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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hi There!

Well, I managed to make 5 pillow case dresses, for some very special little girls.

This one has "School Days"
marked on the hem....

This one is a cute polka dot dress.
My favorite one, actually....
but then, I'm partial to polka dots.

And this one has little people
playing a musical instrument.

Hoping that these little girls will enjoy their dresses!



tich said...

You are a busy lady!!

Susan In Texas said...

They're beuatiful; I just hope it is warm enough somewhere in the world, for some very special little girls to enjoy them! 8)

Merry Chilly Christmas,
Susan in Texas

LiteMotif said...

Too cute Rosa, I have been intending to make some pillow case dresses. I posted some of my Christmas sewing on my blog as well. You are so inspiring.