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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me and Tha Girls

Hi there!

About 10 years ago, or so, I remember going to Sears with my cousin... searching for a bra for her.

I remember the sales lady chuckling and telling us that the manufacturer's told them that the lifespan of a bra should only be 3 years. YEP!!! You read it, right! THREE MONTHS! And that's if it's hand washed and hung up to dry.

Well, I remember that all 3 of us got a pretty good chuckle out of that! LOL

Anyhow, last Saturday, after my sister ranted and raved about this new place, just outside of my city that "fitted" you with a bra.... I decided that it was time that I went to see if my "girls" would be happier, with a proper fitting. *grin*

I learned a WHOLE lot of stuff and I thought I'd share with you.

First of all, if you're well-endowed, under wires are the way to go. Yep! I know what you're saying,.... "But I HATE underwires!"... Yep - me too!

Anyhow, she measured me and then came into the dressing room with several different options and bra sizes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the "me" experience... walked out of there, 135 bucks lighter, but HEY! my "girls" are enjoying their new outfit and I'm slowly getting used to the underwire. *grin*

Here's some of the things that she told me....

- the underwire part that meets UPWARDS and in between the "girls" should ALWAYS be snug up again your breast plate.

- there should NEVER be any chubby, flabby, flesh poking up at the top of your bra cups. Okay, she didn't say it that way, but that's what she meant! LOL

- ALWAYS buy a bra that's SNUG around your body - the elastic band part. And ALWAYS start with the first row of snaps. Once the bra stretches, and it will eventually stretch... go to your 2nd row of snaps, etc, etc. That way, you'll get more lifespan out of your bra.

- ALWAYS let your bra soak in hot, soapy water and very GENTILLY rub it clean. Rinse off the soap, pat it dry on a towel and then, hang it up.

- Never, EVER wear the same bra, every single day, without a break. The "elastic" needs to take a break - otherwise the "elastic" will stay stretched.

- When choosing a bra, you should be able to slide your forefinger and middle finger (side by side) comfortably into the top of your bra cup.

Now, that's about it. I can't remember everything else that she said 'cept my "girls" were a very popular size, in my city and NO, I won't tell you what my size is... s'not polite to ask, either! LOL

And in keeping with my very adult and feminine topic, here's a website that 1 of my friends sent me, recently.... Should give you a chuckle or two. *grin*

The Artfull Bras Project

P.S. This lady said that if I took good care of my "girls" new outfit, it should last me 1 year.... better than 3 months, eh?!?? LOL


Ruth said...

Hi Ro! I too went for a fitting a few years ago. Yes I'm still wearing my old-new bra every day. (I am a rule breaker!) I think some gravity influenced bikini bears would be a nice addition to your siggie designs- and saddly I could model for you! :-( I enjoyed the educational feeling of your website... Ruthie from Utah

Susan In Texas said...

I went to Nordstroms for a personal fitting last year. Come to find out I was wearing totally the wrong size - too large around and too small a cup. My girls haven't had that much personal attention since my last mammogram. lol It was worth it though. I bought 5 underwire bras and they're still going strong, which is pretty good considering all the heavy-duty lifting and separating they have to do all the time. I used to hate underwires too, now I can't live without them. Life is funny.

All the best,

Elly D said...

So just how long do you need to wear those underwires before you get used to them??