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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last week's Gifties - from Brigitte!!!!

Hi there!

Last week, I received a parcel,
from my friend, Brigitte!!!

Gorgeous, Christmas, sparkly fabrics!!!!

These will certainly go in my
"Sparkling Jane"
Nope, haven't started it, yet,
but I will, soon....

In Brigitte's package, was the CUTEST
little tea pot!!!

Thank you, Brigitte!!!!

An enveloppe (or two)
is headed your way....



quiltmom said...

What great rich fabrics- the poinsettia are so vibrant looking- What a great little pot too.

Am enjoying your fun thoughts for the day,

Thanks again for putting my name up in lights..VBG

Do check out my recent blog post

Warmest regards,

Brigitte said...

dear Rosa,
thank you so much for the lovely entry - Hope to see the blocks soon - big smile - glad you like the thimble/teapot, I loved it
hugs Brigitte

searchfamilies said...

Very nice fabrics, love the teapot really nice
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

Salut Rosa
Tu vas faire une autre DJ Christmas.
Wow! courageuse

Diane Patry