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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rosa's Studio Web Cam!

Hi there!

Okay, Gilbert's a self-taught computer wizzard, IMHO!!! At my request, he set up this web cam, in my studio.

Rosa's Studio
User ID: DJ
Password: DJ
(case sensitive.... and "DJ" stands for Dear Jane - in case you forget it. *grin*)

Also, 4 things to remember:

First - if I'm not there, chances are the lights are turned off and the image's pretty crappy. At night time, the lights are turned off, also! *grin*

Second - I work during the week - day time hours. You'll rarely see me in there. You might see our cats or dog, if you're lucky.

Third - If you want to move the camera around, it's pretty easy. You can use the left, right, up or down buttons... that are indicated on the left of the image, right?

Or..... you can click on "Preset Position", select where you want to look and go just below and click on "Go To".

Fourth - I've had several people ask me this.

NO, I can't tell when you're looking at me BUT if you move the camera, I hear a soft "tick, tick, tick, tick".... that tells me that someone IS looking and looking around my studio. And NO, there's no volume - Now, COME ON!!! I'm sharing with you, my messing sewing studio - you really DON'T want to hear my choice words, too, eh?!??


Anyhow, you're more than welcome to come and visit my studio - whether I'm "In" or "Out"!!!

I hope to head downstairs shortly and continue cutting some "Eye Spy" squares. *s*

Then, I have my BOM, from our local quit store, to do.

Then, I have my house BOM, to do.

Then, I have August's Basket BOM to do.

(NOTE: I will probably be tidying up, in between projects, also. I "try" to do that, anyhow. LOL)

Sooooo, you might see me in my Studio, this morning!

Oh yes... that's right.... I have laundry to do, today, too.... It's Sunday!

And Gilbert wants to make a few "Spaghetti pies", to freeze.

Good grief!!! With all these things that I want to do and things that NEED to get done - What am I doing in front of the computer?!?? And I go back to work, tomorrow morning, too!!! LOL

Gotta run - Have a great Sunday, people!!!



martha said...

Hi Rosa!! That was me peeking into our studio!
I am off to work now. No rest for the weary:)

Caron said...

That's cool, but creepy! I mean, what if you're working away in your studio and you get an itch somewhere unmentionable? Who's going to watch you scratch? YOU WON'T KNOW! When I taught second grade I had to wear a microphone that was connected to a speaker in my classroom. You can imagine what it must have been like if I forgot to turn the microphone off when I ran to use the bathroom. OH YES, they all heard!

Miriam said...

Well, isn't that amazing! Hello Rosa all the way from Australia.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I love to "see" what you are up to in your studio but sometimes feel like a "voyeur" doing so! LOL!

And pretty soon I WILL be seeing your studio "up close and personal"! Can't wait!!!



mageez said...

Way cool! The feed came thru kind of jerky but there you were working away. you're a brave woman to let the world see your working area. Mine is much worse. happy sewing.

Rita said...

Hi Rosa! That was me you're waving at! Thanks for showing me your latest work in progress. Have a great day. Rita

Joyce said...

Hi Rosa, That was me you were waving too around 4 pm .... you are a brave soul. I don't think I'd show my sewing room. Thanks for the peak!

SudsMuffin said...

Allo Rosa! C'est Johanne, la fille de Laura. J'ai aimé ça voir ta salle d'artiste. J'en ai une aussi mais elle est présentement en gros désordre. Ta couverture piquée sur le mur est très jolie!