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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Breathing and Barely Moving

Hi There!

Okay, I went to Curves Saturday morning.

I didn't think that those woosey kind of exercises could make me break out in a sweat.


Sunday, Curves is closed (... YES, Thank You Lord!)

Monday, after work, I went back to Curves.

Crawled into my car.
Crawled out of my car, once home.
Crawled upstairs to take a shower.
Felt like crap.
My friend, "Rocky" assured me it would get better.

Tuesday, after work, I went back to Curves.
Dragged my sorry butt into my car.
Dragged the same butt out of the car, once home.
Felt crappier - EXHAUSTED, actually...
Once again, my friend "Rocky" reassured me that it was only temporary.

Went back to Curves this evening.

Well, my body protested afterwards and YES, I crawled (AKA dragged my sorry butt) in and out of the car but for the first time, after my hot shower, I almost felt "okay".

So, I think I'll survive....

I'm still breathing and after my shower....
yes, barely moving, too!

Besides, I've now got 4 visits at Curves.
396 more and I'll get my FREE t-shirt!!!


Bring on the "carrot"!




Susan said...

It does get better and if you are like me you will never like it but when the pounds start to melt (and they will) it becomes more tolerable.

Lisa Marie said...

LOVE this post, it made me laugh today. I hear ya sister, I need to get moving too but I hate how it hurts!

Marianne said...

Keep it up, Rosa. You are doing great! I have been going to a similar place (Ladies Workout Express) and it does help. Sometimes I slip off the wagon, but I find that when I get back on, it's never as bad as it was the first month or so. That first month, people would ask me if I was OK after a workout, my face was so red.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...


This was a great post stomach hurt from laughing!

Opps, sorry I meant to say "I was feeling your pain"!

Keep up the good work. Everything gets better with time and soon you'll become another "Gym Rat"