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Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Mystery Quilt.

Hi There!

I decided to make/take the time to start Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery Quilt, printed in the last 2 Quiltmaker's magazine.

I've got (almost) half of the 1st Step finished.

At this point, I counted and re-counted my blocks and read and re-read the instructions.

I was supposed to "cut" 48 pink and purple 1/2 blocks...
to finish with 24 pink and purple four-patch blocks. 

Instead, I made 40 four-patch blocks before I realized that I had gone overboard!

Picture below shows my bundles of 10 blocks.

The pink and white ones, on the left, are okay.


Looks like some of my extra blocks will be going on the back of this quilt!

Do you see the lime green, orange and aqua/sky blue fabrics on my Design Wall?  Those are the other colors that will be incorporated in this Mystery, as well as a white background fabric - not shown in picture.

Will be sharing my progress, as I go along.

Stay tuned!


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Susan In Texas said...

Is this going to be a large quilt too, Rosa?