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Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Lesson - Yard Sailing 101

Hi there!

Okay, almost every single Saturday this spring/summer,
Gilbert and I have been out there,
Yard Sailing.
And YES, I've purposely misspelt "Sailing"!

Here's what we've learned....
'cause we'll be having our OWN
Yard Sail... maybe this spring,
and we want it to be successful! *grin*

We absolutely HATE it when the people
don't put prices on their items and
tell you, as you arrive, "Make us an offer."

Well.... HELLO!!!!
I don't have the
time nor the inclination to "Make you an Offer",
'cause you were too lazy to get out stickers
and price everything!
I hate to haggle and to possibly offer them
too little a price for their "stuff", or....
God Forbid (in MY mind)....
offer them too much for what they had
been prepared to accept!
Nerve wracking, IMHO!!!


Second thing we've learned?

Some people are out to get RID of their stuff -
These people we LOVE!

And some people, are out to make a buck.
For example.... Some items, which we KNOW we can get at our
local dollar store.... THEY are selling for ONE dollar!

*shakes her head*

Anyhow, 2 weekends ago, we stopped at a yard sale
where the daughter was selling
her mother's quilting items,
'cause she had gone into a nursing home
and could no long quilt...
AND the daughter was not a quilter.




She was selling the patterns for 4 dollars,
when their regular price was like 10 dollars?

I can't remember what the quilting books
were going for, but they were over priced, too,

I mean... come on, lady!

Do you want to sell your stuff, or just make a profit??!?

Well, I grabbed a few pieces of fabric -
fabrics were 2 dollars per pound, BTW.

Well, it was a hot morning and she looked
at what I had in my arms and said,
"Oh well, I won't even bother to weigh this.
Will 2 dollars be okay?"

Of course, I agreed!!

Lovely "Oh Canada" fabric, lovely lace, cute heart buttons,
more "Eye Spy" fabric!!!!

Here's a lovely BIG chunk of green fabric
with gold sparkly dots!!!

I just LOVE plaid!!!!
Haven't figured out what I'll do with it,
but I'm building up quite a collection!

And flannel?!??!?
I mean, EVERY Canadian LOVES flannel, right?!??!
This is a fairly big chunk of fabric,
with candy canes.
Cute, eh?

And these 2 pieces reminded of 30's fabrics!!!

Okay, this was picked up at another yard sale,
that same day.....

for ONE dollar!!!

And it's compact (for me)
and has a LOVELY surface - irons GREAT!!!

I think Gilbert and I are like those birds
that spot shiny items - We just LOVE THEM!!!


This little table lamp is a shiny, metallic blue...

And is now near my computer, upstairs.

When Gilbert and I watch a movie
and I want to do some hand piecing,
well, we can now turn off the overhead lights,
and I turn on this cute baby!

The price?

ONE dollar!!!



Blog Quote:
"If we all threw our problems in a pile
and saw everyone elses,we'd grab ours back."


Greg said...

You either have to laugh at the people who don't know or hug them. Depending on the price of course! Especially with quilting supplies.

Dena said...

I've never been fortunate enough to come across a yard sale with sewing or quilting supplies. But my husband has found tons of great buys on tools for his shop. Great finds while Yard Sailing.