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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lots of Pins!

I was going to make a 2nd one... Just like this one but I don't think so.

This project quickly became boring... JMI.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy Sunday

Hi there!

Well, I'm up to date with Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt - Step 1.

And here's my progress report on my Mini Twister.

Top row is all sewn and now measures 10-1/2 inches.

2nd section are blocks that were cut with the mini twister tool but aren't sewn in a row, yet.

3rd section - down below - is the left over section that needs to be cut.

And, guess what??? It's now 2h30 and I've managed to avoid doing the dishes!!!

LOL !!!

Later 'gators!


Sunday's Activities

Hi There!

Got dishes to take out of the dishwasher 
and wash a few pots and pans...  
I'll do that this afternoon.

Right now, I'm headin' downstairs...

Got me a date with "Bro" and
a few 4 patch blocks.
NOTE:  My sewing machine's
a Brother and I couldn't think 
of a better name for him!

Have a SUPER Sunday!!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bonnie Hunter's New Mystery Quilt

Hi there!

Step 1

I need 192 of these 4 patch blocks.

On my design wall? There's 168.

6h09 pm - I'm callin' it a day.

There's always tomorrow - God willing.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comparaison Shot

And here's the 1st sewn row...

Yes, there's a lot of waste but since I'm working with tiny pieces, the "waste" isn't so hard on this quilter's heart and pocketbook.



Those Suckers Are Smaaaall !!!

Cut the first row...

Note to self: take a deep breath when cutting and don't you DARE sneeze!!!



Cutting Up is Hard To Do

Hi there!

Did ya notice that I borrowed a Neil Sadaka song? Breaking Up is Hard to Do.

Anyhow, here's a couple pictures of the mini twister tool... Measuring only 1-1/2 inches!!!

Will share more "Progress Pics" later.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Smell is Incredible!!!

15 minutes and my kitchen smells like a French "Patisserie" !!!

And of course, I had to try one!

Très bon!!!


Bonding With My Oven

Well, I had promised Gilbert some "Miche" bread - better known as the "No Knead Bread" and, I had promised myself to try a new-to-me recipe - "Beginner's Croissant", from the Company's Coming cookbook.

Will take a picture of both recipes AFTER they come out of the oven.


Full Sized (mini) Twister - Before...

Hi There!

This quiltlet pattern named "Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels", from Primitive Gatherings, now measures 22-1/2 inches approx.

Their pattern included their mini Twister Tool - measuring 1-1/2 inches.

I'll be cutting this quiltlet shortly and will post pictures, as I go along.

Stay tuned!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Shrunken Twisted Mini

Amazing how it shrunk, eh?

And this is just 2 yet-to-be attached rows!



Twisted Mini!!!

Gearin' up to sew a Twisted Mini!

2-1/2 inch blocks - And I still need to add a border to these blocks.

This will finish up... Or perhaps I should say finish "down" to a 10 inch square mini.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Sock - 4 More To Go

As I'm doing these without a pattern, it's taking me a wee bit longer than it should. I need to figure out what kind of hook or loop I'll need and how to sew it on so it won't fall.

But for now, my brain hurts and I'll put this aside for today and sip my hot tea and pick up another project.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Word Verification - STUUUU-PID!!!!

Hi There!

Ever since Blogger has changed to their incredibly difficult-to-read "Word Verification", I've been very upset with them.

I've tried putting it to "NO" Word Verification, but I've been getting crap emails to the tune of approx. 20 to 30 per day!

That's possibly why no one seems to "comment" on my posts, anymore.  Everyone, I'm sure, HATES to write a comment and do the "Word Verification", only to have the computer say... 

"Oooooops, I'm sorry. I guess you're just plain stupid!  You didn't type it in properly and now you have to re-do the whole darn thing."
(at least that's how I feel when it happens to me.)

*insert long theatrical sigh*

This morning, I got fed up.

No one comments anymore, anyhow.

Soooo, I've just re-set my settings.

Unfortunately, IF you're brave enough to comment, you'll have to do that STUUUU-PID Word Verification.

Besides, my blog is like my (public) journal.

I will sometimes go back and re-read some of my older posts... just because.  Or, if I can't remember when I finished a quilt or activity, I'll locate it on my blog.

