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Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Agenda?

Hi There!

"What's on my Agenda, for today?", you ask. 

Well, I have to finish binding my "Christmas Dear Jane Swapped Blocks" table topper, bind our new "3A Quilting Banner", do Step 6 on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.  And did I mention that horrible word that starts with the letter "S"?!?!??!


We'll probably be outside this afternoon.....

Zelda, our 1 year old German Shepherd, sure loves the snow!  She wanted out 4 times, this morning and kept running round and round and round in our yard!


She must have gotten bored 'cause on her last "request" to go outside, she ran OUT of our yard and into the street - something she's NEVER done before and she KNOWS she's not allowed, ANYHOW!   

Aaaaaannnnd....  she's too afraid to do it, ANYHOW!!!


I then had to get my boots on, winter coat, tuque and gloves, grab her leash and as I was heading down the side of the house, calling her name.... who decides to pop up??!?

The Princess herself!


And since I was out and all dressed, I decided to shovel out a bit of our deck.

And this was all before 6 a.m.!!!

Should be a fun day.

Will keep you all posted with pics!


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