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Saturday, October 31, 2009

And they came from the "west", bearing gifts...

Hi There!

Well, as promised, I uploaded the picture of the bottle of wine and the bottle of beer that I gave to my 2 visitors - Elaine and her hubby. *grin*

You were probably thinking that their names would be on the bottle, but OH NO.... *grin*

Another good friend had sent me a package of Halloween wine bottle labels... some of you might remember reading that on my blog, a while back. Anyhow, Gilbert bottled a batch of wine and put these labels on a few of our "give-a-way-to-friends-and-family" bottles.

As for the beer, "Moosehead" is our local brewery and I knew that Elaine's better half loved to taste different beers. The one that I had selected was a "pale ale".

As for the "Anne of Green Gables" fabric, I had picked it up at Quilting B. and Moore, a quilt store in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

When I spoke with the very nice lady in the store, she said that they had been approached by a company in the USA who wanted to sell or carry the Anne of Green Gables fabric and she had refused.

Anne of Green Gables is Prince Edward Island's mascot or what I like to call, their "money maker". The island relies a lot on tourism and EVERYONE.... IMHO.... ADORES Anne!!!

Soooooo, it's just a heads up. If you're looking for this line of fabric, I doubt that you'd be able to find "Anne of Green Gables" anywhere else, than from a quilt store in Prince Edward Island. *s*

Now, I had mentioned in my previous blog that my California cruise ship traveler arrived with an unexpected and lovely tote bag full of goodies for me!

Elaine is in the same yahoo "Basket Case" group, as I. So she had picked up a LOVELY pattern, with baskets!!!! And when Elaine told the lady that she was going on a cruise and meeting up with me, the lady GENEROUSLY gave Elaine a pattern, for me!!!

Elaine - I absolutely ADORE these 2 patterns and I PROMISE I will make something with them, ASAP!!! *VBG*

In the tote bag, was a package of "Wine Mulling Spices".... Never tasted this before, but I'm looking forward to it. I figure I'll probably try it around Christmas time. What cha all think? That would be a good time, eh?

She also included a tourist brochure from her area. Apparently, there's a LOT of vineyards there! And also these adorable pewter fridge magnets, too! They're already on our fridge, Elaine!!!!


Elaine had also included 2 fat quarters of "basket" fabric!!!!

Dark brown and light brown!!!! Elaine called me up, yesterday evening and I forgot to tell her that I had already cut into the light brown/caramel basket fabric, for November's BOM (Block Of the Month)!!!

Now, this I TRULY LOVED - not that I didn't love the other gifties but I was amazed at this tote kit!!! Why, even the QUILTING LINES were in included in the fabric!!! Imagine that, eh?!?!


Well, that's about it.

My two friends were supposed to arrive back to
THEIR home, late yesterday evening.

I imagine they'll be EXHAUSTED all day,
today - what with the time change and all.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart,


Tha Girls, again!

Hi there!

A good friend sent me this toon,
earlier this week and I instantly thought,

"OH MY GOD!!!! I've GOT to share this!!"


Hope you all have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Minus 6 hours from now - unfortunately....

Hi there!

Well, I just had an INCREDIBLE DAY!!!

Got to the cruise ship terminal at 7h30 a.m. -
The cruise ship passengers were
permitted to come down at 8h00

Elaine and I hugged and hugged and hugged!!!

It was like being reunited with a long-lost sister!!!!

Elaine gave me a bag of goodies -
See the one with the silly, happy grin?!???
That's me and I'm wearing a blue coat,
with a pinkish bag of goodies?!??!

Unfortunately for her but fortunately for me,
when she had tried to go to the quilt shop,
in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on Sunday...
it was closed.

I had gone to Charlottetown,
the previous weekend on a business trip
and picked up a "book", to give to Elaine.

I was a bit concerned as I KNEW
she would be visiting this quilt shop
and I was worried that she
might pick up this same book.

