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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dear Jane Day

Hi There!

Well, as I had promised myself, I spent a good deal of time with my DJ polka dot blocks, today.

I had started these blocks in 2010 and, since then, I decided that I wanted a polka dot quilt done in a TATW (Trip Around The World) pattern and their colors were not "correct".

Sooooo, I trimmed these babies and put them on my design wall... Found some royal blue dotty fabric, for the sashing. As you can see, I need to make 2 more DJ blocks.

But that will have to wait till next Monday.

This will either be a table topper or a lap quilt. Dunno yet.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Winter Twitterings

 Hi There!

Okay, I "was" working on a hook rug piece and its all hooked.  I need to heat set it, turn the edges under and put in a couple tabs to hang it.

Sooooo, since I like to have something to do with my hands, in the evening, I decided to pull out a book that my friend Frummie gave to me, while I was in Florida.

I will be making the quilt on this cover.

Gorgeous, isn't it?!??!

This is a picture of the quilt.

It's all redwork - 
Something new for me!

I'll be tracing the 1st pattern, this evening.

Stay tuned!


Getting Organised... (or trying, anyhow)

Hi There!

Are you like me?  

I seem to get the "bestest" ideas early in the morning. Most times, within 1 hour of waking up, even.  And I wasn't even REMOTELY looking for these "ideas".  They just seem to pop up, out of nowhere!

This morning's idea?  

Instead of going into my sewing room every day and tackling my recent project and feeling guilty 'cause this other project or whatever project isn't getting touched, why not have a weekly schedule, right?

Sooooo, I jotted down projects and things that I wanted to do.  Not all drudgery stuff.  And this schedule would apply to either a whole morning or a whole afternoon.  And IF I was enjoying myself too much, at that time, then it would be a WHOLE day thing!

Plus, my "schedule" or "agenda" will not be written in cement.  These projects are merely "suggestions"...  *grin*

Monday - Dear Jane blocks or work on piecing my DJ Siggie Blocks, including my Christmas Siggies.

Tuesday - Inklingo: Dream Rose
(I've been putting this one off and this will FORCE me out of my comfort zone, too!)

Wednesday - BOM:  finish my applique'd flower blocks and then, piece the blocks together.

Thursday - Quilter's Cove:  "Hand stuff" - embroidery, pincushions, "Diamond Stars", etc,

Friday - SnowPeople quilts with exchanged blocks.

Saturday /Sunday - New projects  -  Table runners for our "wall".

How's that for a schedule?  

But, that truly won't come into full effect till after our Guild's Quilt Show... May 2nd to 4th.

This morning?  I've got toilet duties, unfortunately.  And am trying to get caught up with Bonnie Hunter's recent Mystery Quilt that is published in the "Quiltmaker" magazine(s).   Aaaaaand....  I might make some more pillowcases, to sell, at our quilt show.

Gorgeous sunshine out there, this morning!  

Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!!!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mystery Quilt - Step #2

 Hi There!

Finished sewing up Step #1 blocks for Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery Quilt called "Lazy Sunday".

Step #2, we get to cut some purple squares and start putting some blocks together!

Mind you, in this picture, I've still got more blocks to cut up in the oranges... and the blues have yet to be introduced but I, nevertheless, started playing with the placement of these blocks.  This setting is rather eye-pleasing.

As for this one, I really don't care for it.  

I believe that if I'm going to put a LOT of effort into cutting and sewing a lot of blocks, I like to be able to SEE a pattern emerging - A least to show off my efforts.

Something that looks like it was thrown together or worst, even...  looking like fabric got "vomited", is not "eye pleasing" to me. 


You really don't see a clear and precise "pattern" on the picture, here.

Yesterday evening, I finally finished piecing all of these blocks... all 24 of them.  The picture below shows the extra blocks that were left over.  These will probably go somewhere, on the quilt back.  Stay tuned. *s*

And here are all my blocks, on my Design Wall.

