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Monday, December 31, 2012

Step 7 - Tomorrow's THE Day!!!

Hi There!

Step 7 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt was revealed today... Easy, easy, easy!

We were to put bricks and flying geese together and, piece together what I'm assuming are the 4 corners to this quilt.

Aaaaannnd.... She said that tomorrow's the big reveal!!!!! I think I'm actually twitching in my sewing chair with impatience!

This morning, I made 2 different kinds of bread. The house smells heavenly!

That's about it. We'll be watching TV, this evening, and ringing in the new year with sime good wine!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

And The Year End Race is On!!!

Hi there!

We got wallopped with a Nor'easter, after midnight and the little birdies, this morning, seem to be braver or hungrier.

And I've just now realized that the end of the year is soon approaching... DUH!!!

I'd like to finalize a couple quilts and call 'em done for 2012. Wish me luck!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Step 6 - Check!!!

Finished Step 6 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.

Now, onto some bindings...


Friday's Agenda?

Hi There!

"What's on my Agenda, for today?", you ask. 

Well, I have to finish binding my "Christmas Dear Jane Swapped Blocks" table topper, bind our new "3A Quilting Banner", do Step 6 on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.  And did I mention that horrible word that starts with the letter "S"?!?!??!


We'll probably be outside this afternoon.....

Zelda, our 1 year old German Shepherd, sure loves the snow!  She wanted out 4 times, this morning and kept running round and round and round in our yard!


She must have gotten bored 'cause on her last "request" to go outside, she ran OUT of our yard and into the street - something she's NEVER done before and she KNOWS she's not allowed, ANYHOW!   

Aaaaaannnnd....  she's too afraid to do it, ANYHOW!!!


I then had to get my boots on, winter coat, tuque and gloves, grab her leash and as I was heading down the side of the house, calling her name.... who decides to pop up??!?

The Princess herself!


And since I was out and all dressed, I decided to shovel out a bit of our deck.

And this was all before 6 a.m.!!!

Should be a fun day.

Will keep you all posted with pics!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

High Five Me, Please!

 Hi There!

I managed to finish Step 5 of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, called "Easy Street".

Just under the wire!

Here's a close-up of the blocks that I made, for Step 5.  I think they're called "Fat Hens".

And I had a surprise "bonus" last week.  My cousin gave me a big bag of fabric that belonged to her mother-in-law.... who's since passed away.  I found a panel of "labels" and GUESS WHAT!?!??!

I found TWO labels that are EXACTLY the colors that Bonnie recommends for her mystery quilt!!!

There's lime greens, turquoises and purples all around the edge. The only thing missing is the greys.

If you're doing Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" Mystery quilt in Bonnie's recommended colors and you're the type that FINISHES quilt projects AND you're serious about finishing this one, please leave a comment down below and I'll send you my 2nd label.  Now, if there is more than one comment, I'll draw a name.  *s*

Can't wait till tomorrow....
Step 6 will be published!!!


Another Mug Rug Arrives in my Mail Box!!!

Hi There!

Just before the snow storm hit us good and hard, our mail man delivered this small box with the cutest "mug rug" and a Lindt (Chilli) Dark chocolate bar!!!

Mug Rug looks longer than it actually is.  Its approx. 10 inches long and just PERFECT for a cup of tea or coffee and a plate of "something".  But do you know what?  

The Mug Rugs that I've received are almost too pretty to actually use - I may have to find a few strategic places, to display them.   *s*

Thank you, my friend!!!!

Mine will be flying out shortly!


Just Needs Binding...

 Hi There!

Our banner is now quilted.  
I just need to bind it, now.  
The binding will be a dark green.

I decided to design
a little Santa hat,
with a white button
as its pompom.

I used the 3 different Twister Tool sizes for this banner. 

I'll post 1 last picture once the binding's all completed.  

Hopefully the pictures will turn out better than these.



Almost there...

I'm like a kid on Christmas morning - I can't wait to see it hanging!!!


