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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Stockings!!!

 Hi There!

This year, I decided to make Christmas stockings for my nieces, my 1 nephew and my step-grandaughter... 

For Aaliyah who LOVES horses, I shopped on-line and got this ADORABLE cowgirl boot on Etsy, at Prairie Moon Quilts.

Service was quick and received her boot in plenty of time to fill it up!

This stocking was for my (teenage) nephew, Bradley.  I added a piece of (real) fur at the top... hoping it would be more of a masculine touch.  *s*

 This one was for his sister, Emily.  A bit of lace at the top and a nice, lacey pre-beaded flower, on the toe.

Princess Sophia LOVES tulle and ballerina and princess and girly-girly stuff.

I dreamed up this design in my head and said a few foul words, as I tried to sew the tulle at the top of the stocking.

What a pain in the butt but she sure LOVED it when she saw it!!!  Kinda made me forget all those sailor words I had used!  LOL

And this stocking was for Julie, the youngest of the group.

I probably should say she's just the "shortest" because at 3 and 3/4 years of age, she acts, talks and thinks like her 5 year old cousin!  *grin*

And this is the one that I saved for the end.  I wanted to put some thought into it.

You see, in my family, we pick names.  I had picked my mother's name.  I made her a stocking and printed out HER mother's picture on the front of the stocking.  My Mémère is no longer with us.  She was a quilter and I think of her a lot, while I'm playing in my Studio.

My Mémère always kept a "journal".  She wrote about mundane things.... the weather, who came to visit, if she went out for the day, etc, etc, etc.  My mother's sister... my Aunt... had her journals and scanned a couple pages and emailed them to me.  I printed two pages and added them on the back of the stocking.

I think Mom was surprised and touched by this.  She's usually SUPER EXCELLENT at guessing what her gifts are.  This year, she had NO IDEA about her stocking and all the gifts inside!

YEEEAAAAH!!!!   I like that!!!!

That's it, for now.


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