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Saturday, February 14, 2009

BOMs (Blocks Of the Month) update....

Hi There!

Here's my 4th block, of my BOM (Block Of the Month),
from our local quilt shop.

I honestly don't care for the colors -
I find them rather "blah".... LOL

Figured I might give these (un-assembled) blocks,
to my Aunt at Christmas... as 1 of her gifties. *s*

And then, as if I didn't have enough things on the go,
someone on 1 of the quilting websites that I belong to,
posted this link:
Come on Over to My House

They just started up a new (free) BOM.
The 2nd block just got uploaded this evening
and I've printed out the pattern.

This is the 1st house, that's on their website.

I was pleased as punch, when I found this
burnt orange "woodish" looking print!

How cool was that, eh?!?? LOL

I spent some time, this evening, cutting up 30's fabrics,
for a swap that I had signed up for.

Hoping to get them out in the mail, tomorrow....

Have a great sewing weekend!
Tomorrow, I will try and finish that 2nd "house"....



Elly D said...

Wow Rosa, you've been busy!! Love both blocks. Sitting firmly on hands here, got enough started already but I love the houses.
Elly... who's sewn nay a stitch today though I've been up since 6.45am!! Where has today gone!!

Terry in Indiana said...

Your BOMs are so pretty. Love the house. Are you stayin busy enough, girl???

Quilty Hugs,