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Monday, August 31, 2009

BASKET CASE (BOM - Block Of the Month) Starts UP!!!

Hi there!

There's a new Yahoo group,
starting up tomorrow....

It's a BOM (Block Of the Month)
and if you'd like to join,
PLEASE send me an email....

This is my friend, Brigitte's block.
She offered to help us "test"
our BOM's.
(Thanks Brigitte!!!!)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rosa's Studio Web Cam!

Hi there!

Okay, Gilbert's a self-taught computer wizzard, IMHO!!! At my request, he set up this web cam, in my studio.

Rosa's Studio
User ID: DJ
Password: DJ
(case sensitive.... and "DJ" stands for Dear Jane - in case you forget it. *grin*)

Also, 4 things to remember:

First - if I'm not there, chances are the lights are turned off and the image's pretty crappy. At night time, the lights are turned off, also! *grin*

Second - I work during the week - day time hours. You'll rarely see me in there. You might see our cats or dog, if you're lucky.

Third - If you want to move the camera around, it's pretty easy. You can use the left, right, up or down buttons... that are indicated on the left of the image, right?

Or..... you can click on "Preset Position", select where you want to look and go just below and click on "Go To".

Fourth - I've had several people ask me this.

NO, I can't tell when you're looking at me BUT if you move the camera, I hear a soft "tick, tick, tick, tick".... that tells me that someone IS looking and looking around my studio. And NO, there's no volume - Now, COME ON!!! I'm sharing with you, my messing sewing studio - you really DON'T want to hear my choice words, too, eh?!??


Anyhow, you're more than welcome to come and visit my studio - whether I'm "In" or "Out"!!!

I hope to head downstairs shortly and continue cutting some "Eye Spy" squares. *s*

Then, I have my BOM, from our local quit store, to do.

Then, I have my house BOM, to do.

Then, I have August's Basket BOM to do.

(NOTE: I will probably be tidying up, in between projects, also. I "try" to do that, anyhow. LOL)

Sooooo, you might see me in my Studio, this morning!

Oh yes... that's right.... I have laundry to do, today, too.... It's Sunday!

And Gilbert wants to make a few "Spaghetti pies", to freeze.

Good grief!!! With all these things that I want to do and things that NEED to get done - What am I doing in front of the computer?!?? And I go back to work, tomorrow morning, too!!! LOL

Gotta run - Have a great Sunday, people!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slush Recipe

Hi there!

Okay, I had blogged earlier that
if I had enough people asking,
I would post the "Slush" recipe.

Okaaaaaay..... only ONE person asked,
so, I figured that I'd do it, anyhow!


Boil 15 minutes and cool:
2 cups of water
1 cup of white sugar

1 (big) can of non-sweetened Orange Juice
1 (big) can of non-sweetened Pineapple Juice
26 oz of Gin
juice of 2 or 3 lemons - remove seeds, of course.

Put in freezer right away.

To Serve:
1/2 glass of slush with 1/2 glass of Seven-Up
Slice of lemon and orange on the side of the glass. Add a cherry and a drinking straw.


Now, since we don't have a "deep-freeze" - we only have a small one. You know? The kind that's at the top of your "fridge"?

Soooooo, this recipe was actually doubled, and you're supposed to add a 40 oz of gin. I decided to divide the recipe in 1/2, which I've posted. Also, here's another hint. We took a big glass, put in a sandwich ziplock, which we had previously opened up and started filling up our zip lock bags with the "slush".

Closed the bags and put them in the freezer. That way, whenever I want a "Slushie", I just grab a bag and I KNOW it's the perfect quantity for my big glasses.

Normally, you'd put your "Slushie" mixture in a big plastic container and pull it out and dig out what you need, for your drink. Kinda like getting ice cream, out.

Hope this helps.... And don't forget -

These Slushies are refreshing, tasty and if you have too many, can turn your legs into rubber! LOL

Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Friday's Mail !!!!

Hi There!

Got these GORGEOUS gifties,
from my friend "Jo"....


Two Special "Heart" blocks,
a birthday Siggie block,
2 lovely pieces of purple fabric,
a cute little knitted pincushion,
a magnetic note pad and
a "peep hole", with
a cute bead fob attached to it!

Thanks a bunch, JO !!!!!

Now, this is the FIRST time that I've tried
to clump all my pictures, together....

Does anyone out there know how to do this,
like in "easy-smeasy"?

I went to Power Point,
uploaded the photos and re-sized them...

