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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's New, Eh?

Hi there!

Well, since I haven't been blogging
as often as I usually do,
I thought I'd share with you
"What's New, Eh?"
in my world.

Two weeks ago, I helped out with a
"Sunday Tea", with our quilting guild.

First time for me and HEY!
I had fun!

I volunteered to make 10 "pins"
and as we had a fall theme going on
I went to visit our local Dollar Store!

I also volunteered to make
some "Mug Rugs".
I made 8 for the tea and
gave one away to one of our
loyal longarm clients.

Here's the back of the Mug Rug.

And here's the front....

Well, Gilbert's working on yet ANOTHER gadget for "Bertha" and him.

This time, he's cutting up a (hollow) door - don't ask me what the specific name for these doors, but it's the kind that you use inside a home.

He measured his space and the length that he wanted. Actually, he probably measured this, 50 thousand times! LOL
(Measure twice, cut once, right?)

He had to re-glue the sides.

Once this was done, he painted the one side of the door. Two coats, actually.

And we might end up making some quilt blocks on that side.

"What in tarnation is he making???", you ask.

Well, he's making a made-t0-measure
ironing board,
to use on Bertha's table.

I'll keep blogging on each step,
and you'll see what I mean.

Here's Gilbert, this morning....

Watching a You-Tube video
and drinking his Tim Horton's coffee.

Finally, I finished my "CowBoy Blessing"...
it's bound and has it's label.

This is a pattern that I had won
with "Prairie Moon Quilts".

I've finished my "Thanksgiving Table Topper"
but it's on Bertha, right now and
Gilbert should be quilting it, tomorrow.

I've also FINALLY put together the
rows, on point, of my Crumb Quilt
but I need to add a few borders,
around it.

I didn't bother taking any pictures.

I will share pictures with you,
once these last two projects are finished.

Have a great week!


Happy Halloween!!!

Hi There!

My youngest sister lives
'bout 1-1/2 hours drive, from here...
(you'll understand why I wrote this, in a bit)

Now, my sister's an EXCELLENT cook!
But, IMHO, she specializes in desserts...
Cheese Cakes, regular cakes, pies,
fancy cookies, creamy (fancy) squares -
you name it and I'm positive she's made it!

At our family functions,
I've stopped fretting and worrying
about bringing some kind of dessert...
in the back of my mind, now, I say,
"Oh, she's bound to bring SOME incredible
dessert - I won't bother."
(Thanks Sis!!!)

Recently, she's taken several cake decorating classes.

Thursday evening, she sends me THIS picture,
via email.

She made cupcakes for her daughter's class.

Incredible, eh?

If we lived close to each other,
I'm afraid I'd have to be "pushed" around in a wheelchair,
instead of just waddling around!


Love ya, Sis!!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Breathing and Barely Moving

Hi There!

Okay, I went to Curves Saturday morning.

I didn't think that those woosey kind of exercises could make me break out in a sweat.


Sunday, Curves is closed (... YES, Thank You Lord!)

Monday, after work, I went back to Curves.

Crawled into my car.
Crawled out of my car, once home.
Crawled upstairs to take a shower.
Felt like crap.
My friend, "Rocky" assured me it would get better.

Tuesday, after work, I went back to Curves.
Dragged my sorry butt into my car.
Dragged the same butt out of the car, once home.
Felt crappier - EXHAUSTED, actually...
Once again, my friend "Rocky" reassured me that it was only temporary.

Went back to Curves this evening.

Well, my body protested afterwards and YES, I crawled (AKA dragged my sorry butt) in and out of the car but for the first time, after my hot shower, I almost felt "okay".

So, I think I'll survive....

I'm still breathing and after my shower....
yes, barely moving, too!

Besides, I've now got 4 visits at Curves.
396 more and I'll get my FREE t-shirt!!!


Bring on the "carrot"!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Warm Hugs From Scotland!!!

Hi There!

I received TWO warm hugs from Scotland, today!!!!

