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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunshine sent out West!

Hi There!

This spring, I found a "Company's Coming"
quilting book, on sale, at Zellers.

Any Canuck knows about the famous
and EXCELLENT Canadian cookbooks,
"Company's Coming" series, right?

Well, I was absolutely STUNNED
when I saw a quilting book,
from this well-know recipe book series.

I GRABBED it, quicker than you can say,
"I Thot I Thaw a Company's Coming Quilt Book!"


Well, there were LOADS of quilting ideas in that book,
but it was mostly this sunflower "candle mat",
that truly impressed me.

It's SOOOOO easy to make -
I almost felt like I was cheating,
as I sewed it up!


(picture of flower, not quilted yet)

I didn't have the chance to try
sewing this sunflower out, yet,
till I had a blog contest and
"Anna" was the name that I drew,
as the winner.

To make this "Karma" - ever get that Karma Moment?!??

Anyhow, Anna LOVES sunflowers!!!!

Yup! you guessed it!!!

I made her a sunflower candle mat.

She wrote that she received it
and was thrilled.

In fact, it's supposed to be on her table,
with fall decorations, in the center.

Neat, eh?

Thought I'd share....



quiltmom said...

I do love sunflowers and I love the sunflower candle mat. It makes me smile each time I see it- just like real sunflowers.
I promise to post a picture of it soon on my blog.
It made an interesting collar too LOL
Warmest regards,

searchfamilies said...

Very nice it great
Hugs Janice

quiltmom said...

Hi Rosa,
Do check out my blog- you will see how beautiful it looks on the table. You also might love the Cheticamp rug Bruce brought back with him from Victoria.

Thanks again for all the lovely gifts and thoughtful things you did this fall for the giveaway.
It was much appreciated.