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Friday, June 14, 2013

Where Have I Been (part 2)?!??!?!

Hi There!

I've been having pain in the palm of my hand and it's been getting progressively worst.

Finally got in to see a specialist who told me that I had a "nodule" in the palm of my hand and to try using "Voltaren" for 2 weeks.  If that didn't work, she'd give me a Cortison(SP?) shot - NOT!!!

And, as a last resort, if the Cortison(SP?) shot didn't work, she'd remove the nodule.... Once again.... NOT!!!

Soooo, I bought some Voltaren and put some on my palm, almost every day ... and eventually I stopped 'cause I didn't notice a difference.

Two weeks ago, my pain was in constant pain and I pulled out the Voltaren cream and this time, read ALL of the instructions.

It said to rub the cream on the affected area and "rest".  DUH?!??    *slapping my forehead*

I was putting on the cream and carrying on with my life....  The rotary cutter would dig into that nodule and the ironing?!?!?  WOW!!!  Another major pain activity!

So, like the specialist told me, use the Voltaren cream for 2 weeks. 

Which I am now doing.

And, I'm forcing myself to take a 2 week "right hand" break.

Today's my last day - YEAAAH!!!

So, I haven't been as productive as usual but with Gilbert's help, managed to find some quilty stuff to do, anyhow - THANK GOD!   *grin*

My first project?   This was a UFO and only because when I started machine appliqueing the letters, I quickly realized that I found this to be boring.

But, since the letters were already ALL cut out, I ironed them on with my LEFT hand and started appliqueing them!

Saw this pattern on the internet and I thought it was the CUTEST thing, ever, for a baby!!!

So, that was one UFO project, out of the way.

What was I to do next, before I went stir crazy?!??!

I pulled out this puzzle that my friend, Jo Spindle, had sent to me eons ago.

Played with it for half an hour, while sipping my Tim Hortons coffee.

And, then, I gave up!  Note: My Aunt had previously figured out how to put this puzzle together and had put numbers on the back of each piece.  

Yup!  I cheated!


Only 9 pieces and its INCREDIBLY difficult to put together!

Anyhow, its now almost 8 a.m. and I'm heading downstairs.

Off to see what other kind of adventure I can create...

Have a Fantastic Friday!


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tich said...

Sorry you have not been well. Thought you had been quiet for an awfully long time. Hope the cream works!