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Monday, August 24, 2009

Contests Galore!!!!

Hi there!

Well 2 of my best friends have gone crazy!
They're GIVING AWAY "stuff".....


Mind you, you've gotta sign up on their blog
and hope to win... LOL

And, like the guy said,
"If you don't buy a lottery ticket,
then you really can't win..... now, can you, eh?!??"


Anyhow, Elaine's giving away......

Civil War" Give-A-Way Package


Frummie's contest is called.......

Two 2 yard GIVE-A-WAY

You should REALLY go to their blogs,
follow their instructions - easy, smeasy ones, actually -
and try to win!!!!

Anyhow... s'now Monday morning
and it's raining, to boot!
At least I have a new umbrella
that I get to "try out",
on my way to work! *grin*

Have a great week!!!


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