Anyhow, here's a few pictures
of this neat book. *grin*

This is made with just plain cardboard,
and the "book" is covered with a fat quarter of fabric.

There's 5 more fat quarters, within the "book".

This is the Anne of Green Gables fabric line!

Anyhow, we toured my fair city
and had a late dinner (noon lunch),
at my home, with lobster and potato salad.

We parted company around 4h00 p.m.

I'm already missing them....


I'll be taking pictures of Elaine's
wonderful gifties, in another blog.

Right now, I'm exhausted...

Hitting the sack, real soon.

Thanks for the visit, you two!!!!

*waving from Canada*


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost 12 hours from now!!!

Oh-My-God, Oh-My-God, Oh-My-God

I've been repeating this,
over and over and over
and OVER again....

Elaine's (and her hubby, let's not forget)
gonna be here in 12 hours or so!!!!

Am I driving you guys and gals crazy?!?!?

Probably not as much as I'm driving
MYSELF "crazy"!!!!!


I'm supposed to meet them at the
ship terminal at 8 a.m.
and I'll be given my visitor's pass,
to go on board.


I didn't tell you that I was invited
"on board"

I am sooooooo lucky....

*counting my many blessings, as this point*

Okay... gotta go "do" somethin'...

Dunno what... but I got get busy!



Tick Tock... Tick Tock... Tick Tock...

Hi There!

Okay, as some of you might remember,
my friend Elaine and her hubby
are arriving in my fair city,
via cruise ship ......

TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!

I've been keeping a close eye
on our clock....
(NOTE: this is the p.m., BTW)

Took the afternoon off, today
to tidy up the kitchen a bit.

See on the window ledge?

One lonely tomato is left -
I might share it with my friends,




I think even the Fly Lady would be proud of me!

I've got beverage for my 2 friends.

The wine bottle has a special label on it.

Nope, you can't see till THEY'VE seen it!


And my friend's hubby loves to try out
different beers.

I bought some of our local "stuff",
and offer him a bottle!

And THIS is the "pièce de résistance"!!!!!

I picked up these little fellas,
late this afternoon....

SIX lovely red lobsters!!!

And even my neighbour's tree is playing nice
and taking her good old time.
She wanted to show off her colours
to my 2 friends!

Gosh... Still looking at my clock...

Time sure has a way of dragging
it's feet, when it wants to, eh?

Hopefully, I'll have plenty of pictures
to share with all of you tomorrow...

I'm so excited !!! I just hope that I can sleep tonight!!!


Is there a name for this illness?!?!

Hi there!

Everytime I try and win something on a blog, and follow their instructions, I say to myself, "This is IT!!! no more submitting posts or entries to try and win!!!"

And then, I fall into the trap again - I see yet ANOTHER blog contest, that I can't resist!!! *VBG*

Well, I'd love to be able to complain and say that I NEVER win, I can't even do that! LOL

I won 4 yards of GORGEOUS fabric, from my friend Frummie's blog contest! (Thanks Frummie!!!)


Anyhow, I just read one of my friend's blogs and SHE advertised this INCREDIBLE give-a-way, on HER blog:

I just couldn't resist - once more.... *groan*

I'm starting to think that I'm addicted to the blog contests!!!! Anyone have a name for this addiction? *grin*


Anyhow, PLEASE go visit that web site... if I don't win this, then perhaps one of my blog followers will... and that's almost as good as ME winning it! *VBG*

Have a great day!

*Approx. 17 hours till Elaine's ship sails in!!!!*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Company's Coming

Hi There!

A couple of you wanted to know
where I got the "Sunflower Candle Mat"
quilt pattern.

Well, I got it from Zellers
and it was on sale, too!

Jean Paré, a Canadian,
has written and published a wonderful series
of cook books, called,
"Company's Coming"

Now, if you just want recipes,
you're more than welcome to browse.

But, on her web site, at the top left hand column,
is "Craft Books".