"How does a person receive a Warm Hug?", you ask.

Well, when this person has just recently dyed some sheep's wool and sends you 2 bags of nice, fluffy, warm wool.... well, that's 2 "Warm Hugs", in my books!


She dyed her wool with Kool-Aid!

And she somehow managed to "felt" 2 pieces, too!


I truly wish that you could feel how warm and soft her "Warm Hugs" are!!!!

Thanks Rosemary!!!!

I will surely add them in one of my hooking projects, ASAP....

I only wish that I could send her some "Warm Hugs" too!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Call Me a Donkey!

Hi There!

Confession time....

Okay, I'm weak and I'm human.

I'm not brave and I'm not strong.

I need "incentives" ....
just like a donkey,
I need a carrot in front of my nose.


I managed to finish my Dear Jane quilt
'cause at every 50 blocks or so,
you got a new "title".

finished my Dear Jane quilt,
I'm now a "Goddess" or "Queen".

Sounds silly?
You betcha!

But, that's what kept me going!

I've joined "Curves" and I think I will keep it up
'cause at every so many visits, you get a free t-shirt!

Once again, I could easily skip the visits
and go to a store and buy a darn t-shirt,
but it's not the same thing!

This one is FREE and it has the amount of visits
on the front of the t-shirt!


Here's my next "carrot"....

It's called the
"Rughookers' Merit Program".

You pay an inscription fee and you get this real cute sheep pin.

As you finish each "Award" level, you get a cute "stone".

Did I mention that I LOVE bling?!?!?

And what's cuter than sheep, eh?!??!

Anyhow, I've included a button, to the right of my blog page.

Click on the sheep button and you'll go
to my hooking web page
and see where I'm at... with the Merit Program.

Back to work tomorrow....


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad News and Good News!

Hi There!

Here's the bad news....

See "My Fitness Pal" ticker, at the top of my blog?

I've been slowly sliding back to where I had started.
Things like this cake that I picked up 'bout
2 weeks ago, sure doesn't help...
It helped my sweet tooth, at the time, but
the scale is ALWAYS there to
remind you afterwards, right?

I had promised my friend, Elaine,
that I would be going back to the gym -
probably with "Curves", this time.

About every 2nd or 3rd phone call, Elaine would ask,
"So, how was Curves today?"....
or "Oh, did you swing by Curves, lately?"
Actually, it's become a running joke with us!
When she asks me those questions,
I suddenly make static noise, on the phone...
pretending that the line's bad and that I can't hear her!


Well, yesterday, after work....
guess where I went, Elaine?!??!?!

I got the tour of the place and this morning,
bright and early, I was at....

Yep, I went to "Curves"!!!!

Yesterday, when I watched the
women exercising, I thought to myself,

"Sheeeshe! I don't know!
Sure looks like a bunch of woosey exercises..."

Well, I KNOW I'm defeating the purpose
of exercise this morning, but we went
and had pizza for dinner....

As for the "woosey" exercises,
I left "Curves" this morning with
a fair amount of perspiration goin' on
AND this evening?
Well, let's just say that I've become
reacquainted with muscles that I had
long forgotten about! LOL

Soooo, my good friend, Elaine....

I have one free week with "Curves"
and I will "OFFICIALLY" sign up with them
on the 1st of November - I promise!


Headin' off to bed....
Even my finger muscles are
complainin' from all this keyboard typing!



Friday, October 22, 2010

Nachos and Cowboy Blessings

Hi There!

Gilbert and I decided to have nachos and salsa, this evening. We had picked up 2 mini, plastic cauldrons - just great for salsa or chip dip. Well, with the Halloween season upon us, they were the perfect bowls to bring out!

Remember that contest that I won, a month or so ago... from Prairie Moon Quilts?

Well, I just LOVE her patterns - quick and easy!

And once I received the pattern via snail-mail, I picked up some cowboy fabrics in Calais, at Mardens, during one of our shopping trips to Maine.

