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Monday, October 25, 2010

Warm Hugs From Scotland!!!

Hi There!

I received TWO warm hugs from Scotland, today!!!!

"How does a person receive a Warm Hug?", you ask.

Well, when this person has just recently dyed some sheep's wool and sends you 2 bags of nice, fluffy, warm wool.... well, that's 2 "Warm Hugs", in my books!


She dyed her wool with Kool-Aid!

And she somehow managed to "felt" 2 pieces, too!


I truly wish that you could feel how warm and soft her "Warm Hugs" are!!!!

Thanks Rosemary!!!!

I will surely add them in one of my hooking projects, ASAP....

I only wish that I could send her some "Warm Hugs" too!


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