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Friday, January 25, 2008

Poppy Quilt - FINISHED!!!

Finally finished my "Poppy Quilt". It was a kit that my 2007 Secret Pal (Joyce DeLucia) had sent to me. First time that I had ever made "vines" and it was FUN! *VBG*

Constance Ross then sent me a link to Ami Simms(SP?) on how to hang up a mini quilt,
the easy way.

Tks Connie!

Absolutely LOVED the final results on that quilt and
YES, it hangs up nicely, in my office. *VBG*

And because I've since learned how important it is to but a "label" behind each and
every quilt that you make... I thought I'd share with you, my "label". *grin*

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Mary Ann said...

Congrats, Rosa!!! Very pretty!!!