THEN, I took a clip shot of my "montage"
and saved it.

But, as you can tell, it's not quite "square".


Any ways that might be easier?


GORGEOUS Civil Far Fabrics!!!

Hi there!

Okay... I think the blog contests are INCREDIBLE!!!

Everyone's been sooooo generous and most everyone else, I imagine, is having a blast readin' these blogs and a hopin' and a wishin' and a prayin', that their name is drawn... *grin*

Viridian's having a blog contest, to celebrate her soon-to-be 100th post! Go on over and check out her site. *VBG*


Yet ANOTHER wonderful contest!!!

Hi there!

Petit Debutant is having a WONDERFUL contest give-a-way!!!

Hope she accepts Canadians, as participants!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pay it Forward (PIF) - Me Too!

Hi There!

I LOVE to give.....
I DO cherish my friends....
I'm a sucker, too!


Plus, I was the only one in our
circle of friends that wasn't doing this!

Now, I ask you.....



Anyhow, here goes....

I was visiting my friend Frummie's blog and saw that she was doing the ultimate... a "pay it forward" exchange based on the concept from the movie "Pay It Forward" where acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return, just passing it on, with hope that the recipient of the act of kindness will in turn pass it on.

So here is how it works... I will make and send 3 homemade gifts to the FIRST THREE people who leave a comment on this post on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know yet what my gift will be but it will be especially made for you!

What YOU have to do in return, then,
is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I am really looking forward to creating something special for the FIRST THREE people who leave a comment on this blog.

This is exciting, don't you think?

Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last week's Gifties - from Brigitte!!!!

Hi there!

Last week, I received a parcel,
from my friend, Brigitte!!!

Gorgeous, Christmas, sparkly fabrics!!!!

These will certainly go in my
"Sparkling Jane"
Nope, haven't started it, yet,
but I will, soon....

In Brigitte's package, was the CUTEST
little tea pot!!!

Thank you, Brigitte!!!!

An enveloppe (or two)
is headed your way....


Eating - My "Other" Hobby!

Hi There!

S'me again!

Last week, during my contest was
REAL tough for me....

I tried not to blog so as my contest
wouldn't get "bumped" down below.

I felt like someone had ducktaped my fingers -
as opposed to ducktaping my mouth shut, of course!

Anyhow, last night Gilbert and I had our
"Taco Bowls"... we had seen these in a restaurant,
but couldn't figure out how to do them!

They are SOOOOOO easy and
since Gilbert is a vegetarian,
we easily converted them into a no-meat meal.

We got the recipe here:
"Kraft Mini Taco Bowls"

Anyhow, we modified the recipe a bit....

The tortillas - you shape them into a bowl,
that can go into the oven.
10 minutes in a 350 oven.

In the meantime, fry up some mushrooms,
green peppers, onions, veggie meat - whatever,
and add some Mexican flavouring powdered packages,
if you have salsa on hand.
Stir fry the whole concoction.

See? How cool is that, eh?
A tortilla that sits up, in your plate!

Fill it up with the stir fried concoction,
add shredded cheddar cheese and
sliced up lettuce.

Pour some Ranch Dressing on top....

Gilbert and I eat 2 of these.... and they're DELISH!!!

Easy smeasy!


(3 Weeks of) Summer Here's - FINALLY!!!!

Hi There!

Well, 2 weekends ago, we FINALLY got
some nice summer weather.

In fact, don't tell Mother Nature,
but I "almost" felt like complainin'
'cause it was a bit too hot for me.

We even managed to take the time,
bring out the chair cushions and
have a sit, outside.

Here's Gilbert, enjoying the sunshine.
See my Sparkling Jane on the the table?
I was working on the appliqués, outside.

Well, by Sunday,
I made a "Grand Announcement" -
I was gonna make up a batch of "Slushies".

(NOTE: a "Grand Announcement" is
when I get up the energy to bake or make
somethin' real time consumin'
and I actually VERBALIZE those thoughts...)

If you're interested, I can post the recipe
on here... in another blog.

BTW, it really wasn't all THAT complicated.

Anyhow, a Slushie is a fruity concoction
that plays tricks on you -
it makes your legs turn to rubber,
AFTER you've had one drink
and you try to stand up!

Even Chris Angel has YET to figure out the magic,
in my Slushies!

Here's the "BEFORE" picture....

And here's the "AFTER" picture...

Just joking.... LOL
The pic was out of focus and I thought,
"Hey, I'll pretend that my vision was all blurred!"