So, feel free to read my blog and hopefully enjoy.

If you post, you'll have to go through blogger's stupid security screening.

P.S. I tried to find a place where I could write to them and complain, but apparently it's not possible.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Le Jardin à Mémère

 Hi There!

As promised, here are some pics of my latest quilt - formerly called "Garden Trellis".  I've since re-named it 'cause I will be giving it away to one of my relatives.   And, as I was working on it, I thought that the quilt reminded me of one of my Grandmother's gardens.  *s*
I got the pattern from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  

She called it the 

She makes it seem very easy and it is!   But.....  BEWARE!!!    Once your blocks are sub-cut and you end up with THESE blocks - see picture below - you're now working with a LOT of biased fabrics.  These blocks can easily stretch if ironed roughly or played with roughly.

And did I mention that you have to pin ALL matching seams?!??  
And fudge and fiddle to make them line up?!??


A LOT of work for what I consider a "so-so" quilt.

I don't know if you'll agree with me but I like a quilt with distinctive blocks.  I mean, if you're going to put a lot of work and effort into a quilt, you wanna SEE your work, right?

In THIS kind of quilt, it looks as if the colors got thrown in together like a tossed salad or worst - like a box of Victorian crayons vomitted on my Design Wall!!  

Yes, you can sorta see a garden trellis... 

Anyhow, for a half decent sized lap quilt, I really should have made another row of blocks on the side and on the bottom, but the thought of making more of these blocks was making ME nauseous!!!  


So, I did what any "Sick-of-this-Darn-Project" Quilter would do - 
I added and re-added and re-re-added borders!
(that tiny little white rectangle, all alone, is my label)

Close-up of my label.
No, Gilbert didn't fill it in, yet.
He's doing that this evening.

And TA-DAH!!!

This is the finished top.

Keep in mind that its not quilted, yet.
Probably won't be quilted till
January or February.

Gilbert and "Bertha" are pretty busy.....
Christmas is coming, don't cha know?!?!?


So, tomorrow, I plan on making a bunch of fabric postcards! 

Got this cute fabric that has.....  oh never mind! 
I want the recipients to be a wee bit surprised, eh?

I'll take pictures and upload them,
after Christmas!

Have a great Friday Eve!!!!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twisted Roses' Back

 Hi There!

Guess what???

I looked on my iTouch and what did I find????

Some pictures that I took of my
"Twisted Roses" before it got folded!!!

Soooooo, without further ado,
here's the pieced "back" of
my "Twisted Roses"...

I truly wish my pictures showed
the rich, gorgeous colors
of this fabric...

And another picture...

Another close-up of my paper-pieced "label"...

And the top or bottom edge of my quilt...
Can't remember which end is which.

That's about it, for tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll show you some pictures
of my latest quilt....
"Garden Trellis".


Friday, November 2, 2012

A Couple (hours of) Errands

 Hi There!

Left the house around 10 a.m. this morning and picked up my Avon products.  My friendly Avon lady had called yesterday evening and I offered to go pick it up.

From there, I went to the Dollarama and got a few things - mostly for Zelda.

Then, I went next door to the Bulk Barn and got a few things - mostly for Zelda.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here, for (Princess) Zelda?!??!


Gilbert and I make up a weekly "menu" that we post on a magnetic calendar, on our fridge.  Today, it said "Subway".... our special little treat.


Picked up a veggie sub for Gilbert but since I felt like some Chinese food, I went across the parking lot and picked up a Combo.

And YES, it was good!

After lunch, I worked on my latest quilt which is not a very nice nor easy quilt to make!

You're working with a LOT of bias fabric, once you've sub-cut your blocks... so, it's pin, pin and pin some more, to make SURE that all seams are nicely lined up!


Boring work for a so-so looking quilt...
(In My Humble Opinion).

Pictures will be posted tomorrow,
once I've sewn all 12 blocks together.

Watching TV and I've got 1 foot here and 1 foot in bed.



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Garden Trellis (now called "Le Jardin à Mémère")

My new quilt project - "Garden Trellis" - now called "Le Jardin à Mémère".

Will keep you posted on its progress.