3A Quilting Banner

FINALLY finished piecing our banner after several bumps.

Gilbert's got it loaded up on Bertha and will be quilting snowflakes all over.

Will post more pics later!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today and Tomorrow's Agenda

Hi There!

Today, I worked on our "3 A Quilting" banner.  Its all finished and pieced together.  I just feel as if it needs a little Holly leaf or two... appliqued here and there.  We shall see.

And, I cut out the fabric for the 5th step to Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.

Soooooo, tomorrow morning - Finish the banner.

Afterwards, piece the fifth step to Bonnie's mystery quilt.

We're also expecting a nasty snow storm, starting tomorrow.  I believe it's our first real one....

20 cm or so of snow, turning into rain/snow and ice pellets Thursday night into Friday morning.

And in case you didn't know, 20 cm is 8 inches (approx.) and rain/show and ice pellets AFTER 8 inches of snow is MURDER on your back!!!

Let's hope it ALL melts before we need to go out for grocery!  *keeping fingers crossed*

Pictures of storm might be uploaded tomorrow - stay tuned!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Stockings!!!

 Hi There!

This year, I decided to make Christmas stockings for my nieces, my 1 nephew and my step-grandaughter... 

For Aaliyah who LOVES horses, I shopped on-line and got this ADORABLE cowgirl boot on Etsy, at Prairie Moon Quilts.

Service was quick and received her boot in plenty of time to fill it up!

This stocking was for my (teenage) nephew, Bradley.  I added a piece of (real) fur at the top... hoping it would be more of a masculine touch.  *s*

 This one was for his sister, Emily.  A bit of lace at the top and a nice, lacey pre-beaded flower, on the toe.

Princess Sophia LOVES tulle and ballerina and princess and girly-girly stuff.

I dreamed up this design in my head and said a few foul words, as I tried to sew the tulle at the top of the stocking.

What a pain in the butt but she sure LOVED it when she saw it!!!  Kinda made me forget all those sailor words I had used!  LOL

And this stocking was for Julie, the youngest of the group.

I probably should say she's just the "shortest" because at 3 and 3/4 years of age, she acts, talks and thinks like her 5 year old cousin!  *grin*

And this is the one that I saved for the end.  I wanted to put some thought into it.

You see, in my family, we pick names.  I had picked my mother's name.  I made her a stocking and printed out HER mother's picture on the front of the stocking.  My Mémère is no longer with us.  She was a quilter and I think of her a lot, while I'm playing in my Studio.

My Mémère always kept a "journal".  She wrote about mundane things.... the weather, who came to visit, if she went out for the day, etc, etc, etc.  My mother's sister... my Aunt... had her journals and scanned a couple pages and emailed them to me.  I printed two pages and added them on the back of the stocking.

I think Mom was surprised and touched by this.  She's usually SUPER EXCELLENT at guessing what her gifts are.  This year, she had NO IDEA about her stocking and all the gifts inside!

YEEEAAAAH!!!!   I like that!!!!

That's it, for now.


Boxing Day Sewing!

Gilbert finished his quilt top. Took 'em 2 days to make it... His very first quilt... All by himself!!!

I'm right proud of him!!!

And me? Well, I worked on our wall hanging. Still need to add a couple more "strips" on the bottom, including appliquing the letters to "Quilting".

That should take me a bit of time to do... Tomorrow.

Its now almost 7 pm and I'm callin' 'er quits for tonight.


Christmas gifties

I received 2 mug rugs this past week from 2 of my buddettes.

Aren't these GORGEOUS?!?!?!

Thanks my friends!!!


Clay Yourself!

 Hi There!

Merry Christmas!!!

A friend posted his "ClayYourself" picture on Face Book
and I thought I'd give it a try, as well.

Here's me and Gilbert,
with "ClayYourself"...

Why not give it a try?

I had a few good chuckles with this web site...

Hoping your Christmas day sparkles, shimmers and glistens 
with family and friends!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gilbert's First Quilt!

