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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Song in My Head

Hi there!

Okay... have you ever walked into a store and a cute song is playing? You walk out and the song's in your head, right? You've never EVER heard it before, but it just grabbed you?

Happened to me a couple weeks ago. Th very next day, I turn on my radio and the same darn song is playing!

I then turned off the car, walked into the bank and HEY! it's playing on ANOTHER radio channel!

This song has been driving me nuts! WHO was the singer?!??! What was the title to this song?!?

Anyhow, a week went by and I (almost) forgot about my un-successful attempt at googling it.

Bought some gas, today and walked into the store to pay for my gas and HEY!!! That darn song's still playing on the radio! *VBG*

FINALLY!!! Google success!!!

Jason Mraz

Hope you click on his name and watch the video JUST ONCE !!!

I guarantee this song will stay in your head, too! *VBG*



Marianne said...

Say, Rosa. I have heard these songs in the head called "ear worms." Fits, no?
Marianne in VT

ranette said...

I LOVE Jason Mraz!!! Just love him...his songs make me feel good.
Thanks for posting the link, started this Monday off pretty good.