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Monday, October 12, 2009

Mother Nature's Fashion Show

Hi there!

Yesterday.... Sunday, that is, we were invited at my parents,
for our (Canadian) Thanksgiving meal.

Along the way up,
I decided to take some pictures of the
that Mother Nature gives us, at this time of the year....

Each and every year!

Small things to be grateful for,
before the cold and snow hits us....

Each and every year!


Once again, if you click on my pictures,
you "should" be able to see it,
in a bigger format.

These pictures were taken
on the way UP to my parents.

They live about 1 hour's drive
from my home
and in the "country".

I only wish me and my camera
could show you the VIBRANT colours!

Here is a pile of leaves that
my nephew Bradley gathered
and his sister, "Miss Em",
as I call her, decided to hide
in this pile of leaves!

Hey Mom!

Recognize this tree?


Well, for the other folks,
this is a BIG tree,
just across from the exit
of their driveway.

On my way out, yesterday,
I just HAD to stop
and take this pic!

Today's the OFFICIAL (Canadian)
Thanksgiving Day!!!

Hope all of you take a few minutes
to give "Thanks".....


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



quiltmom said...

What fabulous pictures of the trees- we have a skiff of snow on the ground and the trees are not yet turned here. It is suppose to warm up, so lets hope so, because it is a little early for winter ( at least from my viewpoint).

Your beautiful parcel arrived - I love the sunflower. It is sitting the middle of my dining room table with a lovely candle and fall decorations on it. You are so sweet to make it for me- It is such a happy looking table center piece.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends on Saturday night. Bruce is gone to visit family in Victoria for the week. Our son began trimming the trees in the yard. We are having some bins come to take away some of the clutter in a couple of weeks.

I hope to get some quilting and school work done today. I have been visiting some of the blogs on the virtual blog festival. Lots of gorgeous quilts to view but there are so many blogs to visit- What to do, what to do, so many choices and not enough time....

Thanks again for all your lovely gifties. I feel truly spoiled.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Warmest regards,

Cyn ;-) said...

Hi Rosa!
These pictures are incredibly GORGEOUS! It looks so beautiful I'm about ready to pack up and move there! LOL... we don't have anything like that here in So Cali'.
Thanks for sharing your pics & Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Gilbert!
Mucho Hugs,

Miriam said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs!! I love the colours of fall (we call it autumn here in Australia)

Happy Thanksgiving.