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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Couple (hours of) Errands

 Hi There!

Left the house around 10 a.m. this morning and picked up my Avon products.  My friendly Avon lady had called yesterday evening and I offered to go pick it up.

From there, I went to the Dollarama and got a few things - mostly for Zelda.

Then, I went next door to the Bulk Barn and got a few things - mostly for Zelda.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here, for (Princess) Zelda?!??!


Gilbert and I make up a weekly "menu" that we post on a magnetic calendar, on our fridge.  Today, it said "Subway".... our special little treat.


Picked up a veggie sub for Gilbert but since I felt like some Chinese food, I went across the parking lot and picked up a Combo.

And YES, it was good!

After lunch, I worked on my latest quilt which is not a very nice nor easy quilt to make!

You're working with a LOT of bias fabric, once you've sub-cut your blocks... so, it's pin, pin and pin some more, to make SURE that all seams are nicely lined up!


Boring work for a so-so looking quilt...
(In My Humble Opinion).

Pictures will be posted tomorrow,
once I've sewn all 12 blocks together.

Watching TV and I've got 1 foot here and 1 foot in bed.



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