHT!!! What a lot of work you put into your siggie!!! Love it!!!

Ranette Tonsfeldt - Another cute drawing or stamp that matches the fabric!!!! LOVE IT!!

Rebecca Hunt - What a cute way to add the year 2008!!! Love your fabric choice, too!

Renée Mirazo - Love the way that you shared your animals with us! Another Siggie with LOTS of work put into it! *s*

Renée Porlier - I'm a sucker for embroidery! Love your cute snowmen fabric, too!

Rhonda Baumgartner - Lovely tree.... "All Spruced Up"... LOL

Rita Castillo Baldwin - Really enjoyed the brief history of the poinsettia(SP?) and the fabric that matched! *grin*

Robin E. Laursen - Noel stamp, with the cute snowmen.... LOVE IT!!!

Rosa Robichaud - That's ME!!! I was SOOOO sick and tired of drawing this lobster, towards the end... But, that's what we have for Christmas Eve.... it's OUR family tradition. *grin*

Ruth Beickert -Your stamp reminds me of my shopping excursions! LOL

Sally Asbacher - Sally, your dove is so symbolic of "peace".... your siggie is beautiful! Tks!

Sandee Moline - Loved your doggie with the big bow around it's neck, Sandee! *grin*

Sandra Bolender - Would you believe that Sandra and I used the same fabric?!? How cool is that, eh? *grin*

Sandy Spence - Sandy ..... I think these are the only penguins in my blocks and I absolutely ADORE THEM!!! Besides, the baby has grey sparkly paint to it! *grin*

Sarah Daneke - Such beautiful, golden poinsettias!!! Lush fabric - GORGEOUS!!!

Seronia Lomax-Harris - What a wonderful idea! Such light colored leaves! Love the fabric, too!

Shannon Martin - Well Shannon... I couldn't help chuckling over your Santa!!! And he's only got ONE curl on his head! LOL

Sharon Sample - Once again, your siggies are MAGNIFICENT!!! Stunning, even! *grin*

Sherrye Livingston - Love your fabric choice, Sherrye!!!! Lovely red flowers with big leaves!!!

Shirley Higgins - WOW!!! Love the bright fabric with the BIG, colorful snowflakes!!!

Shirley Osewalt - tiny, cute ornaments, with gold threads, in the fabric!!!

Steffini Dameron - Steffini - you amaze me! This teddy bear is SOOO ADORABLE!!! Thanks so MUCH for swapping, my friend... *VBG*

Stephanie Gallegos - LOVELY dark, green fabric with lovely gold swirls, in it!!!

Susan Cotter - Susan, I LOVE the bling and your tree and your state, incorporated in all of that! *grin* Nice fabric, too!

Susan Fields - What a neat idea! A Christmas tree with all your info! Love the cherry colored fabric, with the white berries, too!

Susan Mina - Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do justice to the lovely green fabric that Susan selected. And I absolutely ADORED the stamp that she used..... such soft colors. *s*

Susan Moore - I'm constantly amazed at how much you get done and how PERFECT your work, is! *grin* LOVE the embroidery and the fabric, my friend!!!

Susan Sweeten - Lovely leafy fabric with nice red berries, in it! Did I mention that there's gold thread, too?!?? *grin*

Susan Taylor - What a precious tree!! With all that swirling all around it, too! *grin* Love your nice, bright blue fabric with the adorable stockings on it, too!

Suzanne Dumontel - Suzanne... you did a FANTASTIC job with your poinsettia!!! and I loved your fabric choice, too! Sooooo Christmassy, with the red and gold snowflakes in it!

Suzanne Hansen - Santas... Santas.. LOTS of Santas!!! Even a stamped one, too! I adored this Siggie, too!

Tami Hutchinson - Lovely white snowflakes, on a green background! Hey! those are baby snowmen!!! LOL

Terry Monnett - Terry, I just ADORED your snowmen!!! Glad to have them in my quilt! *VBG*

Verity Creekmore - I just LOVE the bling, on your Siggie!!!! *grin*

Wendy Haussauer - Such cute and colorful Christmas kitties!!! Oh, and I see there's dogs, there, too! Just like OUR household! *grin*

Wilma Dunn Simons - Wilma, your fabric reminders of candy ribbon.... and I've ALWAYS loved the name of your town/city!!! *VBG*


Well, that's it, for tonight..... I'll try and post more pictures and names, tomorrow evening. Right now, I'm getting pretty tired. *s*

I can't tell you... each and every one of you... AND the "Swap Mommy" and her assistants... how much I've enjoyed these siggies! *BIG HUGE GRIN*

Thanks, ever so much!!!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

One last giftie!!!

Hi there!