Anyhow, that evening, after our meal,
Gilbert says, "I'd love a piece of Forest Cake."

Well, it was REAL hot, already, in the kitchen,
and if he had a SLIGHT thought that I'd be
makin' a Forest Cake.... he REALLY had high hopes!

So, I tell him,
"Yah, well so would I, but there isn't any here."

He says,
"Well, don't they sell those
chocolate Vachon cakes, at the corner store?
And we have some cherry pie filling, right?"

Well, I grabbed my wallet and out the door I went,
for some Vachon cakes!

What cha think, eh, for an
improvised Black Forest Cake?


Have a great day, tomorrow!


Blog Quote:

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. And may the problems you had forget your home address!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiltmom's name in Bright Lights.... as Promised!

Hi There!

Well, as some of you might know, by now,
Quiltmom, from QUILTMOM'S JOURNEY,
won my little contest.

And... I had promised that her name,
would be on my blog,
in bright lights, too!


I've surrounded her, in sunflowers...

(pssst - click on the picture to see it bigger!)

Hope she likes it!

Have a GREAT week, everyone!!!


Blog Quote:
Frame every so-called disaster
with these words,
"In five years, will this matter?"

Poke Me With a Seam Ripper - I'm Late!!!

Hi There!

Well, I belong to a "Birthday Siggie Swap" group.

We make Siggie (Signature) blocks and send them
on the person's birthday -
these Siggies usually start arriving,
during your birthday month.


About 2 weeks ago,
I received Susan's birthday siggie,
PLUS she made me the cutest little wallet!

And it really wasn't necessary,
but HEY, I'M NO FOOL -

I'm keepin' this cutie!!!!


I should have blogged about this, sooner....


Thanks a bunch, Susan!!!


Blog Quote:
"If a man has enough horse sense
to treat his wife like a thoroughbred,
she will never turn into an old nag."

Oh Good Grief!!!!

Hi there!

This web site should be BANNED from the internet!!!

I SWEAR I was drooling, as I was clicking here and there, on their site!!!!


Anyhow, they're having a contest - sorry, it's for Americans and Canadians only...

Site's s'called: Fahrenheit 350.

Good luck!

*still wiping the drool from her chin!*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Lesson - Yard Sailing 101

Hi there!

Okay, almost every single Saturday this spring/summer,
Gilbert and I have been out there,
Yard Sailing.
And YES, I've purposely misspelt "Sailing"!

Here's what we've learned....
'cause we'll be having our OWN
Yard Sail... maybe this spring,
and we want it to be successful! *grin*

We absolutely HATE it when the people
don't put prices on their items and
tell you, as you arrive, "Make us an offer."

Well.... HELLO!!!!
I don't have the
time nor the inclination to "Make you an Offer",
'cause you were too lazy to get out stickers
and price everything!
I hate to haggle and to possibly offer them
too little a price for their "stuff", or....
God Forbid (in MY mind)....
offer them too much for what they had
been prepared to accept!
Nerve wracking, IMHO!!!


Second thing we've learned?

Some people are out to get RID of their stuff -
These people we LOVE!

And some people, are out to make a buck.
For example.... Some items, which we KNOW we can get at our
local dollar store.... THEY are selling for ONE dollar!

*shakes her head*

Anyhow, 2 weekends ago, we stopped at a yard sale
where the daughter was selling
her mother's quilting items,
'cause she had gone into a nursing home
and could no long quilt...
AND the daughter was not a quilter.




She was selling the patterns for 4 dollars,
when their regular price was like 10 dollars?

I can't remember what the quilting books
were going for, but they were over priced, too,

I mean... come on, lady!

Do you want to sell your stuff, or just make a profit??!?

Well, I grabbed a few pieces of fabric -
fabrics were 2 dollars per pound, BTW.

Well, it was a hot morning and she looked
at what I had in my arms and said,
"Oh well, I won't even bother to weigh this.
Will 2 dollars be okay?"

Of course, I agreed!!

Lovely "Oh Canada" fabric, lovely lace, cute heart buttons,
more "Eye Spy" fabric!!!!

Here's a lovely BIG chunk of green fabric
with gold sparkly dots!!!

I just LOVE plaid!!!!
Haven't figured out what I'll do with it,
but I'm building up quite a collection!

And flannel?!??!?
I mean, EVERY Canadian LOVES flannel, right?!??!
This is a fairly big chunk of fabric,
with candy canes.
Cute, eh?