(Click on the pictures, to see closer.)

Hope this helps!

I give this book a 2 thumbs up, BTW!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunshine sent out West!

Hi There!

This spring, I found a "Company's Coming"
quilting book, on sale, at Zellers.

Any Canuck knows about the famous
and EXCELLENT Canadian cookbooks,
"Company's Coming" series, right?

Well, I was absolutely STUNNED
when I saw a quilting book,
from this well-know recipe book series.

I GRABBED it, quicker than you can say,
"I Thot I Thaw a Company's Coming Quilt Book!"


Well, there were LOADS of quilting ideas in that book,
but it was mostly this sunflower "candle mat",
that truly impressed me.

It's SOOOOO easy to make -
I almost felt like I was cheating,
as I sewed it up!


(picture of flower, not quilted yet)

I didn't have the chance to try
sewing this sunflower out, yet,
till I had a blog contest and
"Anna" was the name that I drew,
as the winner.

To make this "Karma" - ever get that Karma Moment?!??

Anyhow, Anna LOVES sunflowers!!!!

Yup! you guessed it!!!

I made her a sunflower candle mat.

She wrote that she received it
and was thrilled.

In fact, it's supposed to be on her table,
with fall decorations, in the center.

Neat, eh?

Thought I'd share....


True Friend....

Hi There!

Once again, I received a cute
and funny email cartoon.

Click on my picture,
to see it bigger.


Have a great week!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living on "Elaine" Time

Hi There!

My friend Elaine and her hubby
will be hopping on a cruise ship,
tomorrow morning!!!

They will be hitting a lot of ports
on the 28th of this month....

Their ship will be coming to MY city!!!!!

I've been keeping an eye (or two) on my calendar!

Looked at my milk cartoon,
yesterday morning and thought,
"Hmmmm... I'll be buying ANOTHER carton of milk,
before Elaine and her hubby get here."

I keep checking my calendar.
I keep re-verifying their itineary.
And will soon be counting how many
"sleepies" I have till I meet them!

Elaine has told me SEVERAL TIMES,
that her and her hubby will be wearing LOTS
of warm clothes....

I wouldn't want my 2 California raisins
freezing and becoming "iced wine"!!!!

In fact, Elaine and I were joking about
their weather and ours
and at one point, just between you and I,
I thought they might be exaggerating!

Until I got up this morning and
looked at our temperature thingy, outside....

(Picture was taken at 7h30 a.m.)

Now, apparently these low digits -
or should I say, THIS low digit, was a fluke....
and the fact that we got snow flurries last night, too!

I took this picture a couple years ago
for another project and
figured that it would tie in nicely
with their upcoming trip.

They leave REAL early tomorrow morning -



Will keep you all posted ....


Monday, October 12, 2009

Another GORGEOUS Fall Day!!!

Hi There!

Well, Thanksgiving and Gilbert decided to do
some major vacuum cleaning, this morning.

I started to help and then decided that
it might be best if I just hide, somewhere.

I went downstairs and worked
some place mats.

Around 12 noon, we FINALLY
get together and grab "brunch" and
at which point Gilbert says that
he's just about finished what chores
he wanted to do.

Sooooo, I suggest that we go out
for a ride and do some urban geocaching.

Here's a cache container that we found,
in our city's outdoor garden park.

Nice think about Geocaching is that
is usually takes you to places where
you'd never been before or didn't know
it existed, even!

Gilbert didn't know about this park.

Then, we went to one of our local
beaches - "Bay Shore" and
with our nifty dog brush,
and since it was fairly windy....
Thunder got a good hair brushing!

Once we got home and with reddish cheeks -
it was a bit nippy by the beach....
It IS, after all, the Atlantic ocean...

I said to Gilbert, "We should have a drink."
Gilbert replies, "Well, it's only 4 p.m."
I replied, "Yah, but it's 9 p.m. in France!"
Gilbert quickly answered, "Okay, we'll have our apero, now!"