I think this is the last "Gifty" that I have to share with you....

Actually, Jacqui, another Janiac friend of mine... we decided to do a
private "polka dot" swap!

Today, her package arrived in the mail!

WOW!!!! such gorgeous dots!

We happened to have the SAME quilt magazine, with a baby's polka dot quilt, in it!!!

Sooooo, we're BOTH to supposed to make this same quilt!

Can't wait to see what they will look like - bound to look similar, yet different!


Thanks Jacqui!!!!


And still MORE gifties!!!

I think I forgot to mention this, at the beginning.... but I have TONS to blog about, this evening! *grin*

Anyhow, another Janiac, Molly and I had decided to swap a Dear Jane (DJ) block.

I had already sent hers in, when I received HER block, this week.

Guess what Molly had included in my parcel?!?!?

And YES, it truly was un-expected and MUCH appreciated!!!

BEE-U-TEE-FUL pieces of 30's fabrics!!!

I just LOVE these 30's fabrics with little animals or children!!!


Hawaiien dancers!!!

And a gorgeous piece of civil war fabric, too!

I felt so "special" this week - and no... not a "crazy kinda special", either!


Thanks Molly!!!


And ANOTHER surprise Gifty!!!

For no reason, whatsoever.... or at least, as far as I could tell,
my friend Frummie sent me 2 gorgeous pieces of
"polka dot" fabrics!


You know the feeling, when you go to the mailbox and
see a parcel there, with your friend's return addy on it and
your first thoughts are, "Huh?!? I wonder why SHE sent me a package?!??"

And then, once opened, you realize that it was a "for-no-special-reason" gifty...


Thanks a bunch, Frummie!!!

Appreciate your friendship.... and the gifty, too,
but the "friendship's" the best part!

*still grinning*


More Gifties!

Another lovely (surprise) gifty, this week!!!!

Anne (a Janiac friend) and I decided to swap a few Dear Jane (DJ) blocks.

I had already sent mine in and, this week,
I received Anne's blocks - which were gorgeous, BTW!

And in her package, she had included a 1 on 1 DJ Siggie block
AND this gorgeous heart block!!!


At first glance, it kinda looks like a "bikini" heart -
Maybe that's why I find it so adorable!!!


Thanks a bunch, Anne!!!

It will certainly go in my "Heart to Heart" quilt!


A Week of Gifties!!!

WOW!!! What a wonderful week of surprises!!!

My friend, Diane Patry, sent me not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4 but FIVE gorgeous heart blocks - without me even ASKING for them!

Talk about a surprise!!! *VBG*

Wanna know what astounds me the most about Diane's work?!??!?

Not only is her work and fabrics..... GORGEOUS..... but......

They're ALL hand sewn!!!!

Imagine, eh??!?


I think this one, with the LOVELY pink batik,
is one of my favorites!!!

Oh heck! They're ALL LOVELY!!!!

Thanks Diane!!!

Your blocks will CERTAINLY be going into my
"Heart Quilt"!!!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prince Edward Island

Hi There!

Last Friday, October 17th, 2008, I had to attend a Board of Director's meeting, for my work - I was asked to take the minutes.

This meeting was held in Prince Edward Island, one of our provinces.

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada and is renowned for (in my opinion):
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery
Red earth - I've taken pictures to show you.
Potato farming
and tourism.

Anyhow, after our meeting, we were invited to dinner (supper meal), hosted by Her Honour, the Honourable Barbara A. Hagerman, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island and His Honour Nelson Hagerman, at the Government House, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Now if you're not a Canadian, you're probably wondering what is a Lieutenant Governor. I looked up the definition on the internet and this is what I found:

A Lieutenant Governor in Canada is a provincial representative of the Queen. Lieutenant Governors are appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada and the federal government pays their salaries. The role is mainly ceremonial.

Her Honour told us that we could take the menu, with us.
Here's a copy of the dinner menu - pictures taken from my sewing room, the next day:

And you can see the menu, itself. *grin*

I only wish that I had thought of taking pictures of all our "dishes"!
It was only when we got to the dessert, that I requested permission
from Her Honour, to take a picture!

Anyhow, this is the dessert - to DIE for!!! *grin*

The next morning, on our way back to New Brunswick,
I took a few pictures to show you
Prince Edward Island's "red" earth...

Keep in mind that I was the passenger and the car was moving
as I was clicking away! *grin*

Everywhere.. and I do mean EVERYWHERE....
the earth is "red"!!! Cool, eh?

And this picture was taken just before we got on the Confederation Bridge, the world's longest bridge and on to New Brunswick.

So, here's another one of my silly blogs and picture sharing that has to do with "My World".