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Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Hearts!!!

Hi there!

This month, is my birthday month and BOYS, have "I" had a lot of wonderful surprises,
in my mailbox!!!

I'm in a EXTRA special Heart swap, with a few gals. *s*

This one came from Monika -

INCREDIBLY beautiful and such teeny, tiny stitches!!!!

This one came from Brigitte... she's in my extra special swap group, too!

Her work is absolutely LOVELY!!!

And when you look behind the block.... her stitches are just as nice!!!


Today, my friend Marianna sent me SEVEN (7)
incredibly GORGEOUS Heart blocks!!!

This was a total surprise.
She wrote that she was thanking ME for helping her out,
a couple times.

I honestly didn't expect anything.... but she's NOT getting them back!!!


These are MUCH better looking, in "person"...


All are machine embroidered!

I think this one is my favorite.... *s*

No, wait.... THIS one is my favorite!

No.... WAIT!!!


Gosh... I think they're ALL my favorites!!!!

Where did she get her ideas?!??

Thanks everyone!!!

In the words of Marianne Moore:
"The Heart that Gives, Gathers."

Hope to blog more often -
I see that I hadn't blogged in almost TWO weeks!!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

BOMs (Blocks Of the Month) update....

Hi There!

Here's my 4th block, of my BOM (Block Of the Month),
from our local quilt shop.

I honestly don't care for the colors -
I find them rather "blah".... LOL

Figured I might give these (un-assembled) blocks,
to my Aunt at Christmas... as 1 of her gifties. *s*

And then, as if I didn't have enough things on the go,
someone on 1 of the quilting websites that I belong to,
posted this link:
Come on Over to My House

They just started up a new (free) BOM.
The 2nd block just got uploaded this evening
and I've printed out the pattern.

This is the 1st house, that's on their website.

I was pleased as punch, when I found this
burnt orange "woodish" looking print!

How cool was that, eh?!?? LOL

I spent some time, this evening, cutting up 30's fabrics,
for a swap that I had signed up for.

Hoping to get them out in the mail, tomorrow....

Have a great sewing weekend!
Tomorrow, I will try and finish that 2nd "house"....


Friday, February 13, 2009

Swapped Hearts!!!

Hi there! It's me, again!


Anyhow, remember the "Heart 2 Heart" swap
that I signed up? I had to make 41 hearts?

Well, I sent them off to our "Swap Mommy", and in the meantime,
I hooked up with 5 other gals to exchange
FIVE sets of extra "special" heart blocks. *grin*

Yep - call me crazy! LOL

Anyhow, we have until the end of March to send these blocks,
to each other.

Coincidentally, there are 2 in Canada, 2 in the US and 2 overseas.

Jacqui, one of the gals, went crazy and sewed them ALL at once!

Well, she'll be moving soon and, I can understand....
she wanted to get these out of the way. *grin*

LOOK at her gorgeous heart blocks!!!

My jaw dropped when I saw them!

TRUST ME! These look a LOT better, in person!
I'm a crappy photographer! LOL

My friend, Elly, sent me a birthday package, yesterday
and included a BEE-UUU-TEE-FULL "heart" block!!!!

Then, our Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Swap Mommy sent me a surprise "Siggie"....

Isn't it gorgeous?!??! *VBG*

And, BAM!!! Another surprise!!!!

Cyn sends me THIS heart siggie!!!!

Thank you ladies!!!!

Appreciate all these lovely little gifties!!!!


More swaps and gifties!!!

Hi There!

Got this gorgeous "fabric" postcard from a swapper, in England!

Look at all the WORK involved!

My head spins, when I try and figure out HOW she did this! *grin*

My friend, Jacqui, sent me some "special" heart blocks,
which I will be uploading their pics, soon....
AND these lovely little gifties, along with
one of her siggies!!!

Yesterday, I had a birthday and another one of my net friends,
Elly, sent me some 30's fabrics AND the funniest b-day card!!!


Elly also sent me a cute "heart" block....

I'll be uploading that picture.... soon....

Thanks a bunch, ladies!!!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me and Tha Girls

Hi there!

