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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where Have I Been?!??!?!

Hi There!

You're probably all wondering where I've been.

Well, lately, I've been trying my best to "behave".

Let me share with you....

Since my last blog post, I've completed the top to "Blue Skies".

Partially sewn strips on my Design Wall.

And here's another picture...

Top is completed!!!

At this point, its in "Rosa's Box", waiting to be quilted, by Gilbert and Bertha.

In the meantime, Gilbert pulled out this quilt from "Rosa's Box" and quilted it.

I named it "Varrroooom!"

My Aunt Agatha had pained these antique cars with Cameo a LONG time ago.  As she was cleaning up, she came upon them, gave them to me and said, "Do what you want with them."

I decided to put them together and give them to her older son, on her behalf.  

Plus, he restores cars!

Put the quilt on our neighbour's fence and snapped a pic.

And here's a close up of this quilt...

Well, I figure that's enough for now.

I still have quite a bit more projects and photos and news to share with you but I didn't want to overload you, this morning.  *s*

Have a Terrific Thursday!


1 comment:

Shelly said...

Actually, I really have been wondering where you've been! Haven't heard from you in a coon's age! Glad to know you're still up and at it and quilting . . . and behaving . . . :)