Hi There!

Gilbert's decided to make a wall hanging... From beginning to end!

Can you tell that I'm thrilled?!?!?!? As a Quilt Addict, I'm hoping he'll eventually become as addicted as I!!!



Friday, December 21, 2012

Today's Agenda.

Hi there!

Wrapping Christmas gifts, all morning and possibly all day - I'm not the fastest gift wrapper in the East, ya know!!!   And.....  *gulp*.... I thought I had finished my Christmas shopping but turns out I need to get a couple more.  Wish me luck!  *s*

I've finished all of the Christmas Stockings that I had promised myself to "Get 'er Done"... and they ARE done!

I really can't show pictures now, but after Christmas I will - for sure!

Later 'gators!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear Jane Christmas Swapped Blocks

Gilbert started quilting my DJ table topper.

I will be teaching this class, in January.

Should be fun!!!


Step 4 - Finished!

Now... Onto other stuff.

Will report back later!


Step 4 - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt

Workin' on Step 4...


Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is Slow, This Year.

Slowly decorating.

Pictures of my polar bear collection as well as our kitchen table with our Christmas tree. More decorations to come. Its just a wee bit slow, this year.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Banner - Teeny, Tiny Twister

Gonna make 3 more of these tiny blocks...

Will report back with my progress!


Christmas Banner - 5" Blocks

Got my center block done - see before last blog.

Now, I'm doing four blocks with the 5" Twister Tool.

Got 1 more of these blocks to cut.



Saturday, December 8, 2012

I do SEW Have a Life, Nancy-Rose!!!! (LOL)

Hi There!

Nancy-Rose "tagged me" and on a Saturday evening.... why....  what else do I have to do 'cept watch TV, eh?  Hey!  I can multi-task as best as the next gal!  All's I just need to do is answer the questions and find other people to "tag"!!!  LOL

And for those of you that don't understand or don't know the rules, here they are:

  • Every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • the person who tagged you asked 11 questions over at their blog.  Answer these questions in your post
  • ask 11 questions of the people you tag (any quilting blogger with under 200 followers)
  • mention the person who tagged you (but for goodness sake, don't tag them back!

Here's my 11 things:
1 - I'm Bilingual (French and English).
2 - My passion is quilting. Period.
3 - I HATE slugs!  Harmless snakes, spiders and mice do NOT scare me.  Slugs?  I take off running!
4 - I LOVE bagpipes!  Can't play 'em but LOVE to listen to 'em!!!
5 - I LOVE my family and friends and will do almost anything for them!!!
6 - If I don't care for you, I will not even bother talking or discussing or chatting with you.  I prefer to ignore someone and/or refuse to do battle. Thank goodness I know very few of these people!  :-)
7 - I find commercials fascinating!  How they - the advertisers and marketing specialists - try to influence us with their publicity....  Simply fascinating!  In fact, if I could turn back the clock, I would or should have gone into advertising.  Regrets? Not really... just stating a fact.
8 - I'm a procrastinator. Oh ... hmmm.. I'll explain that later... LOL!!!
9 - I HATE scary and violent movies! They make me jump and then.... later on, I can't sleep.
10 - Hubby says to tell you all that I LOVE mashed potatoes.  I do but not enough to add this on my list. Actually, I'm like Nancy-Rose. I could eat cereal for my 3 meals and I'd be a happy camper! *VBG*
11 - I like to study people... try to figure 'em out. And when I think about a certain person, I can see them in "color".... like seeing their aura.... sorta. Difficult to explain.

And there you have it.... MY eleven things that I volunteered to tell you.


1.  Remember the first quilt you made? What was it like?
It was crappy!  LMAO!!!  Recycled jeans. I had NO IDEA what a cutting board and cutter was.  I had used the back of a cereal box!  Youngest son and I tied it... after all, it was HIS quilt!  *grin*
2.  Do you belong to a guild? Why or why not?
I belong to our local quilt guild and enjoy the once a month outing and friendship.