I just LOVE this beige fabric, with stars and golden arrows!

Gilbert longarm quilted this mini wall hanging, this afternoon.

I told him that he could do what he wanted.

He decided to try and imitate "lassos", with his quilting.

I think he did a pretty darn good job, eh?

And here's the "blessing" and yes, I did it with embroidery...

Now, I'm realizing that I didn't crop this picture very well, but once I've had a chance to bind this, I'll take another picture and share with all of you.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

BTW, updated the
"Rosa's Retirement Donation Fund" blog....


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prince Edward Island - 2nd Blog

Hi There!

I've decided to post ALL my PEI pictures, on this blog.

Sooooooooo, beware - there's quite a few pictures, in this blog.

Okay, this is the non official tour of
Prince Edward Island.

PEI has three "money-makers":
Anne of Green Gables

Yes, of COURSE it's an INCREDIBLE island,
the residents are laid back and
all the land and dirt is "red" - like a brick red, actually.

Prince Edward Island sure knows
how to market all of this!

From what I can tell,
they seem to always have
some kind of "Anne" theatre production,
going on...

Gilbert took a picture of this poster.

Okay, while we were at the
"North Shore Island Traditions - Past & Present Rug Shop", I took a picture of their rug frame. It looks like mine, 'cept there's a bottom part missing.
(NOTE: Gilbert's added the bottom part, on mine, since this picture was taken.)

This also, was taken on our 1st trip to Prince Edward Island. Here's where I picked up the "Magic Tile" pattern.
"Bargain Fabric Outlet"

We also went to visit this fabric store,
in Charlottetown:
"Quilting B & More"

Just before we left Charlottetown,
to come back home,
we stopped at "Cows Creamery".

Gilbert and I decided to buy each other a t-shirt.

Remember I mentioned "marketing"?

Well, you get this cute bag, when you buy something at "Cows"!

This is MY t-shirt....

It's a parody about Tim Horton Coffee.
(Tim Holstein's)

And this is the back of the t-shirt.

This is the back of Gilbert's T-shirt.

And this is the front of his t-shirt...
Another parody.

We also stopped at PEI Liquor Store.

And we got ourselves a
lovely bottle of red wine!

Now, just before we crossed the
"Confederation Bridge",
we stopped at the little tourist boutiques and picked up another t-shirt, each. These ones came with the cutest bags!

And, they were on sale!!!!

Here's what the t-shirt looked like:

Well, that's enough for Prince Edward Island!

Have a great Tuesday!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prince Edward Island - 1st Blog

Hi There!

During the past 2 weeks,
I've been lucky enough to go to
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island TWICE,
for my work!!!

Talk about feeling spoiled!


Here's a picture, out of our hotel window.

Here's Gilbert, playing with his laptop.

And here's another picture of our room,
taken from another angle.

Last week, we stopped at a rug hooking shop, in Rustico, P.E.I.

I was REALLY, REALLY happy!!!!
(can you tell?)

This morning,
we had coffee and sandwiches at Robin Donuts.
I happened to look up
and see this INCREDIBLE light box!!!

Check the close-up, on this light!!!!

Can you picture this as an appliquéd quilt medallion,
or better yet.... a hooked rug!?!?

Well, as we were driving up to "London Wul",
an INCREDIBLE wool shopping experience....
it was raining and I was trying to
take some NICE pictures of
our gorgeous leaves,
while Gilbert was driving
AND it was raining outside -
wipers were needed.

During LAST week's trip to the Island,
Gilbert spotted this quilt on one
of the quilt stores.
Soooo, I picked up the pattern
and read the instructions once
I got back home.

Talk about SIMPLE!!!!
(or so it appears, anyhow)

Well, I figured that I'd want
to make this one is ultra bright
and mottled colors...
Gilbert agreed!

Soooo, today, on our trip back home,
we stopped at a couple more
quilt stores and I stocked up
on ultra bright, mottled colors!

Will keep you all posted on this newest project!