Anyhow, as my blog title reads,
"Rosa's World", this is what happens
sometimes in MY world.

Back to work tomorrow!


Mother Nature's Fashion Show

Hi there!

Yesterday.... Sunday, that is, we were invited at my parents,
for our (Canadian) Thanksgiving meal.

Along the way up,
I decided to take some pictures of the
that Mother Nature gives us, at this time of the year....

Each and every year!

Small things to be grateful for,
before the cold and snow hits us....

Each and every year!


Once again, if you click on my pictures,
you "should" be able to see it,
in a bigger format.

These pictures were taken
on the way UP to my parents.

They live about 1 hour's drive
from my home
and in the "country".

I only wish me and my camera
could show you the VIBRANT colours!

Here is a pile of leaves that
my nephew Bradley gathered
and his sister, "Miss Em",
as I call her, decided to hide
in this pile of leaves!

Hey Mom!

Recognize this tree?


Well, for the other folks,
this is a BIG tree,
just across from the exit
of their driveway.

On my way out, yesterday,
I just HAD to stop
and take this pic!

Today's the OFFICIAL (Canadian)
Thanksgiving Day!!!

Hope all of you take a few minutes
to give "Thanks".....


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



Hi There!

About once a year,
the same cartoon keeps re-surfacing,
via email, of course.

I thought I'd share with you
this one. I had read/seen it
several times before.


Lately, Gilbert's been saying
that I'm a bit "touchy"
(read: b!tchy)....
I just feel that I'm
"asserting" my feelings.

Can you all relate to this?!??


Have a great sewing day!



A smile is a sign of joy.
A hug is a sign of love.
A laugh is a sign of happiness.
And a friend like me…??
Well, Sh!t, that's just a sign of good taste!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ruched Gifty!

Hi there!

This past week, I received the most INCREDIBLE gifty,
from a good friend.... you know who you are! *VBG*

She spoiled me ROTTEN -
but I certainly won't complain!
*still grinning*

Okay, you might all know that I belong
to a BOM (Block Of the Month),
called "Basket Cases", right?

November's BOM will be a block
with "Ruched Flowers".

Since I've never done this before,
I was eager to learn something new!

She had "Quilter's Fancy"
send me a bunch of "stuff",
to help me Ruche!

Here's a cardboard with several
"wired" ribbons...
not necessary to ruche with, but fun, nevertheless!

A "Pouncer" was included....
Once again, not necessary,
but fun to try out!

And, some LONG millner's needles, too!

Included in my package was some crinoline.

Now, my friend mentioned that it was easier
but not necessary to sew your ruched flower
onto crinoline and I just couldn't understand.

I remembered crinoline being the stuff
that's under fancy dresses and a bit "floppy"
or "soft", in texture.

THIS crinoline is starched!

Almost feels like a gridded "canvas".

(At any time, you can click on my pictures
and see a bigger picture.)

This is a close-up picture of it's "grid".

And my friend had requested that
the 2 "Ruching Edge" rulers
be included in my parcel!!!!

No, it's not necessary to have these,
but it sure is fun, though!


Cindy, at "Quilter's Fancy",
also included notes/instructions
on how to create 3-D leaves!!!
(click on picture to be able to read)

Well, it didn't take me long to
try out these new gadgets!

Here's my first ruched strip!

And although the colors aren't quite
the same, TRUST ME....

This is the flower that I created
from my ruched strip.

Now, it might not be perfect,
but I'll still be using it for
November's BOM....

And, in fact, as I write up this blog,
Sunday morning, I'm quite pleased to tell you
that I've since made up 3 ruched flowers,
attached them to some crinoline and
need to try out some 3-D leaves.

My basket and basket handle are
now appliqued on my background.

Can't wait to show my Basket Case group,
this gorgeous (IMHO) BOM!!!!

Later people!