3.  What's your favourite quilt store?  Post a link!
Mardens, in Calais. Actually, its not an official fabric store... they sell lots of other stuff, too.
4.  Everyone has a list of "one day I'd like to make" quilts; what on the top of your list?
A landscape quilt.
5.  What is the number one tip that you wish you had known when you first started quilting?
A quarter inch seam truly IS important.
6.  Of all the 'famous' quilters, quilt authors, fabric designers, quilt bloggers, who would you say is your ultimate favourite?
Bonnie Hunter!!!
      Finish these sentences- - 
7.  The oldest UFO I have is either a bunch of Siggie Blocks (signature blocks) or butterfly appliqué blocks that I never finished.
8.  I get inspired by looking at my stash and re-visiting with bags or totes with my "to do someday soon" projects.
9.  I get my best quilting done when its early morning.  My freshly awoken brain has more "zing" to it! My best ideas come from when I just wake up!  Yup!  I know... I"m weird like that!  LOL
10.  My stash is mostly bits and pieces.
11.  The first blog I check nearly every day is Bonnie Hunter's.  Actually, my blog roll is chronological and I try and read the most recent and go down the list.
I'm "tagging" 6 of my friends!
Froma at:
Cyn at:
Elaine at:
Elly at:
Rosemary at:
Marianna at:

And here are their 11 questions:

1 - Why did you start quilting?
2 - What quilt were you the most proud of? Why?
3 - Which (finished) quilt made you cringe?  Why?
4 - What food could you eat 24/7?
5 - What's #1 on your Bucket List?
6 - If you could spend 1 hour alone with your favorite quilter, author, designer... whatever.... who would you pick?
7 - Is quilting your #1 (crafty) passon?  If not, what is?
8 - If you could turn back the clock, what would you re-do?
9 - What's your most embarassing moment?
10 - When was your happiest moment?
11 - What question didn't I ask and you thought I would?  (Answer it, please - I ran out of ideas... LOL)

Sooooo, my job's done.  I will visit my friend's blogs and tell them that they got "Tagged" and see who replies to this. *s*

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Next? A Christmas/ Winter Banner

Using my 10" Twister Tool for the center of our banner.

More to come.


Bonnie's Mystery Quilt - Part 3

Part 3 came out yesterday morning - Friday and, tonight - Saturday - I can tell you that Part 3 is finished!!!

Her Mystery Quilt is called "Easy Street" and it truly IS Easy!!!

Off to work on sumtin' else.

Later 'gatorettes!

Who got "tagged"... I think that's what its called. Gonna read 'bout it later.

Early to Rise

Hi There!

Was wide awake, in bed, around 4ish.

By 4h53, I had enough!

Besides, payback's a bitch - I ENJOY waking up our German Shepherd, Zelda, instead of the other way around. LOL!!!

Soooo, came downstairs and finished cutting the pieces to this week's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Will be sewing them together, this morning.



Monday, December 3, 2012

Tips 'n Tricks - 1

Saw this in a magazine, once.

When you have a big quilt to bind, wind your binding on an empty spool of thread - easier to manage that way.

*binding a client's quilt*

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Countdown Till Christmas - 23 Days!!!

Speaking of a "White Christmas".... 
we don't have snow here, yet, 
and that's fine by me!

I like snow on Christmas Day and 
up until the 2nd of January.  

Then, it could all disappear - 
would be fine with me!   LOL

Have yourselves a Wonderful Week!


Bonnie's Mystery Quilt - Part 2

Part 2 came out Friday morning and its now Sunday, 3h30 pm and I have my 128 flying geese (plus a few extra, just in case) and 64 rectangles cut, for a future step... Bonnie said we could do it so I'm blindly following her, once again...



P.S. Frummie - your chicken coop wire fabric is still going strong! Everytime I use it, I think of you. :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown Till Christmas - 24 Days!

We're getting ready for a busy, busy month of December!!!