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Friday, November 9, 2012

Word Verification - STUUUU-PID!!!!

Hi There!

Ever since Blogger has changed to their incredibly difficult-to-read "Word Verification", I've been very upset with them.

I've tried putting it to "NO" Word Verification, but I've been getting crap emails to the tune of approx. 20 to 30 per day!

That's possibly why no one seems to "comment" on my posts, anymore.  Everyone, I'm sure, HATES to write a comment and do the "Word Verification", only to have the computer say... 

"Oooooops, I'm sorry. I guess you're just plain stupid!  You didn't type it in properly and now you have to re-do the whole darn thing."
(at least that's how I feel when it happens to me.)

*insert long theatrical sigh*

This morning, I got fed up.

No one comments anymore, anyhow.

Soooo, I've just re-set my settings.

Unfortunately, IF you're brave enough to comment, you'll have to do that STUUUU-PID Word Verification.

Besides, my blog is like my (public) journal.

I will sometimes go back and re-read some of my older posts... just because.  Or, if I can't remember when I finished a quilt or activity, I'll locate it on my blog.

So, feel free to read my blog and hopefully enjoy.

If you post, you'll have to go through blogger's stupid security screening.

P.S. I tried to find a place where I could write to them and complain, but apparently it's not possible.



martha said...

don't worry rosa, you stil have readers.

Mary said...

I know how you feel. It is annoying when you cannot read the so called verification. There is a way, but cannot remember how to do it. Never fear, we are here!

Marianne said...

We are still here, enjoying your blog, even if we don't comment. And I agree - every time I have to do word verification, I remind myself that I really need to see the eye doctor!

Terry said...

Yep, still here! And yes I hate the word verification too...but that's the only way to keep "stupid" emails away... Hugs:)

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Rosa,

It was nice to hear from you again. We're not done being busy yet though. My Mom is getting married up north in two weeks, and the following weekend I'm hosting the Christmas bee party and there's one more trip to Shreveport before all that. lol This weekend I'll be doing some sewing (YEA!!!) and tidying my poor house, which has really been neglected this year. I have been doing some sewing this year, and I bought a wonderful new machine last month, so I'm a happy girl. 8)

I hate the word verification. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 tries to finally get it right. And listening to it? Forget it!

Take care,