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Friday, December 31, 2010

30 Dollars Gets You....

Hi There!

"Prairie Moon Quilts" posted her
2010 Final Countdown Task Three....

Deal with a bunch of scrap

(she specifically says that it's NOT "crap",
but I beg to differ! LOL)

This past summer, I bought a few of these containers and got Gilbert to glue them together by bunches of three...

Afterwards, I spent a whole day sorting out fabrics and colors...

All fabrics are cut into strips of 2-1/2 inches. The strips that are smaller than 2-1/2 inches go into a ziplock. I figured that I'd either make some kind of log cabin blocks with the 2-1/2 inch ones and crumb or strip blocks with the smaller strips.

But, like most quilters, I had a few more bags of crap..... oooooops, I meant "scraps"...

See the big bag in the background?
That's what I tackled this evening.

Why in the WORLD would I keep such small pieces?!?!??!

And those aren't the ONLY ones
in this big bag of scrap
(AKA "crap", at this point... LOL)


Finally emptied and sorted into other ziplocks,
according to "color".

Yes, I know it looks messy but TRUST ME...
my messy scraps are now under control!

I would normally start to cut them up and divide them into 2-1/2 inch strips and those that are too small, put them in the correct ziplock, but since I've started to work on a quilt with lots of different colored appliques, I'd rather wait... just in case I might need some of these pieces, for my quilt.

And now, let's get back to the topic of my blog...

I live near the Bay of Fundy. Lobster is one of the nice things that you can get here, for a reasonable price, but lobster prices fluctuate.

Whenever you tell your friends or family that you got some lobster, here are the top 3 questions you'll usually get:

1 - Where d'you get it?
(Meaning did you go to the wharf, at the grocery store or by a private seller.)
ANSWER: I picked them up at a private seller.
2 - How much was it?
(Since lobster prices fluctuate, everyone's always interested on the price of lobster, that day.)
ANSWER: 7 bucks per pound
3 - Was it cooked?
(Most people like to cook it themselves and some even brag about how they cook their lobster.)
ANSWER: I had the seller cook it. He assures me that it's cooked in ocean water. Besides, it can temporarily stink up a house and Gilbert, being a vegetarian, can turn his nose up on this wonderful aroma... LOL

Sooooo, here's what 30 bucks got me, today:

And since Gilbert is a vegetarian,
he opted for pizza and garlic fingers,
while I gorged out on one of those lobsters.

Some homemade potato salad
and a nice, dry red wine...

This was our special New Year's Eve supper.


As you slide down the banister of life, may
The splinters never point the wrong way...

Happy New Year, my friends!!!!!!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prairie Moon's Countdown - Part Deux

Hi There!

"Prairie Moon Quilts" posted her 2nd day challenge....

Clear off a flat surface in your sewing area

Here's my ironing board....


And .... AFTER...

And here's my sewing table....


(my sewing machine is hiding, in shame, behind the clutter)

And AFTER....

Actually, I had Monday and Tuesday off and Monday, I spent almost ALL day in my sewing studio tidying up and straightening up. Sooooooo, my studio wasn't all THAT messy, until this evening. I was searching for that "perfect" blue.... you know what I mean?

Then, all HELL broke loose!


Anyhow, I'm sharing this evening's BEFORE and AFTER pictures....


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surface Only!!!

Hi There!

Here's a little diagram
that I made, a while back
and it's helped me a LOT!

Align Center
I keep a copy of it near
my computer (upstairs)
and one near my sewing machine.

These are the measurements

Once you've figured out THAT part,
then all's you need to do is add
borders to it, right?

And figure out how much
"over hang" you'll be needing.

You're more than welcome to print this out,
if you think it might help you, too!


Prairie Moon's Countdown

Hi There!

I'm a blogging fan of "Quilt Moon".

This year, she's handed out another challenge....
this time, it's a 3 day challenge.

Last year, I participated in her 5 day challenge
and I just LOVED it!!!

This year, she's called it:

"2010 Final Countdown"

Anyone can participate -
just go read her instructions.

Soooo, I sat and thought about it
and here's my OLDEST UFO.

Why is it still a UFO?

Well, these were preprinted 12 inch(?) squares
that my Aunt gave me.
I was missing one block
to make it an even 12 blocks....

I was supposed to trace
a rose on a white piece of same or similar fabric,
but never got around to it.

And I just tallied them up.

I have 7 fully finished, embroidered roses.
4 more to do.
1 to trace.
And 1 center medallion of roses to do.

