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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is a cake?!??

My Mom sent me this email. I then replied to her and told her that I wanted this cake, for my birthday! LOL

Not sure who made it, but it's AMAZING!!! *grin*

Here's the email message, along with the pic:

Awesome cakes, someone worked hard. Yes, everything you see is a cake with the frosting. The sewing machine and other items look so real it looks like they are the real thing - but, they are all just cake and frosting.


P.S. If someone knows the "creator" of this piece-de-resistance, send me an email and I'll give them credit for it. *s*


Elly D said...

Hi Rosa, I couldn't bear to cut into this cake. It's wonderfully made. Must have taken ages.
thanks for sharing this

Rosa Robichaud said...

Well, same here (re: cutting)! I'd be taking a LOT of pictures! LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. *s*