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Friday, January 25, 2008

Poppy Quilt - FINISHED!!!

Finally finished my "Poppy Quilt". It was a kit that my 2007 Secret Pal (Joyce DeLucia) had sent to me. First time that I had ever made "vines" and it was FUN! *VBG*

Constance Ross then sent me a link to Ami Simms(SP?) on how to hang up a mini quilt,
the easy way.

Tks Connie!

Absolutely LOVED the final results on that quilt and
YES, it hangs up nicely, in my office. *VBG*

And because I've since learned how important it is to but a "label" behind each and
every quilt that you make... I thought I'd share with you, my "label". *grin*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

DJ - Papa's Star (sorta) Clock - for 1 dollar!

Since I didn't have a clock in my new studio/sewing room, Gilbert suggested that we pick one up. I suggested that we go to the Dollar Store, since I'm not fussy. That's when my creative juices started flowing. If I couldn't find a "sewing theme'd" clock, in my city... why not just paint one??!??!

I figured out the measurements, from my Dear Jane CD and printed "Papa's Star" to fit, right in the center. Then, you take a special carbon paper and place it behind the paper, and just trace it.
Got my carbon paper at a craft store.

Gilbert offered to help, so I said, "SURE... go for it!" LOL

Here, you see that the star isn't quite centered - thanks to that "dot", where the hands of the clock, go. Hmmm.. that's what you get for 1 buck, I guess. Anyhow, we couldn't place the tiny star, in the middle - no room and the hands would block it, anyhow. :-(

So, that's why it's a "Papa's Star"... sorta

I put a base coat of "beige" on it.... representing muslin fabric.

Painted the star yellow and added little red dots to it.

Gilbert added the hands of the needle. Nice, eh? *grin*

As soon as everything was dried, Gilbert wasted no "time" in hanging it up on the wall, for me.!

I had Gilbert place it between my 2 windows.

And that's basically how you do a (sorta) "Papa's Star" clock, for 1 buck.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

DJ - Progress

Well, a group of "Janiacs" - that's what we're called, are supposed to meet in Bangor, in June. Since I'm the one that is the most advanced on my quilt, I was asked to bring it along... pieced or not pieced.

That kinda lit the fire under my butt and I've decided to do my best to piece it as fast, as humanly possible. *grin*

So far, I've got these strips put together - I'm up to Row E. The quilt goes up to Row M.

I've been busy pulling out a "row" of blocks from my binder, removing all residue of paper from those that are paper pieced, re-ironing them, squaring them up, sashing them and making a "strip".... one could almost say that I've been "stripping", whenever I get a chance. LOL

Block number B-2 needs to be ripped off that strip and re-done... I only noticed a "problem" with it, after I had completed a few other rows. *groan*

Will keep you posted on my progress.


Computer Maintenance - #2 (Cleaning up your Computer)

Cleaning up your computer is also important.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to help your 'puter run smoother and faster.

Prefetch files were created, supposedly, to help your programs open up faster. How it works, you ask? Everytime you click on a program, on your computer, it creates a "prefetch" file. The second time that you open up the same program, it's supposed to open up faster. Sounds like a great idea, eh? Not really. There are SOOO many programs on your computer, that this file gets clogged up quickly and slows down your computer. Here's what you do:

Prefetch files:
Click on:
My Computer
"C" Drive
Click on:
Click on:
(see all those prefetch files) - DELETE THEM ALL!


Temp files are files are created when you browse on the internet. And they, too, can slow down and clog up your computer. *s*

Temp files:
Click on:
Click on:
Then, type in %temp%
Click on "enter"
See all that crap? Delete it all!!!!

Cookies are little tell trail crumbs, that can tell a puter geek, where you've been, on the net. It can also clog up and slow down your computer.

Internet Explorer
Click on:
Click on:
Under the "General" tab, you'll see the option:
Clean Cookies


Disk cleanup, once again, helps you keep your computer clean. *s*

Disk cleanup:
Click on:
My Computer
"C" Drive and RIGHT CLICK on it.
Click on:
Disk Cleanup
I suggest you click ALL the boxes.


To Defrag or not to Defrag... that is the question. *grin* Defragging your computer is like putting all the little itsy bitsy pieces on your "hard drive", all in it's proper space and re-compresses them. This might take a couple hours. Go grab yourself a coffee, go watch a good movie... or better yet, go work on that UFO!!! *grin*

NOTE: Do NOT leave your screensaver on! Disk Defragger will NOT work and you'll just have to restart the whole darn thing, again. *groan*

Disk Defragmenter:
Click on:
Click on:
All Programs
Click on:
Click on:
System Tools
Click on:
Disk Defragmenter
Disk C
This might take a while. At this point, your computer might tell you that it's not necessary to defrag. If not, then close your defragger window. *s*
If you need to defrag, then, select:
NOTE: Do NOT leave a screen saver on. Disk Defrag will stop and once you realize what happened, you'll have to re-start the defrag again. Ask me how I know about this. LOL


Now, last thing to do - CLEAN UP your garbage can!
Empty that garbage can, on your desktop!

Now, feel better? Job well done! *grin*


One good web site that I came across, a while back, explains why to clean up your computer and how to do it. Unfortunately, it was written for Windows 98, but it might explain things a bit better than I. *s*

Cleaning House:


Have a great day! If you see that I made a mistake, please forgive me - I'm not an expert at this computer stuff... but PLEASE send me an email and I'll try and correct the mistake. *s*


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Neat Web Sites

Hi there!

I have a collection of web sites that I'm been saving, here and there.... and I thought I'd share!

This site has the most amazing graphics.... The moment I saw it, I thought, "WOW!! Quilt patterns!"... LOL You can click on "next" or "previous" and look at the different designs.

WARNING: Do NOT go there if you get migraines or you're hung over! LOL

Women in Art:

Ordinary spools of thread:

That's it, for now. If I come across some other neat quilty links, I'll be posting them on here. *s*


This is a cake?!??

My Mom sent me this email. I then replied to her and told her that I wanted this cake, for my birthday! LOL

Not sure who made it, but it's AMAZING!!! *grin*

Here's the email message, along with the pic:

Awesome cakes, someone worked hard. Yes, everything you see is a cake with the frosting. The sewing machine and other items look so real it looks like they are the real thing - but, they are all just cake and frosting.


P.S. If someone knows the "creator" of this piece-de-resistance, send me an email and I'll give them credit for it. *s*