I've been looking for a break-time project, at work.
This is the year that
I am putting my foot down
and saying to myself,

"Get 'er done!!!"

Here's one of the roses,
not embroidered yet.

And here's one that's finished.

Soooo, if you like (helpful) challenges,
I strongly urge you to sign up
with "Prairie Moon",
for her
"2010 Final Countdown"!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


*slaps her forehead*

She's got prizes to give away, too!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Itty Bitty Baby Steps...

Hi There!

This past fall, my friend Frummie in Florida invited me to visit her. She said "Come when you want but I'd suggest that you pick your coldest month."

Well, I picked February, and thanked her profusely... from the bottom of my heart!!!!

I live on the east coast of Canada and many, many moons ago, I had gone across Canada by plane... so, I'm no stranger to a plane, so to speak.

As for the USA?

Well, I've gone to Bangor, Maine, by car -
it's about a 5 hour drive from here.

And that's it. Period.

In the meantime, our friend Elaine was also invited to visit Frummie and I, in February!

Now, here's the thing.

I am trying to stay calm and not worry about all the "What if's..." and concentrate on 1 baby step at a time.

I'll be traveling ALONE to Bangor, Maine, by bus, to catch an INTERNATIONAL (no less) airplane, for a 7 a.m. flight.... transferring to Philadelphia and then, flying to Florida...

That means, I'll have to leave the day before, baring any storms here in my city, have 1 night sleep over in Bangor.... somehow get a bus or taxi to this INTERNATIONAL airport, for SEVEN a.m.

That means, I'll probably have to be up by 5 a.m., to be at the airport by 6 a.m., right? One hour before hand should be enough, right?!??

See? I'm starting to hyperventilate, again!


Anyhow, at this point, I'm doing baby steps towards organizing my travel agenda.

I've made a file folder and will be keeping my travel plans and notes in this file folder.

I've now got the air flight info in this folder.

(NOTE: Vacance means Vacation, in English)

Yes, I KNOW it's silly and for those of you that travel on a regular basis, you're probably thinking that I'm nuts!


Well, for ME, this is like a once in a lifetime trip....

I'm starting to have day dreams (AKA nightmares) where I'm getting off the plane in Alaska, in FEBRUARY, 'cause I messed up on my plane connection!!!!


Elaine and Frummie, being the two sweetest and nicest gals you can imagine, are teasing me to pieces AND have decided to give me a daily countdown on how many days are left....

"What's today's countdown?"
as per Elaine's email...


*nervously swallowing*

Gosh - that's like a little over a month!!!

(who might have to take bigger baby steps real soon.)

3 BOM's in 2 Days

Hi There!

Okay, don't tell anyone but I was 3 months behind on our local quilt shop's BOM (Block Of the Month)! I honestly don't know how that happened...
'cept I had 3 business meetings in October,
November - don't ask - it was a blur,
and December?
Well, I finished December's during the month of December,
so that one really doesn't count, as being behind on it, right? *grin*

NOTE: my triangle points aren't really cut off.

Let me present to you,
Miss October.

Miss October is still very young -
she's still got a bit of (lime) green behind the ears.

Next, we have Miss November.

Miss November is still very shy.
We find her, once again, "blushing" (pink)
at all this attention.

And our final model today is,
Miss December.

Miss December's favorite past time is
laying in a field of flowers, with the yellow sun
shining down on her.
(Okay, OKAY... I couldn't think of anything else to write on this block!)


Seriously, folks, I just LOVE these soft colors.

Unfortunately, my camera isn't behaving and showing you the splendid colors.

Anyhow, that's it for now.

Have a GREAT Tuesday!

I'm back to work,
tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.!


Waiting Patiently...

Hi There!

Here's what's waiting patiently, on Bertha, these days...

Doesn't look like much, does it?


When my friend Elaine and her hubby came to visit me, in 2009, Elaine brought me a few INCREDIBLE gifties. This being one of them.

See the stitch lines? Gilbert and Bertha will be working their magic, soon, on this fabric panel.

And, once again, there's more stitch lines on the navy blue fabric as well.

And here's a picture of what it will look like, once finished.

As I don't have a home made tote and I want to start making some, I think this will be a great one to start will.

I just need to (patiently) wait till it's my turn with Bertha.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hi There!

Well, I managed to make 5 pillow case dresses, for some very special little girls.

This one has "School Days"
marked on the hem....

This one is a cute polka dot dress.
My favorite one, actually....
but then, I'm partial to polka dots.

