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Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 Star Beauty

 Hi There!

I forgot to show you this pic.

Zelda photo bombing
my latest little quilt top.

This afternoon, I finished machine quilting this Christmas table center piece.

After asking my FB friends
for name suggestions,
Frummie came up with 
"5 Star Beauty".

I just need to add a label to the back of this one...


Friday, June 21, 2013

"Le Jardin à Mémère"!!!

Finished binding this one, yesterday.

It will probably be delivered to its owner, sometime this summer.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waste Not, Want Not

These are the leftover triangles from Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, sewn into small pinwheel blocks.

Where Have I Been (Part 4 of 4)????

 Hi There!

Last week, June 10th, a local Lobster Shop posted on Face Book that they had six 5 lb lobsters freshly cooked and their client cancelled their order at the last minute.

Did anyone want to buy 1 or all?

I quickly called them up, made arrangements to buy one and Zelda and I zipped over to Lorneville.

This is the biggest lobster that I've EVER had - 
5.5 pounds!!!

You're probably wondering, like I did, 
"Are the bigger ones as good as the smaller ones?"

Honestly?  This one was delicious.... 
don't get me wrong.  
But, the smaller ones are better.

As Gilbert is a vegetarian, 
he opted for a veggie sub.

This past weekend and week, I've been busy catching up on Bonnie Hunter's lastest step, with her Mystery Quilt, called "Lazy Sunday".  

It's published in the "Quiltmaker" magazine.

I've managed to finish all my blocks.  

The next Quiltmaker magazine probably won't be published now, for another 2 months.

I did, however, end up with all these small triangles and have decided to sew 'em all together and make pinwheel blocks.

As of yesterday afternoon, all the mini pinwheels are sewn up.  There's approx. 75 of them and they measure, give or take, 3 inches.... They need to be squared down to 2-1-2 inches, I'm guessing.

Late yesterday afternoon, Gilbert pinned one of my quilts onto "Bertha", our longarm machine.

"Le Jardin à Mémère" 
will probably be completed today!!!

Yesterday evening, I took a "Squedge" class.

Here are the fabrics that I had selected and cut into 2 inch strips...

And here's the finished table centerpiece.

Our class was from 6 pm to 9 pm but seriously, I think once you get the hang of this.... it would only take 1-1/5 hours to complete the top. 

FUN, FUN, FUN to make!!!

And apparently, there's a cah-zillion other patterns to make with the squedge ruler!

Looking forward to doing more!

Hope you all have a Terrific Thursday!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Where Have I Been (Part 3)?

 Hi There!

Well, if you read my last Blog post, you'll remember that I had a sore paw and was trying to lay low.

During the first week of June, I decided we needed some flowers for our deck.  

I do NOT have a green thumb.

Last year, I paid fairly big moolah and got several nice pre-potted hanging flowers.

And, basically, I got what I paid for.
Nice flowers ALL summer long.
No droopy, dead looking, pathetic flowers.

This year, I did the same thing.

80 bucks got me this...

And this one.  
They're both identical and with the red and white, 
I thought they looked like our Canadian flag!

And these 2, in the orangish colors.

Got home and Gilbert hung them up.
Instant summer!

My cousin, Lynn's been telling me that I need to ICE my palm.

15 minutes and 15 minutes off.

I decided to pick up a Tim Horton's Iced Lemonade
and ICE my palm, while sitting on our deck!

Summer Time!

 Gilbert and I have several outdoor renovation projects to do, this summer.

We decided to have the lumber delivered.

June 6th....

The delivery guy was really nice and helpful!

 Lumber was delivered.
Now we need a few nice weekends
so Gilbert and work on these projects.

June 10th, I started putting together 
my SnowBall SnowMen Table Runners.

Its all done.
Just waiting for my personal Longarmer 
to create his magic!

Afterwards, I cut out freezer paper and ironed these letters to fabric:

 "Keep Calm
Quilt On"

Yes, I'll be sharing pics as I move along on this project.

Last Sunday - June 16th - Gilbert and I went to our local SPCA.  
They had a Giant Yard Sale Fund Raiser for the SPCA.

We picked up this cutest bow!  
You attach it to her collar with velcro.  
VERY well made!

Well, that's about it for this evening.

I've got a few more pics to share with you....
tomorrow evening.  I hope.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Where Have I Been (part 2)?!??!?!

Hi There!

I've been having pain in the palm of my hand and it's been getting progressively worst.

Finally got in to see a specialist who told me that I had a "nodule" in the palm of my hand and to try using "Voltaren" for 2 weeks.  If that didn't work, she'd give me a Cortison(SP?) shot - NOT!!!

And, as a last resort, if the Cortison(SP?) shot didn't work, she'd remove the nodule.... Once again.... NOT!!!

Soooo, I bought some Voltaren and put some on my palm, almost every day ... and eventually I stopped 'cause I didn't notice a difference.

Two weeks ago, my pain was in constant pain and I pulled out the Voltaren cream and this time, read ALL of the instructions.

It said to rub the cream on the affected area and "rest".  DUH?!??    *slapping my forehead*

I was putting on the cream and carrying on with my life....  The rotary cutter would dig into that nodule and the ironing?!?!?  WOW!!!  Another major pain activity!

So, like the specialist told me, use the Voltaren cream for 2 weeks. 

Which I am now doing.

And, I'm forcing myself to take a 2 week "right hand" break.

Today's my last day - YEAAAH!!!

So, I haven't been as productive as usual but with Gilbert's help, managed to find some quilty stuff to do, anyhow - THANK GOD!   *grin*

My first project?   This was a UFO and only because when I started machine appliqueing the letters, I quickly realized that I found this to be boring.

But, since the letters were already ALL cut out, I ironed them on with my LEFT hand and started appliqueing them!

Saw this pattern on the internet and I thought it was the CUTEST thing, ever, for a baby!!!

So, that was one UFO project, out of the way.

What was I to do next, before I went stir crazy?!??!

I pulled out this puzzle that my friend, Jo Spindle, had sent to me eons ago.

Played with it for half an hour, while sipping my Tim Hortons coffee.

And, then, I gave up!  Note: My Aunt had previously figured out how to put this puzzle together and had put numbers on the back of each piece.  

Yup!  I cheated!


Only 9 pieces and its INCREDIBLY difficult to put together!

Anyhow, its now almost 8 a.m. and I'm heading downstairs.

Off to see what other kind of adventure I can create...

Have a Fantastic Friday!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where Have I Been?!??!?!

Hi There!

You're probably all wondering where I've been.

Well, lately, I've been trying my best to "behave".

Let me share with you....

Since my last blog post, I've completed the top to "Blue Skies".

Partially sewn strips on my Design Wall.

And here's another picture...

Top is completed!!!

At this point, its in "Rosa's Box", waiting to be quilted, by Gilbert and Bertha.

In the meantime, Gilbert pulled out this quilt from "Rosa's Box" and quilted it.

I named it "Varrroooom!"

My Aunt Agatha had pained these antique cars with Cameo a LONG time ago.  As she was cleaning up, she came upon them, gave them to me and said, "Do what you want with them."

I decided to put them together and give them to her older son, on her behalf.  

Plus, he restores cars!

Put the quilt on our neighbour's fence and snapped a pic.

And here's a close up of this quilt...

Well, I figure that's enough for now.

I still have quite a bit more projects and photos and news to share with you but I didn't want to overload you, this morning.  *s*

Have a Terrific Thursday!