And these 2 pieces reminded of 30's fabrics!!!

Okay, this was picked up at another yard sale,
that same day.....

for ONE dollar!!!

And it's compact (for me)
and has a LOVELY surface - irons GREAT!!!

I think Gilbert and I are like those birds
that spot shiny items - We just LOVE THEM!!!


This little table lamp is a shiny, metallic blue...

And is now near my computer, upstairs.

When Gilbert and I watch a movie
and I want to do some hand piecing,
well, we can now turn off the overhead lights,
and I turn on this cute baby!

The price?

ONE dollar!!!



Blog Quote:
"If we all threw our problems in a pile
and saw everyone elses,we'd grab ours back."

Contests Galore!!!!

Hi there!

Well 2 of my best friends have gone crazy!
They're GIVING AWAY "stuff".....


Mind you, you've gotta sign up on their blog
and hope to win... LOL

And, like the guy said,
"If you don't buy a lottery ticket,
then you really can't win..... now, can you, eh?!??"


Anyhow, Elaine's giving away......

Civil War" Give-A-Way Package


Frummie's contest is called.......

Two 2 yard GIVE-A-WAY

You should REALLY go to their blogs,
follow their instructions - easy, smeasy ones, actually -
and try to win!!!!

Anyhow... s'now Monday morning
and it's raining, to boot!
At least I have a new umbrella
that I get to "try out",
on my way to work! *grin*

Have a great week!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

And the Winner is.....

Hi There!

Well, I just LOVED this contest!!!!

I learned SOOOO much!!!!

Mystica, from Sri Lanka
lives in a part of our world that
I know very little about!
So, her blog is VERY INTERESTING!!!

Bev C., from Australia
, used the expression
"Gobsmacked" in one of her recent blogs.
I had read this term before
and every time I read it,
I get a HUGE grin on my face!
for a "jaw-dropping.... shut-my-mouth kinda feeling",

omashee aka barb wrote that she was a
"serial starter and a stashaholic"
OMG, but I ADORED the "serial starter" expression -
I'm like that, too!!!!

And then,
SewCalGal has a blog to list the
on-going blog contests!!!!
Now, how cool is that, eh?!?!?
I've put her link on my blog list
and will DEFINITELY go visit her site,
AMAIC (As Much As I Can)...
I just made that one up! LOL

Anyhow, I'm guessing that SewCalGal
would appreciate an email from you,
if there's a blog or internet contest going on,
and she's not aware of it. *s*

Along with all the WONDERFUL comments,
I've enjoyed reading each and every one of them!

And HEY, I was right!!!!

Most people like to have their names in
"Bright Lights".....

Or win a contest...

And LOVE (happy) surprises.....

And also LOVE "free"...


Anyhow, I think I've made you suffer enough...

Without further ado, here's the "random" list:

Congrats to....


And, did I mention that I love giving surprises, too?!??

2nd and 3rd runners up will get
1 (one) teeny, tiny gifty, also!

I'll be contacting the winners, shortly,
for their snail mail addies...

Thanks for playing along -
Hope you all had as much fun as I!!!!


Contest is now closed!

Hi there!

The contest is now closed...

I think the difficult part for me, was trying NOT to blog,
until the contest was over -
I wanted to make sure that EVERYONE
that came to my blog, saw the contest!


I've taken down all the names and will now type them into:

List Randomizer

It's a pretty neat (web) program.
You don't need to sign up...
nor do you need to download yet another
software program. *s*

Give me an hour (or less)
and I hope to give you the winner,
on my contest. *s*

Rosa Robichaud

Saturday, August 15, 2009

250th post (& More) = A Contest !!!!!

Hi there!

Well, everyone's having a contest and
I wanted to join in the fun, too!

*tapping my chin in reflection*

"Now, what reason should I have a contest, eh?!??!"

Well, I've noticed that I've gone OVER
the 250th blog entry... sooooooo....

Here's my 250th-Blog-Give-a-Way!!!

(nope, you won't be getting this bag as a gifty - sorry...)

Okay, soooo my contest isn't as big
as the others, but then again.....
you could be surprised, too! LOL

I'm working on 2 hypotheses:
(A hypothesis (from Greek ὑπόθεσις [iˈpoθesis]; plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for an observable phenomenon. - taken from Wikipedia)

Doesn't matter WHAT it is, right?
Okay... maybe not in bright lights, but your name will be on my Blog!