And this one has little people
playing a musical instrument.

Hoping that these little girls will enjoy their dresses!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!!!

Hi There!

Last week, Gilbert took this picture of one of our Christmas decorations, outside...

Thought I'd share...

I'm hoping to use every single evening to work on my Christmas gifts...
(wish me luck!)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ring in the New!!!

Hi There!

I was supposed to work on these web pages between Christmas and New Years... but I decided that I would try and get an early start on this project.

Last year - or was that the year before? - I decided to create ONE web page with ALL my finished quilty and, sometimes not quilty, projects.

Rosa's Quilt Page

This is more of an organizational nightmare than anything else... LOL

I might go about things a bit differently, for 2011.... now that I think about it.

Anyhow, I'll try and make a long story short - just go visit my web page, when you get a chance. Now, please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and that I'll be hopefully finished listing ALL my projects by the end of January. *grin*

Scroll down to the left hand side. Click on whichever quilt you want to see. It should pop up in the middle or right hand of your monitor.

Not only does this system encourage me but it ALSO reminds me of what I finished! Besides, I forget which year I did whatever! Plus, it helps me share with my friends! *s*

Have fun!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sheep & Silly Friends = Christmas Love

Hi there!

My friend, Elaine, sent me a surprise Christmas gift!

She purchased a sheep, on my behalf and this sheep is going to a family that will love it and look after it and shear it and the sheep and it's wool will (hopefully) help them improve their life.

Heifer International

Here's a web link that I've always enjoyed.

"The Sheep Market" = 10,000 sheep drawn by workers in a company. Just let your mouse "hover" over each little dot and a drawing of a sheep will pop up.
Neat, eh?

Then, this week, I received the funniest card from Elaine!

Elaine didn't realize it, but if I squint my eyes, I can see my dog "Belle". Belle was a mixed breed - a corgi dog possibly mixed up chihuahua... but mostly corgi.

Unfortunately, I had to put her to sleep almost 10 years ago.... but I still think of her. *s*

And I chortled with laughter, once I read her Christmas card!

Tks Elaine!!!!
(YES - Elaine's a GREAT friend!!!!)



Saturday, December 11, 2010

4 (fun) Ways to Waste Time!

Hi There!

I've recently come across a couple interactive web sites and remembered a couple other ones, from the past.

Simon Sez Santa
Just type in a verb or whatever and watch our cute Santa do what you've asked.

Hunter and a bear.
Same concept - type in what you want them to do.
(try "farts with".... FUNNY!!!! LOL)

And here's another cute one,
called "Carol of the Chins".

This is an older one but is still one of my favorites!
Santa's Deers!

These web sites are for ages 3 and up -
mind you, you might have to type in the action verb for the younger ones....

But they sure are fun and sometimes funny, even!

No pics today, sorry....


Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafty Ribbons and Beads

Hi There!

Gilbert's come to my rescue, once again.

I had a LOT of ribbons and beads and doo-dahs that were spread out, all over my sewing studio... some hidden in containers that I had even forgotten about.

I explained to Gilbert what I needed. While I was explaining and we were both brainstorming, he came up with this design. As space was limited, we decided to make, what I call my "Spool Holder" vertical, rather than horizontal.

Here's the top part....

Here's the bottom part....

There's a hinge underneath my holder, so I can un-snap the top part and either add or remove my ribbon or bead spools.

And since you're probably wondering what's in the top left hand corner, in the above picture, I thought I'd show you what I picked up, for the Christmas.... and into the New Year, I hope.


This is a bag of HUGE pine cones that were dipped into some kind of cinnamon spice.... It smells INCREDIBLE!!!!

And that's it, for this evening!

Have a great weekend!


Monday, December 6, 2010

So What's Nu This Time, eh?

Hi There!

"Well, what's new? you ask, once again.

Well, I certainly haven't been blogging on a regular basis, that's for sure!

*long sigh*

Just not enough minutes in a day!

Sooo, here's a few pictures, with descriptions, on what's new, in my world....

Remember that "Crumb Quilt" that I started a year or two ago? Well, I finally pulled out the blocks on my design wall, this summer.... worked a couple evenings on them, and then.... let them languish on my design wall.

FINALLY, kicked my own butt into gear and finished the darn thing!

It was supposed to be a boy's quilt, for a single bed, but it kinda grew into a "pink" thing.

Soooo, there's a little girl that has recently grown into a "Big Girl" bed, who will be getting this for Christmas! *grin*

(NOTE: finished the binding on this one, this past Sunday morning.)

