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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(3 Weeks of) Summer Here's - FINALLY!!!!

Hi There!

Well, 2 weekends ago, we FINALLY got
some nice summer weather.

In fact, don't tell Mother Nature,
but I "almost" felt like complainin'
'cause it was a bit too hot for me.

We even managed to take the time,
bring out the chair cushions and
have a sit, outside.

Here's Gilbert, enjoying the sunshine.
See my Sparkling Jane on the the table?
I was working on the appliqués, outside.

Well, by Sunday,
I made a "Grand Announcement" -
I was gonna make up a batch of "Slushies".

(NOTE: a "Grand Announcement" is
when I get up the energy to bake or make
somethin' real time consumin'
and I actually VERBALIZE those thoughts...)

If you're interested, I can post the recipe
on here... in another blog.

BTW, it really wasn't all THAT complicated.

Anyhow, a Slushie is a fruity concoction
that plays tricks on you -
it makes your legs turn to rubber,
AFTER you've had one drink
and you try to stand up!

Even Chris Angel has YET to figure out the magic,
in my Slushies!

Here's the "BEFORE" picture....

And here's the "AFTER" picture...

Just joking.... LOL
The pic was out of focus and I thought,
"Hey, I'll pretend that my vision was all blurred!"


Anyhow, that evening, after our meal,
Gilbert says, "I'd love a piece of Forest Cake."

Well, it was REAL hot, already, in the kitchen,
and if he had a SLIGHT thought that I'd be
makin' a Forest Cake.... he REALLY had high hopes!

So, I tell him,
"Yah, well so would I, but there isn't any here."

He says,
"Well, don't they sell those
chocolate Vachon cakes, at the corner store?
And we have some cherry pie filling, right?"

Well, I grabbed my wallet and out the door I went,
for some Vachon cakes!

What cha think, eh, for an
improvised Black Forest Cake?


Have a great day, tomorrow!


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1 comment:

ranette said...

Oh my gosh!!! I've been off sugar for 27 days and I think I got a "sugar high" from reading this