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Monday, October 11, 2010

How Time Flies....

Hi There!

As some of you are aware, Gilbert got himself an iPhone and he's been having LOADS of fun, playing with it and trying out new apps.

This afternoon, as I was busy in my sewing room, he pops in and says,
"I need to take your picture,
with my iPhone."

Okay, so he takes a picture of me,
which he showed me.

Then, he says,
"Wait a minute. I have another picture to show you."

Well, he downloaded this application, from iTunes. It shows you what you'll look like, MANY years later....

Honestly.... was it worth 99 cents to see me LIKE THIS?!?!??!



I was shocked when I saw myself, but you know what? The more I look at this picture, I don't think I'll mind looking at myself.... later on in life.


Have a great week!



Frummie said...

To me you are still beautiful!

Pat from FL and MI said...

Rosa, what a fun ap! Hey, looking at ourselves older is better than the alternative I think! Beauty is on the inside, and boy, are you a looker!

Wenche said...

I wouldn't spend money on something I'll see in the mirror x number of years from now..... for FREE! :) If I still have a mirror that is......