Here's a picture of my design wall, NOW.

I swear some of the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) come back to life and bite you in the butt!


To the left of this picture are some Dear Jane Christmas swapped blocks. Some of you might remember that I made a few place mats and table runner with them. Pulled them out last week, didn't like the finished look on them, anymore. Gilbert offered to "rip" the blocks out, which he did but now, I'm re-stuck with these as "UFOs", once again....

I'll probably figure something out after Christmas and before New Year's Eve.

And here's a closeup of the "Christmas Spool Swap" blocks that I've received so far, plus 3 of mine. There are 9 of us that are swapping 1 red and 1 green spool block. This will give me a total of 19 blocks ... I plan on adding more, also. *s*

Then, I had this lovely Christmas fabric. Gilbert quilted it for me and he and I cut up the pieces to make some place mats, for family members.

(NOTE: still need to do the bindings on these.)

As for the evenings, I've been busy hooking. Since I have my frame in front of me, Callie's decided to try and get Gilbert's attention.

And Gilbert's trying to watch TV.

It's kinda cute, at first. She delicately places her paw on your arm or belly. Then, after a few more attempts, she starts to be not so gentle, and her claws come out... just a wee bit, as if to say, "HEY, I'M STILL HERE!!!"

Here's my "Funky Chickens". I figured out that if I want to get credit for this for the "Merit Program", I'd best fill in the background!

And, my dear friend Frummie, sent me an early Christmas gift. A subscription to "American Patchwork and Quilting"!!!!

Well, they had this INCREDIBLE quilt with appliqués, right?

I immediately saw a GORGEOUS hooked floor mat!

It's approx. 25" X 25".... wait till you see what it will look like!!!

And here's one final picture.... Gilbert and I made a few (mini) veggie pies and Acadian meat pies (for me).... yesterday afternoon.

Last night, I was POOPED!

I think I fell asleep around 10 p.m.!

Well, that's it for now.....

Hope you enjoyed a view of my weekly projects!


Friday, November 26, 2010

And Sometimes We Need Help...

Hi There!

Ooops.... I just realized that I uploaded these pics on the "big" format. Hope it doesn't cause any problems for you and your computer.

Well, as some of you might remember, I've been pursuing my other passion - "hooking".

And, as I love to push the envelope at times, I've entered this hooking challenge. My first challenge was to hook a 12" x 12" piece, with yarn.

And, I decided to hook this free pattern that I received this spring.

At this point, I'm working on the border.... or the frame, if you wish.

Did I mention that I HATE to work with yarn?!??? And I'm ever so grateful for this challenge 'cause I would never, EVER have known that I absolutely HATE to hook with yarn!

(See?!?!? I always try to think positive! *VBG*)

Well, Callie, our calico cat decided to jump on our desk and try to help. Actually, she was extending her paw, on many occasions... hoping that I would pet her.


Hope you all have an excellent weekend!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

She's Gone and Done it Again!!!!

Hi There!

Would you believe that my friend, Elaine's gone and done it AGAIN?!?!?!

This time, it's her birthday and she's.....
(slapping my forehead, here)

Well, she's having yet ANOTHER "Blog Give-a-Way"!!!!

Honestly, I probably wouldn't share with you - increases my chances, right? - but, she's asked that we comment on HER blog and spread the word around on our OWN blog 'bout her birthday.

Actually, now that I think about it... she IS pretty crazy, eh?!??

I mean... shouldn't WE be the ones getting her a birthday gift, right?!?!?


Any way you look at it, Elaine's have a Birthday Give-a-Way....

Head on over to HER blog, sign up and don't forget to spread the word around 'bout her Give-a-Way, okay?

*gearing up for the weekend!!!!*

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas and Bertha

Hi there!

Well, for the past 2 or 3 days, I've had an image in my brain... of Christmas ornaments, suspended from our (Me, Gilbert and Bertha's) quilting room ceiling.

Finally got some "me" time and made 3 ornaments.

These ornaments are flat - one dimensional.

Here's a picture of the back of one of these ornaments.

Here's a picture of the red one.

Here they are, hanging from the ceiling.

Would you believe that Gilbert and I were almost side by side when we took these pictures?!?!?

Here's HIS picture, taken with his 3 GS iPhone while the previous pictures where taken with my Canon camera (circa 2007).

I like HIS picture better....

Can Santa bring ME an iPhone this year?!??!

Hope you all have a great week!