About 10 years ago, or so, I remember going to Sears with my cousin... searching for a bra for her.

I remember the sales lady chuckling and telling us that the manufacturer's told them that the lifespan of a bra should only be 3 years. YEP!!! You read it, right! THREE MONTHS! And that's if it's hand washed and hung up to dry.

Well, I remember that all 3 of us got a pretty good chuckle out of that! LOL

Anyhow, last Saturday, after my sister ranted and raved about this new place, just outside of my city that "fitted" you with a bra.... I decided that it was time that I went to see if my "girls" would be happier, with a proper fitting. *grin*

I learned a WHOLE lot of stuff and I thought I'd share with you.

First of all, if you're well-endowed, under wires are the way to go. Yep! I know what you're saying,.... "But I HATE underwires!"... Yep - me too!

Anyhow, she measured me and then came into the dressing room with several different options and bra sizes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the "me" experience... walked out of there, 135 bucks lighter, but HEY! my "girls" are enjoying their new outfit and I'm slowly getting used to the underwire. *grin*

Here's some of the things that she told me....

- the underwire part that meets UPWARDS and in between the "girls" should ALWAYS be snug up again your breast plate.

- there should NEVER be any chubby, flabby, flesh poking up at the top of your bra cups. Okay, she didn't say it that way, but that's what she meant! LOL

- ALWAYS buy a bra that's SNUG around your body - the elastic band part. And ALWAYS start with the first row of snaps. Once the bra stretches, and it will eventually stretch... go to your 2nd row of snaps, etc, etc. That way, you'll get more lifespan out of your bra.

- ALWAYS let your bra soak in hot, soapy water and very GENTILLY rub it clean. Rinse off the soap, pat it dry on a towel and then, hang it up.

- Never, EVER wear the same bra, every single day, without a break. The "elastic" needs to take a break - otherwise the "elastic" will stay stretched.

- When choosing a bra, you should be able to slide your forefinger and middle finger (side by side) comfortably into the top of your bra cup.

Now, that's about it. I can't remember everything else that she said 'cept my "girls" were a very popular size, in my city and NO, I won't tell you what my size is... s'not polite to ask, either! LOL

And in keeping with my very adult and feminine topic, here's a website that 1 of my friends sent me, recently.... Should give you a chuckle or two. *grin*

The Artfull Bras Project

P.S. This lady said that if I took good care of my "girls" new outfit, it should last me 1 year.... better than 3 months, eh?!?? LOL

Song in My Head

Hi there!

Okay... have you ever walked into a store and a cute song is playing? You walk out and the song's in your head, right? You've never EVER heard it before, but it just grabbed you?

Happened to me a couple weeks ago. Th very next day, I turn on my radio and the same darn song is playing!

I then turned off the car, walked into the bank and HEY! it's playing on ANOTHER radio channel!

This song has been driving me nuts! WHO was the singer?!??! What was the title to this song?!?

Anyhow, a week went by and I (almost) forgot about my un-successful attempt at googling it.

Bought some gas, today and walked into the store to pay for my gas and HEY!!! That darn song's still playing on the radio! *VBG*

FINALLY!!! Google success!!!

Jason Mraz

Hope you click on his name and watch the video JUST ONCE !!!

I guarantee this song will stay in your head, too! *VBG*


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another DH block!

Hi there!

FINALLY finished ONE Dear Hannah block!

Gosh, but there's a LOT of petals, in this one!

And I'm not particularly impressed with the way that the
petals meet, in the center.... :-(

And NO, I ain't re-doin' it, either!

After their quilts are quilted, I will probably add a fancy button
or something, in the center....


Now, I still have a 2nd one (identical) to make....


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Callie - our cat

Hi there!

We have 3 cats and they each have their own personality!

Callie, is timid and skittish. During the past 2 years,
she's been visiting us, in the evenings, for a little neck rub
and a few cat treats. *s*

Last evening, Gilbert video taped her.

Callie trying to grab her treats.

Since she LOVES these treats, I've been trying to make it
more difficult for her to get them.

In other words, I sometimes make her work for them. LOL

Hope you enjoy the video!