Anyhow, here's the rules:

1. Leave a comment - good or bad... I LOVE comments!
2. Tell me a bit about yourself: Favorite snacks, favorite colors, what colors you DESPISE, stuff you collect, your hobbies, your aspirations and hopes and dreams... Okay, I've exagerated, but I think you know what I mean, right?

If you're not comfortable posting this information in public... doesn't matter. As long as I have your email addy, or blog addy, so that I can contact you, afterwards. We'll work out any possible "allergy" problems, along with your likes and dislikes , later.


Now, if you put MY contest on YOUR blog, you get TWO chances to win my 4 "nonsense" gifties!!!

And NO, it's not necessary to have a blog to enter my silly contest. *grin*

Sooooo...... Good Luck!

Let the Game Begin!


Oh Shoot!!!!! I almost forgot. Contest ends next Saturday evening, at midnight - my time! I'll draw a name on the 23rd.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flange - Not Just For Plumbers!!

Hi There!

Well, today I had to call up my quilting mentor -
my friend "Jo".

I KNOW I can ask her the silliest quilting or
non-quilting questions
and she won't laugh -
least not in my face, anyhow....


Picked up the phone and tried to explain
to Jo what I wanted on my quilt,
but I didn't know the name of it
and therefore, couldn't "Google" it, right?

After a few questions, Jo knew IMMEDIATELY
what I was talking about
and while she was on the phone,
I Googled "Flange Quilting"
and found a neat
You Tube video that explained it!

How cool was that, eh?!??!

Sooooooo, here's the lap quilt,
with the strips sewn together and
it's red flange surrounding it.
(NOTE: if you click on it, you can see it bigger)

Tomorrow evening, I will try
and add a 4 inch(?) border
around that...

And, on top of the BLACK border,
I'll be adding a green (sparkly) vine,
along with some Christmassy appliqués.

Still have NO IDEA what kind
of appliqués I'll be doing,
but I'll certainly keep you all posted.


Oh yah -
One last thing, for the evening.....

I know that I mentioned this, at the beginning of my
"Sparkling Jane" Journey, but not all of these blocks
are done by me.

A few of them were received in a
Dear Jane Christmas block swap.

PLUS, I've added a few "Midget Blocks"....
just because I could and I, therefore
gave myself the permission to go astray....


Hope you all have a nice evening!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Sparkling Jane - Last 4 COMPLETED!!!

Hi there!

Okay, the 4 last ones are FINISHED!!!

E-10 (Five and Dime)
I just LOVE this gold and red fabric!!!

E-2 (Merry May)

K-7 (Rose of Sharon)
These golden partridges(?)
are incredible, eh?

And this was my last one....

I-2 (Kaye's Courtyard)

For a total of 49 blocks....
with 2 inch black (with gold speckles) sashing.

The sashing's all done -
I just need to sew the "strips" together...

More later...



The Importance of Walking

Walking can add minutes to your life.

This enables you at 89 years old
to spend an additional 5 months in a
nursing home at $7000 per month.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Starring "Thunder"!!!

Hi There!

Well, some of you might have read my "Mini Vacation Journal".... I had added 3 or 4 "You Tube" videos, that Gilbert took during our vacation.

Anyhow..... I "think" I had forgotten to add Thunder's You Tube video. We were geocaching, and at one point, I was sitting down in the grass and started to "pluck" his winter coat. Keep in mind that we had JUST brushed his coat BEFORE we left for our trip!

Sooooo, today Gilbert decides to wash BOTH our cars and says, "Hey! We need to take some more video of Thunder!"

Thunder's Water Biting Fun!

Well, that's about it! I have 4 or 5 prepped DJ blocks, for appliqué'ing fun, but am on the computer... trying to clean out my email box!

Off to clean up some more emails....



Sparkling Jane - Gettin' there!

Hi there!

Well, today was a GORGEOUS day,
so Gilbert and I went......


He got lucky, this time and managed
to pick up quite a few tecky gadgets,
while I managed to grab some funky wool,
a mexican colored mason jar wannabee
and a few Christmas or birthday gifts,
for my nieces.

This week, I was ultra busy
with my Dear Jane blocks, again.

Here we go:

E-4 (Buffalo Tree Hopper)

B-3 (Mirror Image)

M-10 (Simple Simon)

M-12 (Hopscotch)

L-11 (Caitlin's Rose)

And here's a picture of where I'm at, so far.

