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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Hi There!

Some of you may have noticed the bru-ha-ha on the media in the past few years about how you're now greeted at stores and in public areas with a "Happy Holiday" rather than a "Merry Christmas.

Apparently, somebody or somebodies mentioned that they were offended with the employees' "Merry Christmas" and, just like Chicken Little who thought the sky was falling, merchants went into panic mode and now their employees must greet us with the non-offending "Happy Holidays".

Mind you, I live in a small city but not ONCE have I ever offended anyone with my cheerful "Merry Christmas", while I'm shopping.

If I were to visit Jewish friends, I certainly would NOT be offended if they wished me Happy Hanukkah nor would I be insulted if I were not offered any food while visiting my Muslim friends during Ramadan.  I try to understand and accept.  To each his or her own, right?

Now... here's my rant.

If... and this is a big IF... this is true.... that there are people out there that are offended with the "Merry Christmas".... and they've asked the stores to stop saying it.... 

Then WHY are there still Christmas decorations all over the darn stores?!?!??!?

Oh... and let's not forget ALL the Christmas music blaring throughout the stores.... in hopes that it puts the customers in a "Christmas Spirit".... AKA open up your wallet and buy, buy, BUY!

If the merchants are so worried about offending people, then why have the Christmas decorations and Christmas music remained?

Because they understand marketing.

That's why.

And, on that note, I will wish you all a "Merry Christmas"!!!

A gal who happens to LOVE Christmas decorations and Christmas music.

Friday, November 20, 2015

How I Create

Hi There!

I'm sure everyone creates in their own way.

Me, I start with an idea.

Sleep on it.

Wake up to the idea.

Go to work and think about the idea.

Repeat this a couple, consecutive days and finally, I put "idea" down on paper.

Hoping to pick up some different kinds of "whites" .... hopefully some whites with tiny, almost invisible snow flakes tomorrow, when I go down to Mardens, in Calais, Maine.

This piece will be called "My Snow Family". 

From the top, there's Mom and Dad.  Dad will have shimmery, snowish colored Angel wings and maybe a plaid vest.

Down below them, will be me, hubby and my 2 boys.  They're skiing down the hill.

On the next hill, is my sister, Tina and her hubby and their daughter.  Haven't figured out what my niece will be doing but she'll be doing something.

And, at the bottom of the hill is my sister, Sylvie, her hubby and their 3 children.  The kids are sliding down the hill.

My next step?  Dig through my stash and pick up the appropriate different "snow" fabric.

After that?  Figure out the finished size I want, grab some newspaper, scotch tape pieces, if necessary to make it the required finished size.  Once I have the correct size on (news) paper, then I take a pencil and draw what I want on the newspaper.  Once THAT is done, I take a black marker and re-draw over the pencil lines.

I start with a background fabric and start layering the different "snow hills".  Machine applique those "snow hills" and then, start appliqueing the houses and snow people.

Easy smeasy!  But, time consuming.  And most certainly fun!


I'll try and post some progress pictures.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh Paris! My heart and soul aches for you....

My heart and soul are aching....

YES, I know that I can step outside and get shot down by a nutbar.

YES, I know that nutbars can be anywhere and everywhere.

YES, I know I'm not to let these terrorists win. By putting "terror" in my heart and soul, they win.

And YES, my heart is truly saddened by what has happened in France.

But, nevertheless, last month, I told hubby that I was removing a once-in-a-lifetime trip to France off of my Bucket List. I don't think I would feel safe there, anymore.

And my heart and soul ached when I shared with him, these thoughts.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Gorgeous Morning!

Hi There!

Beautiful sunshine!

We managed to sleep in, for another hour....  And nice warm coffee to start my morning.

Today's gonna be a great day!  I can feel it on the back of my throat where the taste of coffee is still lingering and in the bottom of my tummy - that delicious brew has settled in, nicely. 

Some people drink coffee and have to chew gum or brush their teeth because they now have "Coffee Breath".  I say, "Perish that thought!  Bring it on!"   LOL!!!!

Have a great day, everyone!  If you happen to smell coffee breath on me, smile and know that I am happy. 

*chuckling over here*