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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prince Edward Island - 1st Blog

Hi There!

During the past 2 weeks,
I've been lucky enough to go to
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island TWICE,
for my work!!!

Talk about feeling spoiled!


Here's a picture, out of our hotel window.

Here's Gilbert, playing with his laptop.

And here's another picture of our room,
taken from another angle.

Last week, we stopped at a rug hooking shop, in Rustico, P.E.I.

I was REALLY, REALLY happy!!!!
(can you tell?)

This morning,
we had coffee and sandwiches at Robin Donuts.
I happened to look up
and see this INCREDIBLE light box!!!

Check the close-up, on this light!!!!

Can you picture this as an appliquéd quilt medallion,
or better yet.... a hooked rug!?!?

Well, as we were driving up to "London Wul",
an INCREDIBLE wool shopping experience....
it was raining and I was trying to
take some NICE pictures of
our gorgeous leaves,
while Gilbert was driving
AND it was raining outside -
wipers were needed.

During LAST week's trip to the Island,
Gilbert spotted this quilt on one
of the quilt stores.
Soooo, I picked up the pattern
and read the instructions once
I got back home.

Talk about SIMPLE!!!!
(or so it appears, anyhow)

Well, I figured that I'd want
to make this one is ultra bright
and mottled colors...
Gilbert agreed!

Soooo, today, on our trip back home,
we stopped at a couple more
quilt stores and I stocked up
on ultra bright, mottled colors!

Will keep you all posted on this newest project!



Frummie said...

Oh those colors are so happy! I wanna dance...LOL

Cyn ;-) said...
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Cyn ;-) said...

I just LOVE you taking us along on your trips to PEI. I'm having a grand time! LOL.
The tile quilt patt looks great... Love the bright colors you've chosen... can't wait to see it. Will it hang in Bertha's room?
The medallion in the light is gorgeous... can you sketch something for a rug from this pic? That woujld be super duper!

Barb said...

Oh, I can't wait to see those fabrics made up into that quilt. Glad you are having a fabulous time.

quiltmom said...

HI Rosa,
I love the light medallion and I have made the magic tiles quilt out of batiks - I went to find a link about the post and discovered that I may have not posted about it before- I am pretty sure I have photos of them. It is a very fun technique and your colors will make a gorgeous version of it.
There is another pattern by her called Tango Tiles and I really love that pattern too. It is on my someday list- you know the list that keeps growing and not getting smaller.
I love the photos of PEI- my son's girlfriend hails from there. She and our son are going to visit her parents at Christmas time in Sydney Nova Scotia.
Warmest regards,

Riel said...

Great colour choices for the quilt. Go bright or go home! There were two quilts at the Sussex show of the magic tiles and they definitely looked cool. one was in brights and looked fabulous. Good luck!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

The colors of the trees are amazing!

I want to go back to PEI and spend more time there!

It is so beautiful...

Lucky you!