This morning, I get to work on my last quilt that I will be entering in our local quilt show.  I need to make and baste a sleeve.  YUCK!!!  I truly DO hate doing this but if we need to make a "sleeve" if we're to enter a quilt in a show.   Otherwise, how do the organizers hang it up, eh?

AFTERWARDS, I will play with these blocks.

Hope you have a Super Saturday!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Mystery Quilt.

Hi There!

I decided to make/take the time to start Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery Quilt, printed in the last 2 Quiltmaker's magazine.

I've got (almost) half of the 1st Step finished.

At this point, I counted and re-counted my blocks and read and re-read the instructions.

I was supposed to "cut" 48 pink and purple 1/2 blocks...
to finish with 24 pink and purple four-patch blocks. 

Instead, I made 40 four-patch blocks before I realized that I had gone overboard!

Picture below shows my bundles of 10 blocks.

The pink and white ones, on the left, are okay.


Looks like some of my extra blocks will be going on the back of this quilt!

Do you see the lime green, orange and aqua/sky blue fabrics on my Design Wall?  Those are the other colors that will be incorporated in this Mystery, as well as a white background fabric - not shown in picture.

Will be sharing my progress, as I go along.

Stay tuned!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Strawberry Crumb Quilt" Has a Label!

I've been incorporatingy labels on the back of my quilt BEFORE its quilted. Gilbert thinks its better and me? Well, at least the quilt doesn't sit on a shelf, waiting for its label. Its already done.

Saturday evening and we're waiting for Downton Abbey, in French, to start. And I'll be rug hooking this evening, while watching TV.

Yeah - relaxation!!!

Have a great evening...


Strawberry Crumb Cake - Progress Report

I think I've done half of my quilt back. This morning, I'll be re-measuring and figuring out my next moves.

Have a Stupendous Sewing Saturday!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bobby's Hospice House #3 - AKA "Strawberry Crumb Cake"

 Hi There!

Just an blog update - a sort of "Sew 'N Tell".

A few days before Easter, I made 10 pillowcases for family members.

They were well received!

Sew, I guess I'll make some more....
in the near future.

Okay, you must be SICK of my red quilts, by now!


Well, I truly AM trying to use up all my bits and pieces and then, move onto some other projects.... hopefully projects with other colors, eh?


Here's my pile of "crumbs".
For you non-quilters out there, "crumbs" are fabric bits and pieces and smidgeons, even!

 Here is a picture of me, making some "Crumb Blocks".

Here's a picture of my "Strawberry Crumb Cake".

I can assure you that the top is now completed but unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it, yet.

And since I finished the quilt top this morning, I started working on piecing the back of the quilt.

As of supper time, I have 2 big chunks sewn up.

Tomorrow's another day, eh?


What's Up for Today?

Hi There!

Got up at 6h12, thanks to Zelda, our beautiful Princess.  Some of you may look at her and say, "Oh. You've got a dog."  And some may say, "That's a beautiful German Shepherd you've got."

Yes, she IS a dog and yes, she IS beautiful.... but she's also our Princess.

Anyhow, I'll be heading downstairs shortly and working on my latest quilt, that I've named "Strawberry Crumb Cake" - pictures will come later.

Have a great day!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Another "Baby" Finds a New Home!

Hi There!

Do you think of your quilts as your "babies"?

I do.  

I've been known to hold onto my "baby" for several months 
till I'm finally ready to let it go to its new parent.

Well, Lorenza's Quilt left my home fairly quickly.

And, I'm tickled pink that Lorenza's tickled pink!


 And it fits PERFECTLY!!!

Here's a picture of the"back" of the quilt on my clothes line.

A picture of the block, on my design wall.

I did some embroidery on the back of the quilt.
Unfortunately, the sun and/or shade played havoc with the true colors of this block.

And here's the other embroidered heart that was also on the back.

This was a fun project that also came from the heart.

Have a Fantastic Friday!