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Sunday, October 4, 2009

What zup????

Hi There!

Here's a French expression...
"Les goûts ne se discutent pas."

Loosely translated, that means that
"Tastes shouldn't be discussed."
In other words, everyone's taste buds
are different. *grin*

That said, I will tell you about this magazine,
called "Quick Quilts".

My nephew sent me an email last year.
Their school had a fund raiser and
it was for magazine subscriptions.

The only quilting one was THIS one:

I received my subscription, on time...
no problemo....

Now, if I had to browse through their
magazines, in a new stand,
I would NEVER pick up their magazine.

"Why?", you ask.

Because throughout the WHOLE, ENTIRE YEAR....
I can't say that one of their quilt designs,
with the colors and patterns that they selected...
JUMPED out at me!!!!

Now, as I previously wrote....

"Les goûts ne se discutent pas.", right?
*wry grin*

Their LAST issue that I received,
had a place mat pattern.

Here's a picture that I took of THEIR picture:

See what I'm saying?!??
A whole bunch of Mumbo Jumbo, IMHO!

The fabric might be gorgeous, but there's WAAAAAY
too much stuff goin' there, for MY tastes, anyhow...

You can barely see the quilt block pattern,
or the quilting itself!

Anyhow, I happened to glance at their patten,
and took the time to study it a bit.

Finally, it dawned on me,
"HEY!!! I can modify this slightly
and I'd have SUPER BIG placemats!!!"

Gilbert LOVES super big placemats!!!

Remember all those gorgeous
BRIGHT fabrics that I picked up
a few weeks ago???
(see: I've Fallen In Love Again Blog)

The 2 "bright" placemats were machine quilted,
this week and did I leave my machine,
for a little break?


I was on a roll !!!!!

Did at LEAST 2 of the chicken and rooster placemats,
with chicken coop wire fabric, too!

Nope, they're not machine quilted yet....
but that will come.


Do you remember where I got this fabric?!??

I won it on my friend, Frummie's blog contest!!!!

Anyhow, I have a few more things to do,
before I hit the hay tonight....

For some strange reason,
I'm suddenly EXHAUSTED....
and it's only 10 p.m., here!




Frummie said...

Love the placements. Love you more

fabricartist21 said...

Love your super big placemat. Thanks for joining my blog and helping me to get more followers

searchfamilies said...

Your placemats are really nice, i got some patterns for placemats but for one reason or another not done them, i created my own working on the size i want it to be i just used a block that i liked & added borders ect.
What size are your placemats
Hugs Janice

ranette said...

Great placemats Rosa...

I feel the same as you about the magazines. I'm letting almost all of my subscriptions go this year. I'm tired of the same old stuff.

Elly D said...

Just got to this LOL... so behind.. Love your mats Rosa and such lovely fabrics :)) I got that magazine that you pictured so will take a look :)) Great job!!
hugs Elly

solenen - now this has me stumped!! LOL...Stolen with and without TEN