I plan on finishing off that bottom row,
adding the black (with gold speckles) sashing
and putting on a red (with gold speckles) border,
surrounding all of these blocks.

Perhaps a 4 inch border?
Dunno yet.

And I'm also going to find a green (sparkly) vine,
and appliqué something that's kinda
Christmassy... but have NO IDEA
what it will be.

We'll have to wait and see....

THIS lap quilt will go to Gilbert's youngest daughter.

A second one will be started, soon afterwards,
for his oldest daughter....

I'll certainly be blogging
about the 2nd one, also - no doubt.


Anyhow, tomorrow they're calling for LOVELY weather,
so we'll probably be hiking or biking on one of
our local "rails to trails"....
Depending on whether our 2 bikes
fit into my Matrix.

I doubt that I'll have the time nor the energy
to do any quilting tomorrow,
when we get back....


Have a GREAT rest-of-the-weekend!


"By the time a woman realizes her mother was right,
she has a daughter who thinks she's wrong.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And yet ANOTHER of Elaine's Stimulus packages!!!

Hi there!

Well, I'm hoping to keep BOTH eyes open, on Elaine's
"Quilter's Stimulus Package"!!!!

Click on this lovely lady,
and it'll bring you to
Elaine's Blog:

And here's what our friend, Elly,
received this week!!!

She was the lucky recipient of
Elaine's FIRST
"Quilter's Stimulus Package".

Elly's lucky win!

FINALLY took the time to update
"Mini Vacation Journal".

If you have a few minutes,
grab yourself a coffee and go
have a read.
There's even links to our
You Tube videos, on there!

Have a great week!

I go back to work, tomorrow... for 2 days.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another 2 BOMs (Blocks Of the Month) completed!

Hi There!

Last Saturday, I picked up
Block #10, in my LQS's BOM
(Block Of the Month).

I finished it up, the next day.


Last Sunday, I had also started to work on,
the House BOM....
Managed to finish it, today.

But gosh darn! I AM becoming a
"Paper Piecing Junky"!!!

I only wish that we were able to do this,
by paper piecing....
My houses wouldn't come out,
so "crooked"....

I guess I'll have to call these
"old houses"...
that's why they're all so crooked!


Heading out, tomorrow on a vacation trip -
Here's my "Vacation Journal"....


K-12 - Another Sparkling Jane!!!

Hi There!

Well, with all our vacation preparations,
I still managed to find time to make
ANOTHER DJ (Dear Jane)
Christmas block!

K-12 (Doris's Dilemma)

This is a piece of fabric that my Aunt Agatha,
gave me, last week....
It's actually a LOT nicer, in person!


"When life gives you lemons
turn it into lemonade,
then mix it with vodka."

ONE + SIXTY Sparking Jane Fabrics = FUN!!!!

Hi There!

My friend Frummie sent me this GORGEOUS
dark purple fabric, with SILVER
musical instruments, musical notes and
YES,... some Christmas holly, too!

Tks Frummie!

Last weekend, I managed to finish this DJ blocks -
H-12 (Hannah Lou's Hearts)

Then, Pam read this blog and wrote to me.
Apparently, she's making a Christmas DJ
and wanted to know if I wanted any more
Christmas (sparkly) fabrics?

Do I look like a
turned on sewing machine,
with an empty bobbin, in it's casing?!??!


Of COURSE, I said "YES!!!!"

Well, Pam didn't really specify
how many pieces she was sending off.

Imagine my surprise, yesterday,
when I received her parcel!!!!

(NOTE: I'll be sharing with Pam, too, ASAP)

(Click on pictures for bigger image size)

Each piece, just as GORGEOUS as the previous one,
that I had fondled and admired!


Lordy! This is one of my "infamous" projects -
starts out small and keeps GROWS !!!


I had originally planned on making
a small wallhanging, or possibly a lap quilt.

I only had a few (swapped) DJ blocks
and purposely added a 2 inch sash,
around block, to make the finished
"whatever", bigger.

Now, I'm finding that I have perhaps close to
100 different fabrics!!!!

Startin' to appear as if this might be a full-sized
quilt, after all!


Oh well, it's one of those journeys
that might take a few years to complete.

Who knows, eh?


On another note, Monday is:
"New Brunswick Day"
and I'm off!

Sooooo, to take advantage of this long weekend,
I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, too!

Hope to start up a personal web page on my
"Mini Vacation",
as we'll be traveling.



"Don't get your knickers in a knot;
it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.