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Saturday, December 11, 2010

4 (fun) Ways to Waste Time!

Hi There!

I've recently come across a couple interactive web sites and remembered a couple other ones, from the past.

Simon Sez Santa
Just type in a verb or whatever and watch our cute Santa do what you've asked.

Hunter and a bear.
Same concept - type in what you want them to do.
(try "farts with".... FUNNY!!!! LOL)

And here's another cute one,
called "Carol of the Chins".

This is an older one but is still one of my favorites!
Santa's Deers!

These web sites are for ages 3 and up -
mind you, you might have to type in the action verb for the younger ones....

But they sure are fun and sometimes funny, even!

No pics today, sorry....



Riel said...

Thanks for sharing, the kids liked the deer. Simon was okay, but he doesn't know how to sew or quilt. hee, hee. Have you done jibjab this year??? That is always the kids favourite!!

KJ McLean said...

I'm a big fan of the hunter and bear. :)